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07:18AM | 06/20/05
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My home is a 1960's home. There is a sulphur like smell all around the house when it rains or is damp out. Also inside the home downstairs the eyes burn . I think they are related. What is this and how do I get rid of it. I have a patio outside the back door and the sulphur smell is really strong in that area. Do you think it is septic? The basement is not unusally wet. I just bought this house so am unsure what I am dealing with. The house is tighter than fort knox and is double insulated and needs some venting work. There is a septic smell in the closets. I think the hole house fan draws up the smell from downstairs. Just am at a loss.The gas co came out and checked the lines so I dont believe it is gas. It may be sewer. What should I do next.


10:24AM | 06/20/05
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There have been some good ideas here. An additional idea to check is whether a prior owner applied pesticides to the foundation area. Chemicals like chlordane have a pungent and persistent odor that might be interpreted as sulfurous. If they applied this pesticide or waste oil to control termites, the odor would be very uncomfortable. Digging near the foundation, pull a sample of soil from a foot or so deep, then see if the soil is the source of the odor. Just smell the removed sample. Wet some down with water and see if the odor profile changes or if oils float off it. You may need to sample several locations to eliminate this possibility.

If the soil is the source of the problem, you may need to find out what the chemical is, or find some way to remove it or manage the emissions. Post back the results of your soil survey by nose.


11:09AM | 06/20/05
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The sewer line is made of castiron or lead. It is not broken or cracked inside the home. How do I check the outside of the home under the ground for possible leaks. I did go to the water/sewer company to see if they could come out and check the pressure on the pipe to see if it is leaking. The clay joints you are talking about, are they under the ground? I know on the inspection report he put that he could not see waste lines. Sorry if I see ignorant I am just learning. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR assistance.

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