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06:07AM | 12/20/04
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I have an oil furnace in a rental house that was installed last year. The tank ran out of oil and the reset light near the pump came on. After resetting the switch, I began trying to prime the unit. I had to reset the switch about 3 times before I started to get an air/oil mixture to the pump but then after it tripped the reset again, it would not reset. The light keeps flashing a 'lock-out' code which was the original code from the beginning. I have turned the power off for a few hours hoping that this would make a difference but it hasn't. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx! Al

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03:01PM | 12/20/04
I appreciate your response but I had already read that page before trying here. For the record, I worked on heating (including oil)and cooling systems for quite a few years but got out of the business soon after getting universal certification about ten years ago. One of the reasons was because I could not with a good conscience continue to install and service equipment that was purposely designed not to to give long, dependable service at minimal costs for parts and maintenance.

I still do not regret the move as time (and complaints from hundreds of homeowners that have completed my 'b.e.''h.a.p.p.y.' surveys during the past ten years) has proven that customers are less satisfied than ever before with the product and the contractors, and I am not just talking about heating and cooling.

As prices continue to climb and manufacturers continue to make the equipment more complicated than it should be and with inferior parts from China, Mexico and the like....more and more homeowners will attempt to become DIYers not only because of the cost but also because of simply having their intelligence insulted by the fees of so-called experts who frequently have to go back more than once(for an additional cost of course) to actually get it FIXED.

And just like this furnace that was only used a couple of months last winter....why should thre be such a major problem just because it ran out of fuel?


08:24PM | 12/21/04
I appreciate your response but your referral to that other site was of no help. In fact, I had read that prior to coming here. I take it that your added message was meant for all DIYers, but for the record, I did commercial, industrial and residential heating and air for many years and got out of the business soon after getting universal certification about 10 years ago. So it's been a while and many things have changed which is why I came here for assisstance.

However, I got out of the business primarily because I could not (with a good conscience) continue to install units that I considered to be pieces of crap. I consider anything that malfunctions within a year or two to be a piece of crap. When the minimum cost to repair runs at least $150, I consider it a bigger piece of crap. Manufacturers and contractors are just as much to blame as anyone for the escalating number of people attempting to become DIYers. Manufacturers are making equipment with cheaper, inferior parts (and charging more for them) and many contractors are sending inexperienced and cheap labor out to their homes yet the contractors are charging 'expert' rates. Many of these inexperienced technicians are having to return a second or third time (for additional costs) to get something right that should have been corrected on the first visit.

It is wide-spread and it is by no means limited to the heating and cooling field. So as more and more people can not afford to get a so-called expert or if they simply do not want their intelligence insulted by some of the prices they are being forced to pay, there will be more and more people becoming DIYers. It only takes a little reading and experience to catch on and even though there will be a few to ignore the safety precautions, MOST of them are quite successful which is why so many retailers are

catering to them.

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