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01:38PM | 08/10/06
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I live on the lower floor of a condo building. From time to time soap suds flow out of a toilet and a sink. My upstairs neighbors all disclaim using any washing machines when this is happening. What could cause this?


08:29PM | 05/11/18
12 years late to the comment game.

I am in a 3 floor apartment on the bottom floor. The bathroom is in the inmost corner. That means a cube of 4 bathrooms per floor share a wall, and it's 3 floors tall. 4 bathrooms.

It isn't necessarily upstairs neighbors, or even any neighbors in units you share a wall or floor with!

We've all looked into this (slumlord scumbag manager won't do anything but blame everyone for flushing too much / not flushing too much / etc). Suds will backflow from toilet and flood the bathrooms of all 4 lower floor bathrooms on the first floor. If you plug the toilet with a plunger (a losing battle) then suds come out of the tub and the sink. It happens like clockwork on Friday evenings, when everyone just got home and is doing laundry.

But we've all banded together to not do any laundry Friday nights to test it out, and it still happens. It's something in the line downstream from us, it's other neighbors that don't share a wall/floor with any of us 12. It started to happen 2 "manager has to shut off the water to the building emergency" two times ago. Everyone noticed it.

We all went to the manager and we all document it with video and photos, and if the manager tries to hit us with damages when anyone moves out, then there are witnesses and documentations.

TLDR it's quite possibly not even your immediate neighbors, either upstairs or next door.

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