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09:27AM | 12/18/05
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I have a two story house. Two bathrooms on the first floor. The one in the bedroom won't flush whenever it rains. The other flushes fine, but it is an older toilet that uses a lot of water to flush. Could the bedroom toilet not have enough water pressure to flush properly? We dread rainy days now. Any suggestions?


09:58AM | 12/18/05
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Also, when flushing other toilets in the house, the bedroom problem toilet "bubbles". It sounds like it's perculating! This only happens after a rain event. We are at a loss. Thanks!


10:09AM | 12/18/05
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We are on a septic system in NC. Our lot is elevated and there are no drainage problems. The tiolets downstairs are seperated by a hallway. The problem toilet is a newer, low consumption toilet. BTW: We NEVER use "drop-ins"!

Thanks again for any help you can give me!


09:01AM | 12/21/05
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I am no expert but it sounds similar to something I once experienced. I am on a septic and my basement toilet would bubble during rain when water was sent down the drain in other parts of the house. I found out it was because my septic tank was full. You may want to check your septic tank and have it emptied. Just a possibility!


08:04PM | 12/21/05
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Sounds more like a vent issue, the vent from that location, and/or the main vent may well be clogged. Could be something simple like a birds nest or a sponge lodged in same that expands when wet completely blocking off the air venting from the DWV line as your comode attempts to flush. A plumber can check this for you and auger up from a clean out or go to the roof and auger down. Investigate first to see if their clear from the roof (beware of beehives/wasp nests notorious for infrequently used auxiliary vent stacks. If your plumbing vents (any aux vents etc.) are ending in empty attic space, also not a good thing - check for insulation having fallen in.

Septic tanks need regular maintenance pumps depending on family size, tank size and living habits, and a full scrape down wash out maintenance and inspection every 3-4th pump cycle generally, checking on that is a good idea as well.

Sure hope your not discharging foundation water (sump pumps) into your septic sytem, that would easily stress out same right quick under the conditions you mention.


11:38PM | 09/20/15
When we run the water in kitchen it over flows the toilet next to the kitchen also the basement wall gets wet . If we wash cloths in the washer in the basement it over flows the toilet up on the main floor. Now when it rains water comes up in the toilet , the toilet will not go do own it over flows every time we flush
It. It's been augured from the toilet and the basement what could be the problem

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