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01:18PM | 01/07/08
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We renovated one room recently and put in completely new insulation in its walls and the attic above. Only electrical difference between before and after renovation is that there is a an additional electrical baseboard heater in this room, plus a ceiling fan with lights on it. This winter has been much milder than last year, but my Dec 2008 electricity consumption was 4500KWh, compared to 2300KWh in Dec2007.

Question: is it possible that during the renovation some wiring was done incorrectly and electricity is being consumed without a switch being turned on? I can't understand how electricity usage could have more than doubled for the same house with better insulation and a milder winter? One extra baseboard heater should not cause consumption to increae by 2200Kwh in a month!! Only thing I can think of is that some circuit is consuming electricity without my throwing a switch on, but that does not make much sense either. I am at my wits end... Any ideas? thanks much.


05:42PM | 01/07/08
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One the electric meter you have a disk. You can watch that disk and get an idea of how much power is being used.

You can turn breakers on and off watch the disk.

Things that might cause high consumption is a defective electric water heater, a defective heat pump, or a well pump with a leak.

If you turn off all of the breakers and the disk is still spinning then check to see if the neighbors tapped into your power for their grow lights.


05:20AM | 01/11/08
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Your electric meter could have been misread. Check your bill with the actual current reading on the meter. If it was misread then you will have a credit next month.

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