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06:24AM | 03/05/05
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Now what? I added a mini frig to the back patio. w/out plugged in I get 110V, plug in the frig and V drops to 36. Frig won't run, breaker does not break and beer is not cold.

This is a 15amp circuit, added 12 gauge wire from rr of house, 12' run then T to additonal outside receptacel and up to the frig. Loose connection or frig woes.

Think my connection is bad at the underground T (conduit)?

FRIG REC (empty)

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09:06AM | 03/05/05
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Your wiring is probably connected in series instead of parrallel and when you plug the frig in it is acting like a resistor in a circuit and dropping the voltage. Check the wiring you did and make sure it is correct.



10:22AM | 03/05/05
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Thanks for the qucik response and info. How would I change that?

At the T, I connected 3 blk and 3 white and 3 grounds.

One set went to the frig the other to another receptacle?

Tom O

04:12AM | 03/06/05
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I'm thinking it is a loose connection. Check all spliced connections by tugging on each conductor, check the connection at the breaker and neutral bus for tightness and make sure the connection is not clamping down on the insulation.

Have you tried the fridge in a known good outlet? If so, and it works OK, then try plugging in the frdge in the other new outlet & see what happens. If you're still dropping down to very low volts, measure the voltage at the spliced connection and at the breaker.



06:41AM | 03/06/05
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Thanks for the info. I'll check connectors. Frig starts and runs fine elsewhere.

When frig plugged into this new receptacle it does not start or run and the voltage at this connector is 110v before plugging in, then drops to 36 or so. Wireman mentioned parallel Vs series connection may be the culprit, but I don't understand what it would look like and how to change it.

I'll need to dig up the junction and take a look.

Thanks again all - any ideas while I have the hole open are appreciated.

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