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12:18PM | 04/30/03
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I'm actually not a do-it-yourselfer, yet.
But since I'm looking at a 1920s home that has a very old gravity-feed furnace, I'm wondering about pros and cons - if anyone has any opinions one way or the other....
(I have poked around a bit, and it looks like they can be an expensive pain to replace, the size of the ducts doesn't work well with new forced-air furnaces, but that they are efficient(?) and with replaced burners could last a long long time (or is this overly optomistic?)
thanks for any thoughts anyone might have


06:15AM | 05/02/03
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thanks tons for the thoughts...


02:19AM | 09/07/06
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a gravity furnace can be very expensive to replace. with just taking it out will cost a pretty penny. also check and make sure that it does not have asbestos insulation around the ducts. this would be another added expense. but as for replacing all the duct work. the only thing you would need to be done is running new duct to the new furnace. not the whole duct systen as long as it is in good shape. be ware of who you call, get several estimates, and don't call any company with a name of "united air" or anything similar to that. they are frauds. one last thing, before you start to buy parts, make sure that they are still made, some gravity feed furnace company's are no longer in business, so parts are very hard if not impossible to find.


06:20PM | 12/31/12
I read your post from a while back. I too have just purchased a home with an old Gravity feed furnace which was working just fine until I was told that it needs a draft diverter to protect the pilot from blowing out. What was your final outcome with yours....did you keep it or replace.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!!


08:31PM | 10/12/13
I am looking for the plenum for one of these furnaces. The metal item that disburses the flame. I have a big home and have three of this big furnaces in the cellar. One has no metal piece disburse the flame. Can I find one?? Donald


03:39PM | 11/06/13
where can I buy parts for my gravity furnace


06:24AM | 01/20/16
what is the piece called that heats up - is it an element- core - what???


02:23PM | 12/02/16
I bought a old home and we still use are gravity furnace I luv the quiet heat but the air is so dry.


01:43PM | 06/10/18
I have a gravity heat furnace and need the part that heats - not sure what it is called - element/heating element burner ??? can anyone tell me where I can get parts - everything else works well..

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