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12:13AM | 07/19/07
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I just installed a Hunter "Grand Lodge" ceiling fan. Everything went smooth. It gets power from 2 3-way switches and it has a remote. My issue is I can turn it off with the wall switch, but when I flip the wall switch back on, the fan doesn't come on. I have to grab the remote and set it where I want. So basically if I ever loose the remote, I'm screwed. Secondly, I want to put a dimmer switch in the wall to control it also. There has got to be a work around, or am I gonna have to disconnect the remote part? Or, will that even fix the problem?




05:18AM | 07/19/07
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Ceiling Fans with remotes are designed to be run with the remote, not with a switch.

Some remote systems are builtin and an intergal part of the fan and can't be removed.

Others have a kit that is added to an regular ceiling fan.

If that is then you might be able to remove it and wire it directly.

And you can't use a dimmer on a ceiling fan.

You can use one on the LIGHTING PART. And you can use fan speed control ON THE FAN PART.

But you need to have the separate wiring to do that.

This shows all of the ways that fan/light can be wired.

You want either the Fand and Light switch seperately. Or the Fan alwasy hot (uses the pull chain) and light switched.


01:35PM | 07/19/07
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Bill -

I really like reading your posts! This is the second one in the last 5 minutes that has prompted a question from me.

I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan in my family room - not a cheap model. It came with a remote kit, but I didn't install it (I should say my electrician didn't install it). Instead, he installed a a Lutron Measeto ceiling fan wall switch that I purchased - it's a fancy one with a button for the fan, one for the light, and each of the buttons have small rocker panels for dimming the light or increasing/decreasing fan speed.

The fan makes a slight pulsating sound - not unbearable, but noticiable - even more so from the bedroom above the fan. Do you think it's a compatabiltiy issue with the Lutron switch? I tried two different fans, returning the first to see if I just got a bad motor, but the problem still persists.



03:17PM | 07/19/07
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First the most common thing that I have found is that a "clicking" noise is that from a the electric box or the adaptor bracket that mounts to the box is not tight and has a tiny bit of play.

Now I have heard of the "dimmer" sytle of fan controls sometimes cause the fans to pulse. I have never used that style, rather ones that had 3 descrete speeds.

Now I had not run across the Maestro fan control before and see that it is a remote control system with a "receiver" that goes in the camopy.

So the noise might be coming from that. You could verify it by removing the system and wiring it with an ordinary switch and then using the pull chains to control the speed and see if you still have the noise.


03:47PM | 07/19/07
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It comes in both an IR and non-IR version. Mine is wall control only (no remote). The fan, since it came with a remote, does not have any pull chains.

So, the only way for me to test whether it is a wall switch issue, would be to disconnect the wall switch and install the remote. This is beyond my capabilities without killing myself - I could have my electrician do it, but was wondering if you might have come across this in the past - seems somewhat related to the origninal post - in that you state that ceiling fans that come with remotes are sometimes only made to be operated with that remote. Could that be the case with my fan, even though the remote is a kit that does not need to be installed?


05:17PM | 07/19/07
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A basic fan has a neutral and a not wire for the lights and a hot wire for the fan. And a pull chain for lights on/off. And a pull chain for the fan that gives off and 3 speeds. There is also a reverse slide switch for the fan.

Often there is only a pair of wires (plus ground) available so that the fan and light hot wires are connected together and the wall switch only turns the whole system on or off. To use the unit you need the wall switch on and the use the pull chains for light and/or fan.

However the house is wired with 3 wires then at the sitch box you can have a separate switch (or dimmer) for the lights and a different one to control the fan, leaving the fan pull chain in high. The wall switches some in two types. Either two separate controls a single unit that has indepent controls for fan and lights.

But the fan slide switch is still used if you want to change directions.

But there are add on remote control systems. There are two types. Both use a "receiver" that goes in the canopy (top trim part where the fan mounts to the ceiling). One part of the receiver connects to the 2 power wires. Then otherside of the reciever has seperate wires to independentoy connect to the light and the fan.

In one sytle the controller mounts in the wall can connects to the receiver by the power wires. The other style uses a handheld control.

Either of these work like the special wall control using 3 wire connections. That is you can turn the light on/off/dim and you can turn the fan off/and 3 speeds. You need to use the switch on the fan for reversing.

The only fan that I am familar with that has an intergral remote control system is some Casablanca's. There the "receiver" is built into the motor part and there are NO controls on the fan. The wall switch control both lights/fan/and fan reversial.

The Maestro is a hardwared remote control system. That is the wall "switch" controls the lights and fan speed and connects to the fan with 2 wires. In the fan canapy there is Masetro "receiver" which receives those signals and controls the separate light and fan wires. It still requires use the reverse switch on the fan.

The IR handle is really just controls the wall switch, which in turns controls the fan.

In the installation instructions I did find two things.

One it warns that it won't work with a fan that has a "control system built into the motor". That does describe the Casabalanca system. Not sure it covers yours or not.

The other is that is the fan and light connections to the receiver are reversed then you will have the Lights dimming in large steps and the fan noisey. But also the fan and switch buttons would be reversed.

They list a support number.


But they will probably CYA and just say that it won't work with your fan.


06:48PM | 04/20/13
We has tenants leave the battery in the remote until it went dead. Now with a new battery the remote doesn't work? It is only a 2 year old Hunter Fan? Would ordering a new remote work?


11:44PM | 06/22/14
Ok so we just installed a Hunter remote control fan and just found out when the light is on in the living room we cannot control our satellite tv any suggestions?


06:02PM | 05/08/16
I have a hunter ceiling fane with wall mounted remote. The remote will turn the fan off and on and control the speed bit the remote will not turn off the light or dim the light. I have change batteries and still not luck.


03:52PM | 08/30/16
I have a Hunter Fan remote issue where I can run my fan with the remote, speeds etc.,. But I cannot cut off the light. I can also turn on the light with the wall switch. I have replaced the batteries and nothing changed. What should I try next?


02:00AM | 06/23/17
I just installed a hunter remote control fan. Everything seems to be working fine. I noticed when I flip the wall switch off then back on the light will flash on then off. Any suggestions?


12:26PM | 12/03/17
fan &light goes on & off with remote light & fan will not go on or off with wall switch 4 wires coming from wall red white black ground I have black to black white to white green ground red ? thanks


05:11AM | 03/24/18
cleaning lady was cleaning light bulbs on ceiling fan and she twisted one too hard and it blew out. Now lights will not shut off.


11:02PM | 06/30/20
The Hunter ceiling fan with remote so disappointed my electrician
finally had to call Hunter Technical support only to find out that this brand new ceiling fan was defected. The other thing I discovered is that the only way to operate this fan is with remote control . If you displace the remote your out of luck. Not happy


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