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03:17AM | 01/09/06
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Hi. We bought a Thermal Zone furnace (made by Pameco) about 5 years ago. Last winter it stopped working... motor runs, it prepares to fire (lights up in the little window), but when it clicks to try to fire... nothing happens and it starts the cycle all over again. We had repairmen out 4 or 5 times last winter, but they had no clue what was wrong. They banged around on things (literally) and it finally started working. It has just stopped working once again. I will have to call someone to come out later today and look at it, but I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas? Thanks so much.



01:21PM | 01/09/06
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Thanks so much for your fast response! I appreciate it. They had already done that last time they were out... but the repairman did clean out all the lines and get it running again. He thinks the pressure switch might be too large...seems weird to me, but hopefully it's going to continue to run now.

Thanks again!!


05:33AM | 10/14/06
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Just now found this.We have had the same troubles with our new6 yr old TZ furnace. I have found that there must be a flaw in the design of the gas valve.That is what keeps failing on my furnace.Then the unit trys to lite and is not getting any gas,which also results in the ignitor burning itself out as it keeps trying to lite itself when it is not getting any gas. Don't reccommend this brand to anyone. The replacement valves have the same flaw and only last 1-2 yrs. It may be an electrical flaw also that is causing the valve to fail. Have gone through 3 valves in 4 yrs.


05:38AM | 04/07/09
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I had the same problem, short cycling. After extensive troubleshooting, I tried replacing the pressure switch, which was one recommendation, I finally found cold solder joints on the control board under the main connector. After removing the board and resoldering the pins my TZ has worked very well. It's been doing fine for at least five years and I have yet to replace even an ignitor. My programmable thermistat reminds me to replace the filter at 500 hrs of operation.

Remember, engineers design things to fail and never, never, never have to work on what they design.


02:41PM | 11/13/09
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I had a like problem.

I had bad solder joints on the control board. I removed the board and resoldered the contacts on the connector sockets on the board and it seemed to solve my problem, which was, that motor would start but no fire.


06:14PM | 02/04/13
Are thermal zone furnaces any good. I really like to know because my contractor informed me his heating guy will be installing that brand at my house in two weeks.

Not living at home due to sandy storm


12:02PM | 03/14/13
I have a Thermal Zone heating gas unit. It just started this issue. When the thermostat tells it to kick on and supply heat this is what happens. The fan starts. About thirty seconds later the igniter starts to glow. About thirty seconds later the gas kicks on and the burner lights. In about thirty seconds there will be a click, the burner will go off, and then the fan/blower will start up. result - no warm air but the blower works fine. Any ideas?


08:43PM | 10/20/13
Led flashing 5 times


10:35PM | 01/14/14
Have you tried cleaning your flame sensor rod? Mine did the same thing and I fixed it by cleaning the rod with some steel wool.


03:54PM | 01/08/15
Fixed mine too.


06:07PM | 11/12/15
The fault condition is flash 1 time

the code tell me lime clrcult open or external load on "W"

what is that


10:06PM | 11/12/15
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My furnace run when it is off the red flash one time so I look on the back of door and the code said that the limit circuit open or external load on "W".

what can do


06:06PM | 11/15/15
My TZ started to give this problem recently for the past 1 week. The flame comes ON, the HEX exhaust fan run, then it shut itself off. I opened the cabinet, and brushed some regular dust and restarted the unit. It worked fine, but then it starts with the issue. The igniter comes ON, but after few seconds shuts off. I saw that the red LED is ON, but the yellow LED continuously flashes. It means it has low flame, does it mean that I need to clean the flame rods?


10:59AM | 07/11/18
what does the code 0 mean on my furnace?


09:16AM | 10/06/18
It wont do anything the indicator light blinks 3 time and cant get it work at all
Any ideas

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