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03:02PM | 06/17/06
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I came across some old threads of individuals looking for Wen Lumberjack Limb Trimmer Blades. I came across some of the replacement blades and would be willing to sell to individals that needed them. These are Original equipment replacement blades for Wen Limb Trimmers models 6110, 6111 and 6112. Each package contains two blades and will cost $8.99 plus $1.00 shipping. If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing please email me at


08:23AM | 09/17/07
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Hi there,

I am just inquiring to see if you still have these blades listed in your post?


09:11AM | 04/01/08
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We've searched high and low! Any blades out there on this electric lopper discontinued about ten years ago? Thanks!!!!


02:33PM | 05/14/08
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Any replacement blades out there?


05:23PM | 05/19/08
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Wen sold the product to another manufacturer ten years ago. I called the 'new' company; they stopped production years ago and haven't had replacement blades for over two years. Postings on eBay, craigslist, etc. got no results. Lowe's, Home Depot, True Value, Ace, OSH do not carry, nor do our local 'saw' shops. Still looking! I love the lopper!
2360 wen electric lopper


02:20PM | 07/01/10
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i would like to buy some off of u


10:02AM | 05/01/11
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#6110, looking for replacrmrny blades? thanks


10:35PM | 07/31/11
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Are you offering or looking? I am desperate to find replacement blades for this trimmer, which I love! Thanks to anyone who can set me on the right track.


06:18PM | 08/16/11
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Does anyone still have these replacement blades for sale? Please contact me!


05:22PM | 04/21/13
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If you still have some of the replacement blades, I would like 2 packages.


Morris the cat

02:22PM | 05/01/13
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Still looking for blades


05:21PM | 05/19/13
I would like to purchase 2 sets of blades from you You can reach me at 5033083056 or at


07:13PM | 05/28/13
I too need replacement blades for my LUMBERJACK 6100. Did anywone find a souece for a compatable blade?


10:49AM | 06/01/13
I would like to purchase 2 packs of these blades for model 6110 if you still have them.


03:24PM | 06/16/13
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I also would like replacement blades. Contact me:


06:45PM | 07/05/13
If you have any replacement blades, I need some. Contact me at


05:13AM | 07/29/13
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Where can one order parts for such an item? It seems to be associated with WEN Wagner. Or Oregon chain and bar maybe sold at sears or Menards T one time?


05:18AM | 07/29/13
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WEN S60 chainsaw parts, associated with Oregon chain and bar, may have been sold by Sears or Menards, also Wagner seems to have some influence in the item. Need source to order a part.


05:26PM | 08/16/13
I would like to buy the replacement blades. You can reach me at


04:17PM | 09/29/13
any blades left


04:18PM | 09/29/13
any blades left



04:06PM | 12/21/13
Any info on where I can purchase these replacement blades for my Wen Lumberjack 6110. Please contact me at



01:53PM | 05/12/14
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It's May 12 2014.I'm looking for the Wen Lumberjack Limb Trimmer Blades Am hoping you still have some for sale ( Blades Each package contains two blades and will cost $8.99 plus shipping.)


01:56PM | 05/12/14
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I forgot my or 208-691-7472 Thanks again


05:02PM | 05/14/14
if u need blades just buy sawsall blades fit perfect


04:30PM | 05/27/14
Sawzall blades do not work in the Lumberjack. The Lumberjack has a U-shank jigsaw blade connection. The problem is, I haven't found any U-shank jigsaw blades that are long and stiff enough to use in the Lumberjack. But, what I've done is take a Sawzall blade and modify it with a metal cutting wheel on a dremel so it fits in the lumberjack. I use a U-shank blade as a template and draw on the Sawzall blade where I need to cut. It actually didn't take me that long, maybe a few minutes to get a Sawzall blade working in the Lumberjack.


04:14PM | 07/06/14
I bought a lumberjack trimmer at goodwill--now I know why it was cheap--can't find blades


01:35PM | 07/27/15
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Like to buy a set of replacment blades for a lumbewrjack electric tree trimmer model # 6110 contact me at


01:16PM | 08/03/15
if anyone can help with this part e-mail me at


06:54PM | 10/27/15
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Dig through your tool boxes or were ever you stored thing like small saw blades. Someone should get the diagram of the blades and get a manufacturer to make them and sell them, right Bob! thanks Don Reiff 971-284-903


11:47AM | 05/03/16
If anyone has any Wen Lumberjack Trimmer Replacement Blades-6110 they want to sell me, please email me at with the details. I am willing to pay for shipping. Or, if someone has a template of what the blade looks like so I can modify a different manufacturer's blade, I'd take that. Thanks in advance.


04:10PM | 06/28/16
I'm looking to buy some replacement blades if you still have any or possibly know where I can purchase some please let me know


07:08PM | 08/27/16
I haven't read through the whole thread so don't know if anyone has already said this: I came across one of these trimmers with an almost new blade still in it (no, the blade isn't for sale). The mounting tab is identical to my saber saw blades and even the same thickness (approx .052"). If you can find aggressive blades for saber saws they may work well in the Wen trimmer.


07:33PM | 08/27/16
I should add that the Wen is also almost 3 times wider than the saber saw blade so that adds a lot to the rigidity of the Wen blade.


01:57PM | 09/04/16
Looking for a replacement blade. This is the blade that broke.
Wen lumberjack saw blade


05:31PM | 09/24/17
I am looking for blades for the Wagner (WEN) lumberjack trimmer. If you have them please email me at


12:55PM | 06/16/18
need replacement blades for a wen


12:11PM | 07/30/18
I would be


12:15PM | 07/30/18
I am interested in purchasing a set of blades for model 6110.. you can reply to chipful@yahoo. com


11:03AM | 08/02/18
I have need of the blades.


10:12AM | 08/04/18
I helped a friend clean out his she'd who has been in a wheelchair and he has a 6100 that works, but rusty blade. Do you still have any of these?


07:25PM | 08/09/18
I ask interested in purchasing blades.. please contact


05:54PM | 09/22/18
I need blades for a 6110


02:08PM | 04/27/19
The Lumberjack (mine is model 6110) shank seems the same as sabre-saw blades. But I could not find any sabre-saw blades for pruning. I found a 6" reciprocating saw pruning blade that I modified to fit the Lumberjack. My saw does not have what appears to be a pivoting blade guard. That may need to be removed for the 6" blade. Modifying the blade shape using a Dremel grinding disk was pretty easy. Drilling the 1/8" hole was not. It seemed to help to drill a smaller hole first. I think the hole is needed so the pin can positively lock the blade in place. Pictures and dimensions attached. Good Luck. | VirginiaBill


02:13PM | 04/27/19
Picture did not upload. I'll try again... VirginiaBill


02:29PM | 04/27/19
I give up. Look at a sabre-saw u-shank blade. Modify the reciprocating saw 6" pruning blade to look like that. First, cut off the little piece at the end of the shank. Then grind the top (assuming teeth are at bottom) of the shank until the dimensions of the shank are: 1/4" wide by just over 1/2" long (17/32 min). The 1/8 hole is on center of the 1/4" width, 3/8" from the end. The end (the "u" part) is a 1/16" radius (1/8" diameter), on center. You'll end up with about half the original reciprocating saw hole left in the top of your shank but that's ok. | VirginiaBill


09:46PM | 05/29/19
Yes we are looking for blades for our web tree trimmer. It’s a 6110


08:27PM | 05/31/19
Hi Their, my name is Sam and I need some replacement blades for my Trim Rite Lumberjack trimmer.
If you still have the blades I would like to purchase 2 blades Thankyou.


08:34PM | 06/12/19
Do you still have these available


04:16PM | 06/18/19
I would like to purchase 2 packs of two for wen Lumberjack. Email me at or call 816 550 1818. James Poe


12:17PM | 07/15/19
Interested in buying two packs do you still have these thank you


12:30PM | 07/15/19
Interested in buying two packs of the blades do you still have them contact me at


01:52AM | 07/21/19
Interested in buying two packs of the blades do you still have them contact at

Would you provide delivery to Tootgarook Auxtralia 3941 ?


11:58AM | 08/03/19
Do you still have these blades


05:01PM | 08/03/19
The original post was in 2006, I think it's a good bet the blades are gone.


08:26AM | 10/31/19
Yes I have a wen model number 6110 limb trimmer movies looking for replacement blades and I came across this Bob Vila statement stating he has some.... if that is still the case, I would like to get a half a dozen. Please, please, please, let me know if they're still available and a total price I think they were 8.99 a pair something like that, any help at all in locating some would be greatly appreciated thank you very much sincerely John a Brown Jr 1314 C Street Eureka California 95501 phone number 707-496-0108 an email thank you so much hav


12:10PM | 11/06/19
Interested in blades. Please call me at 828 231 1513. Thank you.


05:25AM | 11/12/19
Hello is there any way on Earth that there are some of those blades around anywhere where can I make them modify a Sawzall blade or something


02:15PM | 02/11/20
I am interested in some of those blades


07:21PM | 02/17/20
I need replacement blades for my Wagner 6110 extendable limb trimmer
If available please email me at or text back reply
If PayPal acct, I can pay immediately


03:18AM | 02/29/20
I'm interested in blades for Wen pole limb trimmer. Still avaliable? Let me know at Thanks

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