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05:49AM | 08/11/05
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I am trying to place two new 20 amp GFCI outlets outdoors away from my house. I added a new 20 amp braker (with two switches) to an existing box.I used 12 gage wire. I know I have to recepticals wired correctly. the part that I am not sure of, is conecting the wires to the breaker. The breaker has 2 switches and 2 posts. So do both wires go into one post because it is 2 breakers or does the white go to one post and the hot to the other. (that is how I put them) I got power, but I pluged in a drop light and it sizzled and blew out.


06:02AM | 08/11/05
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What you may have done is to wire the receptacles as 240V devices. If they are GFI receptacles, they may be toast now.

Does the breaker you bought have two connection points for pluggung into the panel? If so it is a 240V breaker. That is not what you need.

If the two receptacles are to be on the same circuit, you would run wire from the panel to the first GFI receptacle, connect those wires to the LINE side of the GFI, continue with wire to the next receptacle. If you connect these wires to the LOAD side of the GFI, then this receptacle does not need to be a GFI.

At the panel, the black wire would connect to the breaker, the white wire would connect to the buss bar where all the other white wires are connected, and the bare ground wire would connect where the othewr bare ground wires are connected.

I hate to say it, but you may best benefit from having an electrician do this for you.


11:53AM | 08/11/05
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Okay, so the breaker I purchased says this on the box: "20 AMP

two single poles, 120/240 VAC"

I think what i did wrong was hook up the white wire to the other breaker lug instead of the neutral bar. I did not see a neutral bar when I hooked it up, but I will take a closer look. I think the outlets are still good, I tested them after the drop light incident and the tester still lit up.

let me know if this sounds right. thank you for your help.

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