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04:01AM | 09/02/08
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Does anyone know where i can find original cabinet handles and pulls that came on these cabinets? I've searched the internet but havent come up with a whole lot.



08:43AM | 11/15/08
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which pulls do you have? the ones that look like a wave?


07:21PM | 01/06/09
I'am one of the orginal Sources for

H. J. SCHEIRICH KITCHEN AND BATH CABINETS. I have orginal Parts and Accessories.

Please e-mail description and how many you need to:

Please include a contact Phone number.


02:56AM | 01/07/09
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Thanks for the responses, I actually found a guy only two miles away who was gutting his entire kitchen and was ready to trash the cabinets and hardware so I got lucky. Thanks again.


01:21PM | 01/25/09
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I have original H. J. SCHEIRICH Cabinet Hardware. I can be contacted by e-mail:

I can be reached at:

dannykcarrier at


07:32AM | 05/23/09
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I have some if you by chance are still interested. I can contact you by phone or email. Thanks!


02:24AM | 05/30/09
Member Since: 05/29/09
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I need @ least 1 set of rail guides for Scheirich cabinet drawers. If you have any for sale please contact me @


10:26AM | 03/18/13
Looking for hinges with springs for these cabinets. Please email me at if anyone has any of these parts.

Thank you!


09:07AM | 04/04/13
Looking for rail connectors for these cabinets. does anyone know a source?


08:50AM | 04/10/13
Need a new corner door for scheirich queenswood york style


05:48PM | 04/18/14
Brown801, do you still have the wavy Scheirich handles? I'm having a hard time finding some. Thanks Janet.


11:57AM | 05/28/14
I need 4 brackets(plastic end pcs)to hold sliders to repair cabinet drawers. I think the item # is 230. I can be reached at or tel#772-340-2450. Thanks


05:39AM | 06/04/14
I'm looking for a name plate for a 1940's Hoosier style Scheirich cabinet. the older style would be ideal but might settle for a newer style depending on the appearance I can be reached at or 9372182330. Thanks


11:12PM | 07/12/14
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Hello Danny,

I have tried to contact you about some hinges (actually just one) and possibly a Scheirich name tag. I really hope you have a hinge its the 2" high stainless steel square type (4 holes)

my email is

Thank you very much


04:53PM | 07/27/14
I just restored a Scheirich Sweetheart Cabinet. I need the name plate (sticker) for the front. Can you (anyone) help me?

Jeff Christopher


10:45AM | 04/15/15
I'm looking to buy a replacement cabinet and possible the hardware.


03:28PM | 03/11/16
i need a replacement lazy susan lower bearing 28'' pie shape


06:04PM | 07/27/16
I need replacement parts for the Scheirich Drawers that are in my kitchen. I am unable to locate. Does someone know where I can order or get the hardware/boots for the drawers?


09:46PM | 12/03/16
I am looking for the original handles and cannot find, can you help me? thank-you Lori


06:13PM | 05/11/17
I am looking to find a drawer back bracket for a Scheirich cabinet. Please let me know where I can get one, and if they fit I would buy even more. Thanks so much. You can reach me at


10:32AM | 06/30/17
Looking for whatever the part is called for my Scheirich corner cabinet. It holds the shelves in place.


12:18AM | 06/08/18
What do they look like .. I have that kind of cabinets and want to change the handles out.. They are original..


12:28AM | 06/08/18
What do they look like .. I have that kind of cabinets and want to change the handles out.. They are original..


07:21PM | 09/26/18
I am in need of 4 plastic pieces to a Scheirich cabinet that is app 30 yrs old. They are 2 1/2 " by 1 1/4" by 1/2" deep. Can someone direct me please? respond to


12:00PM | 10/12/18
In search for brackets that hold the drawer track they go onto a metal mint in back of the cabinets. It's for my kitchen drawers email me at Thanks


08:25PM | 10/21/18
Looking for handles & some hinges from this brand. I want to say they are copper colored and shaped like a wave


08:26PM | 10/21/18
I can be contacted at - bv017756


04:45PM | 12/15/18
I am in need of the plastic drawer guide posts that sit at the back of the kitchen cabinet drawers. If you can help please contact me at Thanks


09:10PM | 01/05/19
What kind of finish was typically used on the stained cabinet was it poly or lacquer.


01:36AM | 02/27/19
I need the stupid plastic pieces for the back of the tracks that always break. Does anyone know where they can be found?


04:33PM | 04/22/19
Trying to find door hinges for Scheirich cabinets


07:17PM | 07/03/19
Looking for wave cabinet handles copper color


10:50AM | 07/17/19
I'm looking for a couple of replacement handles the wave style


12:34PM | 09/08/19
I'm looking for original cabinet pulls. The handles look like the wavy ones. And I need to replace one door it has a dent in it. How much are handles?


02:44PM | 03/12/20
I am looking to replace my handles for new ones, do you know where I can purchase them


11:20AM | 04/04/20
I am looking for the nameplate that goes on the front of the cabinet. My cabinets are all refinished but need a name plate to finish them off. Mine was fractured. Thank you.


09:00PM | 05/03/20
BV022048...I was cleaning out the workshop of a house we just moved into and found a piece of cabinet wood with the Scheirich badge on it. Email me at


09:11AM | 05/08/20
We bought a house to find that we had Scheirich kitchen cabinets in it. They had lots of wear spots by the door handles, so, I tired to sand the area on the door and then re-stain it. The stain would not take, so the door must be made of some sort of composite plastic or of such kind. It looks worse now than it did before. What can I do? Is there somewhere I can ship the door(s) to have them re-finished? Please help.


09:29PM | 08/09/20
I am looking to replace hinges with new hardware. Any one know what dimensions these are? Also, I have some hardware that I have taken off, so, if anyone is interested, please let me know.


12:32PM | 12/20/20
Need 18x22" kitchen door.


10:19PM | 01/01/21
I need several of the door latches. It's the little roller that the cabinets doors latch to. Please help.


05:05PM | 01/12/21
I am looking for a Scheirich small cabnet door w/hinges that fits above a microwave.I have all cabinets made by them but am unable to find any info in order to purchase,etc.Can you help or guide me to the company phone number? There was only an address online,no phone number.


06:52PM | 07/22/21
I need two Scheirich cabinet badge nameplates. Can someone with them email me at


10:23AM | 10/15/21
I am looking for "Meplafix 3600" to reset the wooden racks mounted to the cabinet doors.
Please respond to Jackie Pierce
Thank you


10:50PM | 10/22/21
I have tons of pulls from our scheirich cabinets.
If you want more info and price please email me at :


04:25PM | 11/05/21
I am looking for red plastic door handles for a scheirich cupboard/ cabinet. Do you have any in stock? Please email back to let me know at
Thank you


02:44PM | 11/19/21
I’m looking to buy four “wave” shaped cabinet pulls. Please contact me if you have available, and your price to ship them to me in WI.


07:31PM | 11/25/21
I’m looking for door hinges for my Scheirich cabinets. Any suggestions?


12:26PM | 12/24/21
I'm taking a stab in the dark here for some Scheirich kitchen cabinet hinges. Apparently this company has been defunked for some time. Our house was built in 1985 and the original Scheirich cabinets have held up really well except many of the hinges have lost or worn out the mechanism that holds the door closed. Another person contacted with picture of the same exact hinge I have on my cabinets. (see web link for a picture of hinges I need) Swisco don't carry an exact replacement. The part of the hinge that attaches to the cabinet is a full wrap with only one screw that holds it to the cabinet and the part of the hinge that holds the door has two screws. Reading this web page requests for Scheirich hardware you would think a company that makes hardware would make reproductions of these much needed items. Frustrated in Ohio.


03:47PM | 03/05/22
I have a 1970 scheirich kitchen Lazy Susan that need the top rotor braket


03:50PM | 03/05/22
It's the round part is chewed up that holds it on the pin


06:40PM | 04/06/22
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I am looking for an original Scheirick logo plate. I am reconditioning my original cabinets and broke the logo plate that was attached to the decorative panel located in front of my sink. It was very brittle.
Email me at if you have one that I may purchase.


06:35AM | 04/24/22
Danny I need top bushing for 1967 era lazy susan. Can you help with that? Please email Thank you!


06:35AM | 04/24/22
Danny I need top bushing for 1967 era lazy susan. Can you help with that? Please email Thank you!

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