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04:01AM | 09/02/08
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Does anyone know where i can find original cabinet handles and pulls that came on these cabinets? I've searched the internet but havent come up with a whole lot.



08:43AM | 11/15/08
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which pulls do you have? the ones that look like a wave?


07:21PM | 01/06/09
I'am one of the orginal Sources for

H. J. SCHEIRICH KITCHEN AND BATH CABINETS. I have orginal Parts and Accessories.

Please e-mail description and how many you need to:

Please include a contact Phone number.


02:56AM | 01/07/09
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Thanks for the responses, I actually found a guy only two miles away who was gutting his entire kitchen and was ready to trash the cabinets and hardware so I got lucky. Thanks again.


01:21PM | 01/25/09
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I have original H. J. SCHEIRICH Cabinet Hardware. I can be contacted by e-mail:

I can be reached at:

dannykcarrier at


07:32AM | 05/23/09
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I have some if you by chance are still interested. I can contact you by phone or email. Thanks!


02:24AM | 05/30/09
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I need @ least 1 set of rail guides for Scheirich cabinet drawers. If you have any for sale please contact me @


10:26AM | 03/18/13
Looking for hinges with springs for these cabinets. Please email me at if anyone has any of these parts.

Thank you!


09:07AM | 04/04/13
Looking for rail connectors for these cabinets. does anyone know a source?


08:50AM | 04/10/13
Need a new corner door for scheirich queenswood york style


05:48PM | 04/18/14
Brown801, do you still have the wavy Scheirich handles? I'm having a hard time finding some. Thanks Janet.


11:57AM | 05/28/14
I need 4 brackets(plastic end pcs)to hold sliders to repair cabinet drawers. I think the item # is 230. I can be reached at or tel#772-340-2450. Thanks


05:39AM | 06/04/14
I'm looking for a name plate for a 1940's Hoosier style Scheirich cabinet. the older style would be ideal but might settle for a newer style depending on the appearance I can be reached at or 9372182330. Thanks


11:12PM | 07/12/14
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Hello Danny,

I have tried to contact you about some hinges (actually just one) and possibly a Scheirich name tag. I really hope you have a hinge its the 2" high stainless steel square type (4 holes)

my email is

Thank you very much


04:53PM | 07/27/14
I just restored a Scheirich Sweetheart Cabinet. I need the name plate (sticker) for the front. Can you (anyone) help me?

Jeff Christopher


10:45AM | 04/15/15
I'm looking to buy a replacement cabinet and possible the hardware.


03:28PM | 03/11/16
i need a replacement lazy susan lower bearing 28'' pie shape


06:04PM | 07/27/16
I need replacement parts for the Scheirich Drawers that are in my kitchen. I am unable to locate. Does someone know where I can order or get the hardware/boots for the drawers?


09:46PM | 12/03/16
I am looking for the original handles and cannot find, can you help me? thank-you Lori


06:13PM | 05/11/17
I am looking to find a drawer back bracket for a Scheirich cabinet. Please let me know where I can get one, and if they fit I would buy even more. Thanks so much. You can reach me at


10:32AM | 06/30/17
Looking for whatever the part is called for my Scheirich corner cabinet. It holds the shelves in place.


12:18AM | 06/08/18
What do they look like .. I have that kind of cabinets and want to change the handles out.. They are original..


12:28AM | 06/08/18
What do they look like .. I have that kind of cabinets and want to change the handles out.. They are original..


07:21PM | 09/26/18
I am in need of 4 plastic pieces to a Scheirich cabinet that is app 30 yrs old. They are 2 1/2 " by 1 1/4" by 1/2" deep. Can someone direct me please? respond to


12:00PM | 10/12/18
In search for brackets that hold the drawer track they go onto a metal mint in back of the cabinets. It's for my kitchen drawers email me at Thanks


08:25PM | 10/21/18
Looking for handles & some hinges from this brand. I want to say they are copper colored and shaped like a wave


08:26PM | 10/21/18
I can be contacted at - bv017756


04:45PM | 12/15/18
I am in need of the plastic drawer guide posts that sit at the back of the kitchen cabinet drawers. If you can help please contact me at Thanks


09:10PM | 01/05/19
What kind of finish was typically used on the stained cabinet was it poly or lacquer.


01:36AM | 02/27/19
I need the stupid plastic pieces for the back of the tracks that always break. Does anyone know where they can be found?


04:33PM | 04/22/19
Trying to find door hinges for Scheirich cabinets


07:17PM | 07/03/19
Looking for wave cabinet handles copper color


10:50AM | 07/17/19
I'm looking for a couple of replacement handles the wave style


12:34PM | 09/08/19
I'm looking for original cabinet pulls. The handles look like the wavy ones. And I need to replace one door it has a dent in it. How much are handles?

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