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09:40AM | 05/05/05
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As my profile shows, I am an Electrical Engineer licensed as a Professional Engineer in the State of Kansas. I primarily design commercial, industrial, and medical facilities, but I have also designed high end residential buldings. I also have working experience in electrical systems maintenance and repair, as well as a wide range of DIY projects in my 1929 Bungalow.

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I showed you mine, now show me yours...



11:28AM | 05/05/05
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My profile is now on.


10:54AM | 05/06/05
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Weekend warrior. So I lurk alot.


01:17PM | 05/06/05
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I'm curious about the Designer of Engineering Systems registration in Wisconsin. I read a little on your state's website, but I'm still curious. We have no parallel to this type of registration in the State of Kansas. Our Board of Technical Professions only licenses Engineers, Architects, Landscape Architects, Land Surveyors, and Geologists.

What type of design work does this registration allow you to do? Do you design under the supervision of a PE, or independently? Or only on certain types of projects? What is your legal responsibility for the projects you design?

Just curious,



08:39PM | 05/06/05
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A designer credential is granted by either exam or by experience. In either case you need the reference letters from 2 (any combo) PE, EE, Designer, Architect. Since my method for obtaining the credential was by experience, I worked for 12 yrs under the guidance of a PE who was an EE. The best way to describe the credential is to compare it to a PE, but not quite. Same legal responsibilities, liabilities and if that is your primary duty, you should carry E&O insurance.

Since I primarily do electrical work, my crew works under my Master's Electrician License. When I do design/build that needs a seal, I can stamp the drawing.

I believe Wis is the only state that has a designer classification--sort of a junior PE, if you will.

Thanks for asking.


05:16AM | 05/07/05
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I have a Batchors of Electrical Engineering. I was a 5 year program, 12 months a year for the last 3 yars with equal weight in power and electroncis.

However, all of my professional work has been in the area of electronics and now microcontrollers for industrial/commerical applications.

All of my power wiring as been as a DIYer, but I have been around enough governement regualations and specs and had to coordinate enough with people working on the power end to understand the NEC.


06:13PM | 05/16/05
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Please feel free to jump in here.


05:28PM | 05/17/05
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master elctrician, MS Chemist, hard working dad.


08:34AM | 05/26/05
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Journeyman electrician. I have been Installing, troubleshooting, and repairing electrical systems for over 15 years.



05:47PM | 05/27/05
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Journeyman Electrician for ten years in commercial and residential service. Installing,troubleshooting,and repairing electrical systems as well as new construction.

I am more of a reader than a poster because of differing methods and jurisdictions.

I love my job!!!

U.S.M.C. Semper Fi !!!


09:38AM | 08/09/05
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Shea, so glad you called out the creds! I'm a journeyman electrician with 24 years of experience in industrial, heavy commercial, and residential construction. I have also done time in the low voltage field (2 yrs running field operations for a DDC/ EMS co.) I have a degree to go with my experience, and am currently teaching in an AAS Electrical program. We need to all keep in mind that 1. Codes vary by location

2.These folks need practical help in laymans language 3. If you are not sure of what you're saying, don't say it. Someone could get hurt or waste money

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