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05:31AM | 11/22/02
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Our kitchen does not have enough outlets and we want to remedy this situation. There are now a total of 3 outlets on a GFCI circuit. 2 of these are 7ft apart, along a countertop with an inside corner. 5ft of the distance is on an exterior wall.The 3rd is not part of the discussion, except for it's existance. We want an outlet between the 2, in the 5ft section. . We also want another outlet installed on the other side of the stove, in a partition wall, where a future cabinet and 2ft countertop will be placed.

A retired electrician/HVAC gentleman looked at this and suggested going from one outlet with an insert, encased wiring along the wall, to a new outlet which would be put into the drywall.This would be on the 5ft span. He also suggested installing a new circuit for the other side of the stove. This is more than 6 ft from the sink, and he said it did not need a GFCI.

The new circuit makes sense, but we are suspicious of the rest. We understand that the exterior wall will be nuts to deal with, but we don't want a cheesy fix.

What are your thoughts on this? I have read many of the posts on this board and folks here seem to know things. We don't know enough to perform this work, but like to get confirmation.

Thank you for being here.

Tom O

01:54PM | 11/22/02
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The current standard for kitchens requires that all receptacles serving countertop loads be GFI protected. Also, no point on the wall behind the counter should be further than 2' from a receptacles.

You can judge for yourself if the proposed installation is adequate.

I'm always in favor of adding additional circuits to the kitchen.


Electrical Inspector

01:55PM | 11/22/02
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if there is a basement below your kitchen it may be possibel to 'fish' new wires up into the countertop area.

better still would be an added 20A circuit

btw~ newer code cycles have stipulated that all countertop receptacles be GFI, the 6' rule is old news.


03:26PM | 11/22/02
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Thank you both for timely responses. I thought the 6ft info was wrong, but coundn't back myself up.

We will go to the home store and see if they carry the extension outlet he proposed. It probably has an official name. Then I can be more precise. I don't like the idea of wires being enclosed in plastic peal and stick and stuck to the wall between outlets.

This house is only 3 years old and these electrical issues should have been dealt with during construction, but they weren't.

Yes there is a basement. I think the person who came did not want to deal with "fishing" wire on an exterior wall with insulation. I certainly prefer this.

Thank you again for the assistance.I hope we can provide equally valuable help in other topics.


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