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05:45PM | 12/29/02
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My roofer is suggesting an aluminum roof for my beach-area building. My architect isn't so sure. Is there anyone out there with an opinion or experience regarding this?


09:54PM | 01/06/03
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aluminum roofs look fantastic and are quite reliable the only real drawback is cost and the noise when it rains, hail in florida im sure is not too much of a problem so denting isnt too heavy of a concern. lucky you, id have one if i wasnt in michigan

Brian Wood

05:26AM | 01/09/03
Dear Glenmar
Metal (steel) roof panels are much stronger and more durable than Aluminium.
Either way you go, both are subject to salt water corrosion. And both are subject to expansion/contraction shifting and leaks.
My strong recommendation, is that you find a local contractor (at website provided) and have your new roof sealed and protected with a waterproof membrane, and reflective ceramic coatings.
I highly recommend two companies; and
I have used "Astec" products with nothing short of phenominal results. Please see one of my jobs at and click on "about us". This is my own website, and is still under construction, so please forgive the lack of content, I'm working on it.
Best of luck with whatever you choose.

Regards, Brian (tankless) Wood.


07:28AM | 01/22/03
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Both steel panels and aluminum panels are excellent products. As with most things, proper installation is the key. If your roofer recommended aluminum, let him show you other such installations that he has done, and explain the system he wants to use. Each manufacturer of aluminum and steel panels has a specific installation procedure that must be followed. Some of the manufacturers only sell to certified dealers, so you can check into this. As well, most of the manufacturers have web sites which allow you to independently check what your roofer is proposing. If you have done your homework, and you are hearing your roofer propose something different from what you have learned, then that's a major red flag. I tell my prospective clients to check my references before I sign a contract with them, and that includes showing installations similar to the ones my prospective clients want to do.

Paul Grizenko
Permanent Roofing Systems


11:50AM | 01/25/03
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We had an aluminium roof installed last summer. We didn't notice any more noise than usual when it rained.
If you live in a Northern area, the snow slides right off.
It is quite expensive but it is garunteed for life. If we weren't planning to stay in this house for a long time, it would not have been worth it.


04:13AM | 02/05/03
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Noise on a metal roof depends on several factors. Some noise comes from expansion and contraction, especially if the panels are tightly joined together, and the nails holding them down were over-driven. This happens with siding as well. Noise coming from rain generally is due 80% to resonance of the metal surface: if the surface is relatively large and supported only by the edges, then the kinetic energy of the raindrop will be dissipated by causing the vibration of the metal, giving you the "BINGGGGGGGgggg". On panels that are relatively narrow, or have no airspace below the metal, the noise tends to be more of "ptt", short and muted.
The issue of value is of course relative. Most people who buy the premium roofing materials are doing it because they want the look or the durability, not because they plan to live for the next 50 years!

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