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05:03AM | 10/26/06
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Please forgive me for the lack of technical terms, but I am a novice to home repair... Especially plumbing

My wife and I just built a house 1 year ago. We are now having a re-occuring problem with the toilet and bath/shower.

Basically(when the problem occurs), when a shower or bath is draining, The toilet will gurgle and slowly drain. However when I try to flush the toilet it fills up to the point that it is almost overflowing. When it starts gurgling again, we sometimes see water backup in the showers and bath.

I have read in previous posts that the line might be partially clogged, and can be fixed by running a snake through the vent on top of the house. Does this sound like a possible solution to my problem?

Also, if this is the case, how long of a snake would I need to get, The house is only one level with a crawl space and has 2 baths. Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


doug seibert

06:10AM | 10/26/06
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You've got a clogged drainline......or full septic.........

It doesn't sound like a venting problem.......It would be impractical to use the snake from the roof.......a new house will have clean-outs established to snake the main drain........"every" change of directions.....

Home/rental stores rent 100' machines.....But:

"IF YOU HAVE TO ASK".......maybe you should call a PRO....... still have many possible causes/solutions......"full" septic....tree flaws/construction errors......objects dropped in toilet..........broken pipes.....

Watch the pro and use it as a "learning experience"

If you've never seen/operated a large snake it can be intimidating and even dangerous and of course has a certain ICK! factor.......also you CAN break a snake inside your pipes requiring additional expense........

and if you've never worked on the "new" house plumbing then you've never seen any cleanouts or obvious flaws or suspect areas......a pro should find them quickly.....The plumber who built this might be a good choice ........

"...measure once.....cut twice....throw that one away and cut a new one...."


06:52AM | 10/26/06
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Thanks for the input. I will try to snake out the main drain line today.


09:43AM | 10/27/06
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Just wanted to say thanks again for the help.

I had a plumber(he installed the plumbing when my house was built) to take a look at it and said that it was an initial installation problem. He fixed it free of charge.

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