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09:07AM | 03/31/08
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I'm installing under cabinet low voltage "puck" type lights in my kitchen.

My question is on the transformer and related installation. I realize the total output wattage of the transformer should be greater than the total accumulated wattage of the lights. But as far as installation is concerned, what is the proper way to install the transformer? I live in a NYC suburb, where b/x (armored cable) is code. I'll run the b/x from a J-box to the transformer, and then low voltage wire from the transformer to the 1st light, and then daisy chain the wire from light to light.

Does the transformer need to be mounted in a box? Or on a sheet metal backer? I presume I need to keep the transformer accessible for possible replacement later on, but my concern is I just don't want the transformer sitting on top of insulation somewhere in a corner of the attic as this may pose a hazard.

Anyone have any ideas or guidance with this?



Tom O

03:17PM | 03/31/08
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I really don't do much residential but you should check the installation instructions for the transformer. There may be a restriction about putting them in the attic to begin with because of the high temperatures encountered there.

You could try installing it in the cabinet under the sink, or in a basement or crawlspace.

Generally, any wire that is concealed cannot be a low voltage wire. Since aromored cable is the wiring method of choice in your area, that is what it will need to be, Once the wire is no longer concealed, then low voltage wire would be appropriate. However, if the transformer is listed as a Class 2 Power Supply (it will be marked on the transformer), then Class 2 low voltage cable would be allowed in a concealed location.



04:07PM | 03/31/08
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Thanks for your assistance. Good idea.

I can mount the transformer in a linen closet in a hallway off the kitchen. The closet is about 25' from where the lights will be, but it's only wire. I don't think the distance will interfere the operation/brightness of the lights.

I can run the low voltage wire in b/x shielding from the transformer to a J-Box under the sink, and then run the low voltage wire from the J-box to the "puck" lights.

I’ll make sure to pick up a class 2 transformer.


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