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04:27PM | 09/27/10
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I turned off the water to the house at the main shut off valve while I was fixing a faucet problem. When I turned the main water shut off back on a slow drip is now occurring right at the knob. The drip is slowing stopping though. At first it was like every 8 seconds then 20 seconds, then 38 seconds and now 48 seconds. Is this common? Will it slowly stop or is there a bigger problem forthcoming? Any ideas as to what I should do about this? I'm guessing I should have it checked just because it is now slowly dripping but was curious if this is common or a sign of a bigger problem. Thank you!


03:42PM | 09/28/10
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I just turned it as you suggested and the dripping has stopped. Thank you so much for the helpful information! Have a great day! Greg

Jim R

04:50PM | 01/25/13
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Sylvan, That was a great tip about turning the valve 1/4 turn. However, The one I am trying to fix is the main water valve coming into the house. There isn't a shut off valve before it.
Any suggestions? Thx. Jim R.


07:47PM | 02/19/13
If your concern is the big valve in your home that shuts off water to your home, then the next shutoff valve is located in your front yard where your water meter is. You can shut off the water there. Look for what looks like a small manhole cover with a nut on it. Open it up, find the valve and turn it off.

If it is the valve in your yard then that is the water company's problem. Only they can shut off valves further up the line to repair that one, and besides it's their equipment.


04:19PM | 04/15/13
Just curious; how does turning the knob 1/4 of the way stop the drip, and why should we normally do that (even if the knob isn't dripping)?



01:42AM | 05/10/13
I thought I had a huge problem and now I read your tip and turn the handle slightly to the right the dripping has stopped thank you so much!

Jim R

05:52PM | 07/12/13
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Sorry I did not respond after I fixed the valve. I didn't realize I could turn the valve off then take the packing nut off and re-pack the valve stem inside the packing nut. I fixed 2 valves and they are working great.



02:48PM | 08/16/13
Thank you very much. I had let this leak for way too long. Thought I was going to have to call a plumber. After reading about the nut ... I just unscrewed it all the way and screwed it back on ... as I tightened the water stopped leaking. And it was a pretty good trickle too.


03:57PM | 09/23/13
Hi Silvan,
In my house, the main valve is leaking along the stem. Is it possible to replace the packing even if the main city valve is not close? I know with some types of valves (Globe valves)it is possible to replace the packing but the valve must be fully open to do this operation.


04:28PM | 09/23/13
I made a mistake in the "BV002153" it is written "fully open" but we should read "fully closed".


09:45AM | 10/20/13
I have a big leak coming in at the main water valve in my home and have called the plumber. If I turn it off, will I be able to flush the toilet, etc. It is such a mess downstairs, water everywhere. Thanks!


09:53AM | 10/20/13
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Well you should be able to flush it one time with what's in the tank but if you have a couple of buckets fill with water and flush with that. If it's in front of that valve turning off the valve won't do any good. What happened? Pex fitting come apart?


01:34PM | 11/10/13
I turned off main water valve to fix a pipe under my sink and now a have a crazy leak on the main valve. It was not there before. Why did that happened? How do I fix it?


03:00PM | 11/16/13
Many municipalities will fine you for tampering (turning on and off) with the shutoff valve to the main. Call your city public works dept. to see if you are allowed to shut it off.


11:30AM | 11/17/13
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Thanks a lot Sylvan. It's a good thing that they have you here :)
I'm still new and just browsing for some common problems. :D


12:20AM | 12/19/13
My valve seems to be dripping water on fully open. When I turn it 1/4 close it starts to leak a lot. When I fully shut the valve it just keeps leaking. What do I to repair this? I don't have a secondary valve shut off in the home.


04:21PM | 01/18/14
I am a snow bird from Ontario Canada I shut off water at mains in the basement and opened all taps etc and drained water
I have been away for a week I am told that there is a small drip coming from the tap in the laundry room on the main floor
Can you advise what I should do


10:18AM | 02/01/14
Bob, just because someone is licensed, doesn't mean they may know what they are talking about either. I've had both good and bad advice from the box stores. I take what they say with a grain of salt and research the advise before proceeding. That being said, I played with the packing nut the way that you suggested and my drip stopped. Thank you so much for your advise.
I had googled a lot to fin a solution for my dripping main shut off and No one came through the way that you did.


06:07AM | 05/17/14
My issue is similar however the packing nut and handle appear to be corroded together. I cannot turn the handle without the nut turning as well. I have to have the water shut off entirely so that there is no leak.



09:05PM | 06/15/14
Sylvan, YOU DA MAN
I called a roto company for my main shut off valve leaking under the handle but above the nut you described.

The roto low life told me they had to freeze the main and put a new 1" valve in.

I shut the valve loosened the nut as your E mail suggested removed the graphite packing used the Teflon and did exactly as you stated and it worked like a charm

Thank you so much as roto was asking for $825.00


05:58PM | 11/08/14
Very helpful advice on the 1/4 turn to stop a slow drip. So it wasn't really broken at all.


08:42PM | 03/23/15
My shutoff water valve is located in a concrete round vault about 12 inches diameter. The water valve is at the bottom and until I exposed exposed it from under 2 feet of soil. Now I see a slow seep from the stem area and am thinking about tightening it. Since it is in such a hard to access area I may call a plumber to tighten it or replace it with a ball valve. I'm wondering what the cost will be ?


08:56PM | 03/23/15
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My main shut off gate valve from the city to my house has a seepage that I found after exposing it from 2 feet of soil and 30 years. I am tempted to turn the cap and tighten it but am worried that the whole thing will twist apart. I wonder what a plumber would charge to replace it with a ball valve and make things right.


05:22PM | 04/03/15
Hello. one of my sinks in the bathroom has a leaky faucet. Ive tried to turn off the shut off valve under the cabinet and it still leaks. So then I turned it off at the main shut off valve as well, i left it off for a while thinking maybe what ever water was in the line was just draining out but it still has the same consintant leak. How to i get it to stop so that i can take it apart to fix it?



12:47PM | 05/21/15
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What do i do to stop the leak?


01:36PM | 11/21/15
i have a similar, but strange problem. the cold water shut-off valve in the bathroom does not leak when in the open position, but does leak at the valve stem just under the knob when in the CLOSED position!

the valve is of this type:

please advise! will tightening the packing nut help in this case?


01:15AM | 07/14/16
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Hi guys

It seems I have a leak in my main water line on my side of the meter. The water is coming up through the ground. I have it shut off now, and will try to dig where the water is coming out of the ground to see what I can see. Is this something a general plumber can fix, or do I need someone who specializes in water mains? Any recommendations on someone to do the repair?

Thanks in advance !


08:14PM | 07/18/16
Isn't this is the valve outside in the garage? the water is dripping from the nut which has never been used. What should be done??


10:24PM | 09/27/16
The area around my main sprinkler shutoff valve is wet and there is water in the pvc access tube for the valve it seems to have just happened recently. The water doesn't seem to be flowing constantly I think it only leaks when the sprinklers come on, how would I go about fixing this? Your input is much appreciated


04:45AM | 12/06/18
My pipes are old and leaking at the bottom of the main valve. I keep cutting the valve off every time I leave the house in case the pipe burst and flood my basement. What can I do? Is there a quick fix or replace all the pipes?

deb Wa.

02:24PM | 06/07/20
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It's about 1 foot down from ground it is visible to get to. How much do plumbers charge to fix?

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