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06:03AM | 06/18/00
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I have a beautiful 10ft x 12ft cactus garden,that it seems every cat in the neighborhood loves to use as their personal lavoratory. I went so far as to buy battery operated motion detectors to scare them away but they just stood their & looked at them. One was even a snake that hissed, moved its head a had rattler sounds. How do I get rid of them


10:59AM | 06/25/00
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I just saw the perfect solution to your problem. It's a motion detector-activated sprinkler. When the cat comes to do this thing, he gets sprinkled with water. They'll soon move elsewhere to potty.


09:41AM | 08/01/00
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The motion sprinkler is a great idea, but a bit on the expensive side. (They are around $60-$70) I had the problem of the cat and dog sleeping in my flower garden. I bought a product called "Get off my Garden". It comes in liquid or gel crystals. I got the gel crystals. It worked wonders. I opened the bottle for my dog and cat to smell before I used it. Both took one wiff and were accross the room. It smelled bad to them but was not offending to our noses. Which is good, because a lot of the dog/cat reppelant products can smell really bad. You should be able to get it at your local petstore or from an online petstore like, they carry it and it is only $10, compared to the 60 or 70 for the sprinkler. I would only go that route if things like this didn't work. I hope this helps! (It really worked for me, my flowers never got crushed again!)

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