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04:03PM | 02/09/07
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Okay...this is going to sound odd, but does anyone know why this is happening????

I just bought a 30 yr old home...I had two regular ole night lights, one in the bathroom, and one in the baby's room. They both worked fine for about 5 night while rocking the baby, the night light came literally flying out of the wall all by itself. The bulb was burnt out and the night light did not work after that. I took the night light from the bathroom, put the one from the bathroom into the baby's room (which had been working just fine) and about a month later (with a new bulb) I found it on the floor shot out of the wall, bulb burnt out and night light not operational. Anyone know what could cause this to happen?? Since I dont belive in ghosts, there must be a logical explination...thanks



08:19PM | 02/09/07
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Most likely the receptacle is broken.

But I would also look at other things that might because this.

I don't know how old the baby is, or if you have other children.

But could they be getting to the light.

Or even the parents. I don't know where the light is located but I am thinking of things like carrying a close hamper and catching the night light. Or it being hit with the wheel of a stroller.


04:37AM | 02/10/07
Member Since: 02/08/07
3 lifetime posts is 11 months old and never plays in the room. the light is in a place where it NEVER would get hit. and besides i was in there and saw it fly out the first time. it landed about 24" from the outlet! and the outlet works, i plugged in the monitor to it and it works....any thoughts?




07:05AM | 02/10/07
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It may be time to start believing. There is no electrical explanation for something flying two feet without a very noticeable arc blast.( fireball)

Sorry, Jack



07:44AM | 02/10/07
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A receptacle can be broken but will still work if something is pluged into it.

But it will be lose. Sometimes enough to fall out.

Also one part of the duplex receptacle might apear to be OK while the other is broken. Really the whole things needs to be replaced.

But I can see anything that would cause to to "jump out".

Maybe something like the cover plate is all that is holding the receptacle and when you plug into it the rectacle is moving backwards so that the cover plate is acting like a spirng trying to push it out.


12:03AM | 07/16/07
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Here's a thought. Do you have some kind of spring loaded childproof cover on the outlet that might be 'pushing' the nitelite out of the socket?

Get the outlet replaced. Then you can tear the old one apart and look at the contacts inside. Maybe one of them is twisted and only holding on the very tip of the plug spade. With small vibrations from walking on the floor, over time, the light could become dislodged enough to allow it to slip off the end of the plug and 'snap' the light right off the wall. Let us know what you find.

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