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Ben Schafer

08:53AM | 10/11/02
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I have an oven-stove unit that has a three prong 220 pigtail but the outlet requires a 4 prong pigtail. Can I just replace the pigtail with a new 4 prong one or do I need to replace the outlet? The "expert" at Home Depot said I could just replace the pigtail but I'd like to confirm that here before I go for it.

If I can just replace the pigtail what do I do with the extra wire on the new pigtail? The current pigtail has three wires and the new one will have 4 so how does the wiring back to the oven work. Thanks in advance for the help.


09:38AM | 10/11/02
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You can replace the 3-wire cord with a 4-wire. The extra wire provides a separate ground wire. So, you've got 2 hot wires, 1 neutral, one ground. Usually the ground wire attaches to a screw on the frame.
If they have colors, black or red is hot, white is neutral, green or bare is ground.

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Ben Schafer

10:37AM | 10/11/02
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01:46PM | 10/11/02
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When you install the new 4 wire pigtail be sure to remove the jumper that connects the frame of the range to the white wire terminal on the 3 wire setup. If you don't do this you have defeated the added safety of the separate grounding (green) wire and at the same time created a ground loop which creates a hazard.


06:13PM | 10/12/02
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Help! I am an idiot with electrical stuff. I have the same problem and can't understand the answers here in this thread. I bought both the wall outlet and the 4 prong pigtail. I tried to replace my 4 prong wall outlet with a 3 prong and could not understand what to do with the negative wire. So I put it bsck togather and tried to put the pigail on and was unsure what wires went where? HELP!!!

Joe Tedesco

05:17AM | 10/13/02
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Please contact a licensed electrician and ask for an on site inspection of the proposed installation.

The 2002 national electrical code requires a 4 wire circuit to be run for electric ranges and electric clothes dryers for new work, and for old work 3 wire cords and receptacles can remain for existing 3 wire circuits only.

Playing around with electricity is like fighting fires, I am sure you know what I mean.


09:22AM | 06/15/21
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