03:22PM | 04/16/13
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There have been a major breakthrough in salteless water conditioners recently.

But I am skeptical about placing one well water over 5-6 grains hard.


05:24PM | 05/25/13
Read the entire post and love it! Can some please kick Ken Hoffman & LifeSourceWater out of here I can't take it anymore. Check this link out whatever you do DO NOT BUY LIFESOURCE WATER! Ken lip service is all you got and what you say is really making you look like well what you are a cheesy, snake oil, no morals, or brain of your own to even know what you are talking about. Personally I take my hat off to I think Andy @ Kinetico who posted here, why? Kinetico is a true manufacture with its own patiented heads and uniquely designed systems proprietary to the rest out there. No I don't work for Kinetico. The rest of the so called manufactures who in reality are assemblers are stuck on the 5600 head still and believing there own lies. LifeSource, Ken, or anyone for that matter please explain how 12 x 4O GAC and the Beotron reduce TDS or hardness. I got your Beotron sitting in my garage 1 1/2 x 24 inches schdule 80 PVC pipe, 2 end caps sealed, a white crystal like media with a copper wire running down the middle of the pipe, now tell me Ken please once again that you sell a water softner alternative with no issues at 22 grains of hardness. You believe what they fed you all these years you are still drinking the koolaid man. You can't even provide rational mechicanical and or engineering proof of your claims which makes you look sorry, but like an idiot. Bob Vila, if your out there FYI and I'm sure Ken can confirm your images and testimonials are still being used in the LifeSource Water pitch, not cool. LifeSource you should be ashamed of yourself, but hey Ken tell us about the non salt system again that now comes with an anti scale media 20 inch cartridge for 500.00! Now why in the world would a water softner alternative need that?


03:52AM | 06/09/13
Check out this article about how to choose a water softener. Very helpful!


09:49PM | 08/26/13
Hello there! I have a broken down water softener, lots of iron, does anyone think that I should or shouldn't buy a salt free system. I'm kind of leaning towards salt free. Before my softener broke, I wasn't able to drink from my faucet, I would like to be able to drink the water. By the way, I have we'll water. Thanks


11:11AM | 08/28/13
I've had a Kinetico for over 21 years and it's still running.
The only reason I wound up here is because I thouoght I would explore cheaper options when I do need to replace my current unit. Having read the postings here however, I'm going to stick with Kinetico because it does sound like you get what you pay for. I have well water also by the way.


01:21AM | 09/07/13
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Santa Clarita has HARD WATER!!! And water softeners were outlawed in our city about 7 years ago! Recently, I paid $3800 for LifeSource system in my house. When the salesman came to my house, he measured the tap water at "23" - which he claimed is very high. Yet, I don't know what it is now that I have the LifeSource, but the taste is better. However, the hardness is still there. There are water SPOTS on everything, and my hair still feels coarse after shampooing. I thought that would all change once the system was installed. In fact, my 3 yr old granite counters are being destroyed by the hard water. The laundry still has the rough feeling of the fabric when it comes out of the dryer (I use Downey fabric softener, too). I'm not happy with what I purchased. What a waste of $3800..........


12:24PM | 09/24/13
BTW. Ken Hoffman is a sales rep for LifeSource Water Systems.


01:22AM | 09/29/13
After reading post after post it's clear no one system is perfect. I'm no plumber, and I didn't do the math but instead of buying two systems (one to soften to remove scale and one to take care of any chlorine issue) for a few thousand bucks. Go out and purchase single individual filters and such (from what I saw a decent one is under 100 replaceable filters even cheaper) and install where needed. Take out chlorine for the clothes, soften the tub, R O the drinking. Then at least you can judge for yourself what type of water you enjoy without spending lots for something you ultimately become disappointed with. just a thought.


01:14PM | 10/05/13
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