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10:52AM | 12/20/02
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Here's the problem:
The breaker tripped without any electric appliances attached. The circuit is mapped to two rooms and an outside recepticle and motion sensor light.
I know it's not the breaker as I've tried it on another one and it still tripped so I assumed it was a short. It happens to be the red wire attached to the breaker. I disconnected the white wire from every outlet but it still trips. Tonight I will try to remove the red wire from everything too.
Note that when I flip the breaker back on, it does not stay. It flips right back to off and I see a spark.

Any ideas??


11:57AM | 12/20/02
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yes you have a fault somewhere you think, prob. on the red (line conductor)... if possible, go to the first junction (outlet, light, whatever) in this circuit and disconnect everything...turn the breaker back on....if it does not trip, then you know your fault is further down the circuit...etc, etc. till you find the culprit.


01:52PM | 12/20/02
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Thanks for the advice. I disconnected everything and the breaker no longer tripped. I connected what I think is the first outlet in the circuit and it tripped. Interestingly enough, this outlet does not have a red wire?!?!?

So now I'm a bit confused.

Further recommendations?


02:08PM | 12/20/02
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If it doesn't have a red wire it is not the first outlet. The problem is after the outlet you disconnected however. Since you said you have everything disconnected I suspect the elecronics in the motion sensor light may be shorted. It could also be a defective outlet with a wire that has come loose and is shorting to ground.
If you have a meter measure the ohms to ground on the black wire you disconnected in the outlet. DO THIS WITH THE POWER OFF. It is better to find the problem with a meter than to keep using the breaker as test device. I had one weld itself on once trying to do exactly what are doing. It burnt up the entire wire in the circuit up to the short.


02:38PM | 12/20/02
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Now, this may sound stupid but ...
I borrowed a meter from a friend how do I check the ohms and what am I looking for?

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