04:26PM | 09/21/13
We have had the same problem with new hard wired detectors.Spoke with first alert and they had us reset all the detectors. This did not work. They had us reset them again. No luck. The company rep on the phone said it could be caused by having florecent lights in the house. We keep getting random 3 beeps in a row on different units all through the house. Why would a company make some detectors that can have a problem with different lighting options


05:20PM | 10/08/13
Hello. I have five hard-wired First Alert smoke/CO2 detectors in my house. They are fine through out the summer when the windows are closed. As soon as the weather permits, and I open the windows the beeping returns, but only at night. The first time it happened, I called my fire dept as it freaked me out. They said that they would be happy to come check it out, but it not an unknown problem. They stated that as the temperatures change, the ozone levels in the atmosphere change and can affect the detectors until the atmosphere stabilizes again... I don't know how true that is, but I do know that having dealt with this for four years, the problems stops after a night or two. (I know, it's annoying as heck until then.) I've just dealt with it.
This doesn't help those of you who have removed everything and still have the beeping. I'm sorry, but I can't help you there.


10:37PM | 10/11/13
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I've enjoyed a chirp sound every 45 seconds for the past twelve hours now. I replaced nine batteries today/tonight to no avail. The chirp does not seem to be emanating from the combo detectors but near by, in the ceiling in the hallway upstairs. We did turn the heat on today for the first time. Just can't understand what is making the chirp sound. Scoured the attic for a clue--can't even hear the chirp in the attic storage areas. Reset circuit breakers over and over. Purchased new detector to try that option--no joy. House is one year old. Anyone else with this 45 second interval eve figure it out? I'll be calling a electrician first thing in the morning and will post what he/she determines.


02:49AM | 10/13/13
Having the same issue here in AZ in October which started at 10:45 and is beeping every 45 seconds. Removed two hard wired FIREX smoke detectors that were confirmed beeping, and once one was removed, others started going off. Going to check the wiring in each one, clean all, replace all batteries, and see if the beep continues.


03:16PM | 10/23/13
Hi all,

I had the same exact problem as what you guys had. These are the things I did. We have 5 smoke detectors in our house and two CO detectors.

1. I removed each of the five smoke detectors first from the connections completely and removed the batteries. Then, press the test button in your smoke detector to remove any residue charges in the detector for 15 seconds. You can press the test button a couple of times if you want. Once you drain the detectors, you put the batteries back and then connect each of them with the wires in the wall. This should mostly fix the chirping sounds for the smoke detectors unless they are very old in which case you have to replace them.

2. Even after doing all this, I still had some annoying sounds coming from the wall. For a day, I did not know what the source was...But later I figured out that it was the CO detectors which were close the smoke detectors that was creating the problem. I did the same for the CO detectors also separately and put them back..Now, the sounds are all gone.


12:20AM | 11/02/13
our home built 1977 detecter chirps wheen lite switch on other side of wall is flipped on or off.might be same problem


11:40PM | 11/03/13
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Just a question for all with smoke detector problems, are your houses fairly new maybe 2 to 8 years old


04:09PM | 11/04/13
It's somewhat comforting to know we are not alone with this problem, but in the middle of the night it is small comfort! Having this same issue with our hard wired battery backup units off and on for years. We have no attic in our log house we built 16 years ago so we know where all the alarms are. During the night one starts intermittent chirping (we call it the warning shot) and then soon they're all going off like there's a fire. We now keep a 10' ladder on the loft to reach the one on the cathedral ceiling to save time removing batteries during the night. If one goes off they all need to be removed to stop the alarm--if we're lucky. We replace batteries at an alarming rate (if we were smart we'd buy stock in Eveready and Duracell), we've vacuumed the alarms, replaced units and a few months ago again replaced all 6 units in the house. We thought that fixed it...Last night it did it again. The batteries were last replaced 8/14/13 but we replaced them again. Nothing worked and the system is currently shut off. I've tried to find a pattern but other than during the night, there is nothing noticeable. But something "happens" before the first chirping starts because our 2 dogs go crazy trying to wake us up and when I wake up enough to holler at them the *&$# chirping starts! Every time--they seem to know it is going to happen in advance. Will check manufacturer on our units and continue watching this site for answers.
Help! this is making us all crazy!


04:03AM | 11/05/13
Just went through this. Like others, it turned out to be CO monitor, which wasn't even that close to smoke detector. But high frequency sounds are notoriously difficult for the human brain to localize, and combined with hardwood floors for sounds to bounce off, it was impossible to tell by listening. Please please check your CO monitor if you have relentless beeping, even if you swear it couldn't be....
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