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03:20AM | 12/30/02
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HELP! I am finishing my basement and am putting in baseboard heat. I am buying (3) 6 foot Cadet heaters with a thermostat. I am assuming I need to run 12/3 wire to the box. (Or is it 12/2?) But what I am wondering is how many circuits do I need to run for these? Do I need to run a circuit for each? Or can I get away with running one circuit for all three? I am sure there is a calculation for this but I need some solid advice. Thanks!!!!


03:35AM | 12/30/02
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How many watts are these heaters. That will determin the number of circuits and the size of the wire and breakers.


05:27AM | 12/30/02
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The heaters are 240V, 1500 Watts, 6.25 AMPs, 5118 BTUs each.


12:48PM | 12/30/02
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2-20 amp circuit using 12/2w.g. with two thermostats or you could run 1-30 amp 10/2w.g. circuit if the thermostat is rated for 30 amps.
The formula for electric space heating is total ampacity X 125%
6.25 amps * 1 = 6.25 *125% = 8.72 A
6.25 amps * 2 = 12.50 * 125% = 15.63 A
6.25 amps * 3 = 18.75 amps * 125% = 23.437 A
12/2 can handle a 16 amp continuous load
10/2 can handle 24 amps
Hope this helps


02:16AM | 12/31/02
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Thank you so much for your help!!!! I was planning on the 30 amp route, but I can't seem to find a T-stat that is rated for 30. So I am going to go the (2) 20s route. Thanks again!


06:13AM | 01/01/03
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Please check the label on the heater! If the label on the heater specifies a circuit size and/or Over Current Protective Device (OCPD) and that label also bares the testing agency listing mark you must use that size of circuit and/or OCPD.

harold endean

08:23AM | 01/01/03
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By the way, a 12-2 Non metallic sheathed cable also called sheathed electrical cable or,RX wire means that there is inside the cable a black wire, a white wire and a ground (bare) wire in the cable. A 12-3 wire means that there is an extra red wire inside the cable.


03:01PM | 01/11/03
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How did you come up with 12/2 only able to handle 16A continuous load? In Annex B of 2002 Code, Table B.310.1, the lowest ampacity listed for copper wire is 20A. I think you are derating twice. Once for the load when you use the demand current and multiply by 125%, and again when you state that 12/2 is only good for 16A


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