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07:10PM | 02/10/10
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Hi. I'm in a quandary. For the past few months I hear, at intervals, a loud buzzing or vibrating from the outside wall. The noise lasts only a few seconds, but it is loud. Today it is happening repeatedly.

We are in the throws of a serious snow storm this week, which makes me even more nervous about this situation because if it's electrical, this would be the worst time to risk a fire.

Thanks for your help.


02:59AM | 01/23/14
Thats weird, this happens to me, its like a pulsing vibration outside that makes the walls vibrate a little but is loud. It lasts usually about 20 minutes in total but the pulses last a few seconds.
I dont know what it can be (I live in south florida btw so I cant give you an opinion on the snow thing)


10:44AM | 01/26/15
We are having the same issue! It started last night at 1am. we have an old home with many ungrounded outlets. I admit one outlet is overused and it is on that wall, right next to our bed that this vibration continues to occur. It kept us up all night. At shakes the windows and wall and sounds very mechanical. It lasts for maybe one second or two and seems to happen in a cluster and will go on for 10 or 15 minutes. Then it seems to quiet down but it comes back, soft at first then back to the heavy vibration.

There are no water pipes in this wall that I know of. It is by a street and hospital but is not being caused by cars or trucks driving by, I am sure of that. I have no appliances in the attic above or the living room below. It is not a living creature, definitely a mechanical type of pattern.

When I first heard the noise I searched through the house and while looking my furnace clicked on and my fridge clicked on. I mention that because the noise was happening while both of those appliances were off, and neither of them are creating the vibrations.

It is very cold and we just had a blast of snow and more to come. I have a wife and one-year old and am worried about a fire. We are having a new electrical panel put in within the next week or two, weather-depending, along with new grounding but this vibration just started happening and we already have the work scheduled.

I can only believe it is electrical at this point because there are only wires in the wall where the vibrations are occurring. Someone suggested turning off the power at the main switch and seeing if the noise stops. We will do that tonight to confirm if it is electrical. I read somewhere it can be an electrical arc within the walls, so I am praying our house does not burn down. I have unplugged EVERYTHING from the outlet on the wall which has vibrations, but that did not stop the problem.

Anyone who has a solid solution to this or knows what we should do, please help. THANK YOU FOR HELPING!

If we do get it resolved, I will post our resolution for those of you having the a similar problem.


07:56AM | 05/12/17
Did you ever find out what was wrong?? I am having the same problem. I think. Its a loud buzzing sound that has been coming from my wall. It only lasts a few seconds but this is the second day that is has woken me up from my sleep! At first I thought it was my tv or maybe the power strip that I have my tv plugged into. I honestly have no clue. I tried googling it (which brought me here :P) and yours in the only one that sounds similar to my problem.


09:02PM | 06/15/17
Somewhere in my walls or ceiling, there is a loud buzzing sound that lasts only one or two seconds. I thought it was a loud, raspy doorbell, but my doorbell sounds very pleasant. It happens rarely--twice last year, once yesterday, and once just now.

I am very familiar with electrical sounds. This is too loud and too rare to be a transformer hum. Possibly relevant: It has been raining heavily here in Florida. I wonder if it is some sort of mositure warning buzzer installed in the 1980s.


11:39PM | 10/24/17
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Has anyone figured out what is causing a loud, intermittent buzzing noise that lasts for a couple seconds coming from the wall?

I've lived in my condo in south Florida for about three years and just rencently started hearing this relentless noise at all hours of the day and night.

PLEASE reply if you have solved this mystery.

Thank you!


07:21PM | 01/05/18
I am having the same sound. I First noticed it last winter but only once or twice. Attributed to the wind and didn’t think about it. This winter I first heard it one morning and it seemed to be coming from a corner. This is an outside wall over a crawl space . This area used to be an outside wall. However the corner where the sound is coming from is not an ouside corner. We are having a frigid could spell (very windy) . The noise is now very frequent and loud. A buzzing , almost like a drilling sound. On an off then nothing for awhile. Then it starts again.
Again it is an outside wall with a hot water baseboard water running the length of the wall. There is one outlet in the center of that wall.. this sound has only been heard in the winter when the heat would be on. Today as I said the noise is pretty frequent and the heat has been on constantly. Help,


12:20AM | 01/07/18
Yeah it’s a loud buzzing and grinding sound inside of an outside wall and comes and goes every 5 mins or so I’m having the same exact issue smh it’s very annoying I will figure this issue out ASAP and let u know


09:00PM | 02/10/18
Anybody figure out thier noises?
We have this happening on an outside corner lower level wall.


01:33AM | 02/23/18
I just hearing the same sound. I've heard it before as it might be a boring carpenter bee.


02:43PM | 10/20/18
I'm having the same issue and I've been told to have an electrician check the circuit box for loose connections and to check outlets ibn the room for bad or lose connections. Let me know if anyone else has tried this and I'll let you know if it helps here.


08:38AM | 01/31/19
Has anyone figured this out?? I too hear the intermittent buzzing sound from lower level wall. Its also a polar vortex right now with lots of freezing temps and snow.


08:39AM | 01/31/19
Where is Bob Villa when you need him?


04:26PM | 01/31/19
Same here--it started in the basement yesterday, and has made its way to main floor. Way below freezing here...this is happening on an east outside facing wall


11:28AM | 02/25/19
This is also happening to us. We live in Michigan, and it is extremely cold and very windy. The sound definitely tends to happen during windy winter nights, and it's extremely obnoxious. Sound is similar to a dull drilling sound for 2-3 seconds at a time, and then stops. Seems sporadic. We live a couple miles from a highway, and I originally attributed it to highway rumble strips that semi trucks hit when it is windy, but the sound can not be heard from the outside...only from the inside.

The sound is coming from the inside wall of our bedroom, which is a west-facing wall facing the front yard. Any recommendations??


04:35PM | 03/02/19
Also got this noise. It’s very windy and wet outside.


04:59AM | 03/05/19
Has anyone figured this out? It’s about 12 degrees F here. This is the first time ever hearing this noise and I’ve lived in this house for a long time. Small drilling noise on outer corner wall/ceiling. There’s no electrical, heating, or piping right there. I’m on opposite end of house from furnace and hot water heater and electrical panel. I’m so curious as to what’s causing it. Seems like most of us have frigid cold weather and snow in common. This site is the only one I’ve found that has others hearing the same thing.


09:43PM | 03/07/19
Seems as if no one has an answer
I live in a boat in FL and a week ago the intermittent buzzing started. It's somewhere in the hull between the hull and the walls. We've turned off all the power and the sound still continues. Nothing electrical to account for it. I'm trying to find out if certain insects do this so we might figure out how to get rid of it. It's keeping me up at night.


05:21PM | 03/14/19
This has happened in our home 3 times in the past month. Every time it is windy outside. The buzzing/drilling sound happens 2-4 times only a couple seconds each time then stops. Sounds like it is coming from upper wall/ceiling. Indianapolis, IN someone figure this out! I’ll check back.


10:19PM | 03/14/19
Could be the gutters or downspout on the outside of the house vibrating in the wind. It sounds like a drill going off and on inside or in the walls/ceiling.


06:50PM | 03/20/19
We had a buzzing sound in the winter that turned out to be the electric meter. Every winter when it would be 20deg or below the meter would hum. It would get louder as more power was being used. The power company installed a smart meter last year and the sound is gone. Another source could be a sump pump. Ours runs quite a bit and can be loud when the house is quiet.


12:38PM | 03/22/19
Check outside to see if your gas meter is making the noise. I had the exact same noise happening in my house and I went outside and it was my gas meter making the noise. It needed a new regulator.


06:49AM | 05/02/19
Me and my siblings herd a buzzing sound while during a bad storm with a loud bang on the windows, power also went out, idk what it was but it scared
us do u know what this would have been????!?


09:04PM | 05/02/19
Hello!! I am not sure if I am experiencing the same noise as you, but I found a solution to a certain noise problem I have been facing. Inside my room, there was a constant low pitched buzzing noise that would go off and on for hours. This noise seemed to be coming from my ceiling or wall. I discovered that this noise was my vent rattling! My vent had been halfway closed, so the air pushing through it was making it rattle. Now I have it all the way open and the noise is gone!

I hope this helps even a little.


11:25PM | 05/02/19
I just started hearing that kind of noise under my mobile home tonight in a couple of spots. Went out and couldn't see anything outside the house and can't really see behind the faux brick skirting. We just had a rain storm here in florida. This noise is freaking me out. I'm a worrier and my mind always goes wild. What the heck could it be?..… Lisa


03:05PM | 05/26/19
I'm getting the sound as well. Located in TN, warm weather, not storming or anything, so I don't think the weather has anything to do with it.

I'm fairly certain it is electrical noise to some degree.... It sounds like it's coming from the top corner of my wall in my bedroom. If I go outside this same spot is where the power lines are connected to my house.

I've googled all over the net and don't think this is "corona discharge". The noise is not constant like a "humming" power line, it is random and it comes and goes with no pattern whatsoever. Going to call my local electric company this week and see if they can help!


01:38PM | 06/14/19
It's called an UVO, unidentified Vibrating Object. There is a secret government investigation and cover up that has been going on for over 40 years. If you ask them about it they will deny any knowledge of the buzzing sound and any investigation. My secret government contact has been telling me about this for years. Apparantly aliens are using our structures to observe us and send and receive signals. Any sound that is made, such as a voice, makes an object vibrate, so by "listening" to a structure they can hear every word you say and even produce an image from the data. The buzzing sound you hear is the transmission of the data being sent and received.


02:36PM | 06/14/19
I had my house sided 11 years ago. Now the white paint on the trim on the peaks of the roof is sliding off, a piece at a time. The contractor said it is PVC and that what i does after time. is this true?


02:54PM | 06/16/19
I'm been having the same buzzing noise that also seems to be coming from the upper area of my bedroom wall which shares a side with my 3rd floor apartment balcony. I thought it could be wasps nesting inside the wall but i dont see any coming in or out from the outside balcony.
Idk if the person above is trolling but UVO sounds pretty scary!


04:16AM | 07/20/19
I just moved into my 1st's a older home...and my wall is buzzing you can feel the vibration... I think it's coming from the meter box go outside and touch the side of the house and nothing else is vibrating but the meter box and my wall up stairs on the second floor


02:36AM | 07/21/19
now i have a similar problem. think it is related to the water line. only happens when no water is being used. no leaks in the system. asked 3 plumbers, checked on line, spoke to all the neighbours and the village water folks. NO ONE has any idea! Frustrating for sure!


01:47AM | 07/23/19
What the heck is going on with this weird drill-in-the-wall noise?? It happened to us today two. Twice, early in the morning, on an outside brick wall of the home in the corner - it was so quick it was difficult to say exactly where it was coming from. Some sort of trapped bionic insect sound...strong buzz but only for a second. Weather is hot, no meters there, no windy day. It's a (disturbing) mystery. Hope everyone solves their UVO ;)


09:48PM | 08/25/19
Same freaking noise ! So annoying ? Should I call electrician? Just googled and I guess a lot of people have similar problem


06:29AM | 10/01/19
Damn I've scrolled thru all the comments and nothing yet?? Facing the same issue that started yesterday around 330am. I'm in California where it's getting chiller but definitely not even close to the ones mentioned above. Please don't say I'm the next UVO target!!!


12:10AM | 10/03/19
Ok for the last few months ive tried to rule it out. Ive turned off the hvac and the water heater and unplugged everything. Literally. Ive checked all the meters. Its an outside wall front yard quiet residential street no plumbing or outlets on that side / wall of the house. 1960s one story cinderblock home, it started rattling the bedside table of the opposite INTERIOR wall down the middle of the house, which happens to be near an obvious "ridge" in the floor down the middle of the house (floor beam). Recently i saw a groundhog go under my house so im wondering if im living over the makings of a sinkhole. Im in michigan, we had a major sewer failure cause a sinkhole a few miles away recently. Stresssss.... Somebody please figure it out. Ready to buy a seismograph - or move.


12:19AM | 10/04/19
I'm in california and I have the same noises It drives me crazy . But it seems to move around my mobile home . Especially when I spray bug killer . Been going on 3-4 months now some days worse than others .


02:34AM | 10/23/19
We noticed a vibrating noise every 2 minutes, and it lasted 2 seconds each time. We heard it all over the house. We started unplugging everything trying to figure out the noise. Turns out it was our neighbors hot tub making the noise. Funny thing is, we have a nice patch of woods and about half a mile to three-fourths of a mile distance between us. It literally took us a few hours of tracking the noise, to figure it out. We worried about electrical problems, fire, etc... turns out, we worried for nothing


03:34AM | 11/01/19
I'm having the same obnoxious loud buzzing, vibrating, drilling noise. It's 3:30 am and its been going on for hours! Random pattern only lasting a couple seconds. I live in a corner townhouse, the noise is coming from the 2nd floor bathroom outside wall. It is not cold but a very windy night. It sounds like something is loose outside like a shingle or gutter that's maybe blowing in the wind but I can only hear the noise from the inside. I'm so confused! Someone help if you can!


01:46AM | 11/09/19
Had the same problem, turns out it was the sump pump


11:10AM | 11/10/19
I just had a similar circumstance in my house that, after a thorough investigation, turned out to be the crawl space dehumidifier. It suddenly started making a buzzing/rattling sound lasting one second every 1 to 5 minutes. It seemed to correspond with the temperature dropping, which made me incorrectly attribute the noise to the furnace. I learned after some research that dehumidifiers shouldn’t be run in the winter. The noise may have been a symptom of coils freezing. This one is also past its typical lifespan.


10:12AM | 11/29/19
Finally found cause for me, hope this helps others. For starters, I’m in NM, so no gutters, but downspouts. It snowed on Thanksgiving, but I’m better in cold so I hadn’t turned the heat on yet (still decent 63* inside)...but after turning on the heat and running the bathtub for a few mins...nothing helped. I put my ear to my wall and the sound was the same strength no matter where I listened (on that wall). Yet outside I couldn’t hear banging.

The culprit? My downspout was steadily dripping on some lawns chairs, which were leaning against that wall. Move the chairs out from under the water, went back in...and then noise was gone. Too bad it took 1.5 hrs to solve and now my sleep is ruined for today. Hope it helps.

Tldr; snow melt was running off roof, onto an object up against the outside wall, causing minute but constant vibrations...relocated said objects and the noise stopped.


10:12AM | 11/29/19
Finally found cause for me, hope this helps others. For starters, I’m in NM, so no gutters, but downspouts. It snowed on Thanksgiving, but I’m better in cold so I hadn’t turned the heat on yet (still decent 63* inside)...but after turning on the heat and running the bathtub for a few mins...nothing helped. I put my ear to my wall and the sound was the same strength no matter where I listened (on that wall). Yet outside I couldn’t hear banging.

The culprit? My downspout was steadily dripping on some lawns chairs, which were leaning against that wall. Move the chairs out from under the water, went back in...and then noise was gone. Too bad it took 1.5 hrs to solve and now my sleep is ruined for today. Hope it helps.

Tldr; snow melt was running off roof, onto an object up against the outside wall, causing minute but constant vibrations...relocated said objects and the noise stopped.


10:24AM | 11/29/19
I found the solution for my issue,so sharing for others.

Context: NM w/Thanksgiving snow, but honestly not cold enough yet that I needed the heat on yet (tho I turned it on in fear it was my pipes about to burst, as well as running various water lines for awhile to no avail). I put my ear to the wall and checked various spots...the noise was about the same no matter where (on that wall, didn't exist on adjacent walls, my first clue) I checked; yet outside I couldn't hear it (near major roads so some traffic noise made that difficult). Turns out, it was snow melt running off my flat roof (no gutters, so downspouts drop the water ~20' below) directly onto a pair of lawn chairs, which were leaning against that outer wall. That constant flow of water/vibration effected only that wall (and my bed/sleep). Moving the chairs out from under the flow of water fixed my issue.

TLDR: check if anything is under a flow of water (or wind) and vibrating against the house; if so, move them and see if the issue resolves itself.


04:29AM | 11/30/19
I can solve all problems. It's called water hammer....your pipes or pipe is vibrating....turn your main water line off coming into your house and drain all faucets,toilets and showers. Then turn water back and a few minutes and Wala....Tucson Tyler


02:43AM | 01/12/20
Yeah I have just experienced this.. I’m not sure if it’s like anyone else’s problems but it sounds like a drilling sound in my wall and it’s loud and rarely happens but it’s scary. Ugh someone figure this out


12:51PM | 01/14/20
Its Termites


06:23AM | 01/17/20
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I have this loud humming/vibration coming what I thought was the back wall of my bedroom, it will make this noise sometimes for hours. I live in Michigan and only hear the noise when it is cold out. My son thought it might be from the heat tape on my outside faucet but when we unplug it there is still the noise. He was trying to locate the area where the noise is coming from and it is in the ceiling. You an put your hand on the ceiling and feel the vibration in the drywall. I turned off the breaker to the back bedroom and the humming stopped so it is definitely electrical. Checked the wiring for the ceiling exhaust fan in the bathroom as you can feel the vibration in the bathroom adjoined to the bedroom also. Did I mention this noise only happens during the winter and has been going on for years. Very annoying.


09:54PM | 01/30/20
Anyone find a solution yet? It’s driving me INSANE


02:24PM | 02/04/20
sounds like a drilling sound in my wall and it’s loud and water pumps sound similar. But I don't know how to generate this type of something happens wrong... please any one found solution for this problem.


09:01AM | 02/07/20
We have this same noise, but it is constant. It just started last night. We are new home owners, and never experienced anything like this before. When I press on the wall where the buzzing is coming from, it stops. When I let go, it comes back. It is super loud and obnoxious. And no stopping! Any ideas at all? I can't hear it from anywhere else in my house, and no other walls or rooms are affected.


04:47PM | 02/10/20
I’m trying to solve the mystery at our house as well. A loud drilling sound in an outside wall. No sound outside bc I’ve checked. I cannot hear the drilling in any other room bedsides my bedroom. I have recorded the noise and we will make some calls.


10:29AM | 02/15/20
Seen these posts and thought I’d share what the issue was at my home. I have a tv arial bolted to the wall. The wind bends it so when the wind drops it twangs. A bit like twanging a giant ruler against your wall.


11:27PM | 02/20/20
Let me rescue everyone. It’s most likely your door bell transformer causing the vibrating/elictrical buzzing sound. If the sound is coming from anywhere near it that’s your problem. Kill the power, pop the cover off and disconnect it for replacement. Sound should stop.


07:47PM | 02/25/20
I was hearing a noise sounding like a jackhammer or weedwhacker while inside my house, but it seemed like it was coming from outside. I could only hear it on the second floor corner room. It turned out to be a piece siding corner cover/trim/cap (not exactly sure what it's called) that was a little loose and when the wind blew a certain way, it made that disconcerting noise. After pounding it back in, there are no more air pockets, and the problem is solved.


08:42PM | 02/25/20
The sound stoped hear my doorbell button was jamed up..and I unfreed it. Buzzing stoped


06:25AM | 03/10/20
Ok so I have seen people figuring out what there noise is whether it be a pipe issue or a vent, but the noise I hear is definitely not caused by that. Tonight is the first night i have heard it, I’m in the living room and I hear what sounds like a phone vibrating on a hard surface. I walked to the bedroom and asked my wife if she heard it and she assumed it was my phone, and then it happened again this time louder, and again, so I timed it and the vibration lasted five seconds followed by 55 seconds of silence and then vibration again. I went into the laundry room and the sound grew louder, I soon realized it was coming from out side. I opened the back door and the sound was loud enough that I know the neighbors could hear it but as I got closer to what I thought was the source it stopped about 10 feet away from my back door. I have no idea what it was and the sound was a distinct vibration not a drill not a rattling, but a vibration, if anybody can help me with that please let me know.


09:27AM | 03/10/20
I believe I have figured it out! Turns out my problem Was a power line attached to my wall, it had a branch on top of it, causing it to be tight and pull on the lag bolt in the wall. Any time the wind blew it would sway the branches causing the noise off and on for short periods. This was popping/humming/drilling sound that drove me nuts for about a year. Finally figured out the cause, trimmed the limbs and it stopped! Hope it helps and be safe or call a pro when cutting limbs!

Leo Alfie

09:55AM | 03/10/20
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Thats weird...
Has anyone figured this out?

Leo Alfie

09:55AM | 03/10/20
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Thats weird...
Has anyone figured this out?


05:12PM | 04/01/20
So I am deathly afraid of flying bugs, that being said I had 2 wasps come in through my fireplace yesterday and so I duct tapped that bitch closed so no more can get into my house. Since this has happened I have heard a loud buzzing, life a cell phone on a hard surface, every so many minutes. Sometimes it is super loud, sometimes a low buzz or hum. I just can't believe that wasps could make that loud of a noise, its like it is amplified. I unplugged the TV and echo dot and the vibration still happened. So is this electrical or super killer wasps


10:40AM | 04/02/20
Update on my post from yesterday. I think the wasp nest in my fireplace is just a coincidence. I have been watching the trees for wind to see if the sound and the breeze coincide with one another and so far they do. From reading some other posts I hoping that it is a cable wire loose but won't know until I get rid of the nest. Hope this is helpful


02:18PM | 04/02/20
Dear everyone bare with me please. I have had more than just vibrations. I thought i was going g.d. insane for a bit because i was hearing things all through my house... Sometimes words sometimes vibrations and tones... Then id start to hear mario bros noises and ninja turtle noises from my pipes thats how i knew i must be crazy. Then it stopped for a time and came back. Something else was usually when a car drove by but sometimes when one didnt id hear a boom... Then sounded like people walking around middle of the night...

Anyways after piecing it all together one day when i kept hearing coalescing scales and their interference with each other and at some point on day 2 i matched the intense build up as the frequency got really high, to storm water draining into our pit and then out the sump pump.


02:19PM | 04/02/20
Now here is my speculation, about 2 years ago mit tested a proof of concept that used rf to scan the surface of waves for ultrasound vibrations. The spectrum of rf they used? I forget the exact but i believe it was 10ghz which while i believe that one is reserved it falls in the range of 5g of which are going up everywhere.. N we are made mostly of water so this isnt a far stretch. The guy who said aliens is probably the most accurate lol... Especially all thats going on too

Please let me know if this makes sense to everyone and if it helps


04:53PM | 04/02/20
Bees. I had a hive inside the vent on the roof. The vent was not covered. Once we sprayed bee killer and snaked the vent and covered it, we have been hearing the noise. Now we need to go back up and assess the bees and hive. Good Luck!


04:32AM | 04/04/20
I googled and wound up here. Awakened by 1-2 second buzz from an electrical outlet that nothing was plugged into. It happened 3 times within a minute. Could be a loose wire?


08:10AM | 04/05/20
I woke up to a loud vibration, two beats to be exact. It sounded like a cell phone vibrating on the table next to my head. Every 5 minutes, it would go off again. It was terrifying! I shit off the breaker box, and it was still happening. I isolated it to a corner of my living room. After going absolutely insane for two hours hearing it vibrate my walls, I found that it was a Bluetooth speaker that I had left on. It must have been dying and warning me to charge it. It was sitting on a metal table in my living room causing the whole house to shake. Scared the crap out of me but I can sleep again so be sure to check external devices.


08:37AM | 04/05/20
Drilling noise, lasts only 2 seconds or so but repeats. Happened to us twice now, and both times it was a damn woodpecker.


07:09AM | 04/07/20
Good morning everyone
In surprised no one has figured it out yet..
I have this same noise in the mornings on my second floor corner bedroom
It sounds like a small jackhammer in the wall
Gues what, one day I decided to look out the window and saw it's a woodpecker .
Check out woodpecker morning wake up on YouTube


09:21AM | 04/19/20
Same here. It was a bird


06:54AM | 04/22/20
Every 5-10 minutes there is a loud buzzer noise and I cant go to be and am I'm dressed and dont know what to do


10:44AM | 04/23/20
I’ve been experiencing this for a couple weeks, I feel like a freakin lunatic! I’m feeling the wall, shut electric down, still humming noise, begins around 12:15 AM intermittently for 12 min. WRH is it? My gut is telling me it some how coincides with this 5G bullshit. Can’t believe in this day and age, no one has a clue.


01:49AM | 04/30/20
We have the same thing. Thinking it’s the venting from our stove hood that goes outside at the back wall/ceiling. Will be calling the electrician!


10:26AM | 05/03/20
I am second floor of a three story apartment building. I thought I was losing my mind this morning. I sat here and listened, and finally worked out that it's the upstairs neighbors air conditioning. We live in southern Arizona, where it's already hit over 100 degrees. I think something is weird with their AC. Now, Do I wait for them to report it, or report it for them?


07:47AM | 05/06/20
Omg it was a woodpecker, youtube search woodpecker sound guys


05:16PM | 05/08/20
I have this similar sound and it only happens when it is windy. I believe it is pulling the line attached to the house and is causing a rubbing sound.


01:20AM | 05/09/20
I have recorded the sound now. It comes from the ceiling. Low humming sound lasts 3-5 seconds and repeats in 20-30 sec intervals may be 4-5 times. Stops and starts again. Could it be the roof rotating ventilation?


01:20AM | 05/09/20
Sorry. Forgot to mention It happens only in winters and when it gets really cold.


04:33AM | 05/15/20
i know this is an old forum but i nearly peed my pants just now. i was minding my own business at about 1am and all of a sudden, the mirror that leans against one of my walls started vibrating. i immediately texted my mom “mommy my mirror started shaking i’m so scared”. that was a low for sure. but anyway, the shaking lasted for like 5-10 seconds and i’ve heard nothing since. very scary. it was quiet outside i think and the weather wasn’t weird.


12:25PM | 05/15/20
I've a loud noise like a car running coming from side of house not the boiler


06:59AM | 05/17/20
This noise started for me about a month ago. It was colder but not excessively cold. (between 40-50 degrees) The noise consistently comes from the outside wall and sounds like a hammer drill drilling into concrete. It vibrates/pulses for roughly 2-3 seconds at a time, and only happens once a week or so, randomly, making it incredibly difficult to isolate. This week it was Sunday bat 6am. I know for fact there are no water lines there, it’s not the sump pump, furnace, or refrigerator, and I know what water hammer sounds like. It isn’t that. The noise is definitely mechanical / manmade so thankfully it’s not bees. A woodpecker would need to be 3 feet tall to generate the volume and force that this noise does while shaking the wall. Reading some of the posts it does sound like it could be either the gas or electric meter because both are located outside on the wall in question. I will follow up with my findings.


03:09PM | 05/18/20
Something to do with the gutter or trim on my roof. this has been confirmed. i felt it vibrating. 2-story though so haven't been able to get up and see if something is loose.


06:24PM | 05/21/20
So, I'm in the UK and just as I was hoping to head to the land of nod there's this strange drilling type sound for about 2-3 seconds coming from the upper wall/ceiling of my bedroom. This was about half an hr ago and not heard it again but very unusual noise I've never heard before and I've lived here for 9 years. It's not the boiler, there are no water pipes, there is electrical wiring, (praying it's not that, as the fear of a fire will keep me awake all night now) It's been a nice day here, no bad weather and not too hot. I kept waking up last night and there was a strange noise that I couldn't quite place but as it woke me I'm unsure if it was the same noise. Strange thing is I've been woken with strange dreams that have involved similar noises the past three nights so wondering if this isn't the first time. We have mason bees in the walls over the summer, always have but never heard this from them. Will ask my other half to look in the attic tomorrow to see if there is anything obvious. Until then, I shall stay up half the night until I've convinced myself I won't hear it again..... fingers crossed I don't! 10 years on from the original post and this is still a mainly unsolved issue!


01:35PM | 05/26/20
I had the same problem. Later, I found out that the noise was a woodpecker drilling a hole in my roof. Maybe you have the same issue? Hope this helped!


03:03AM | 05/27/20
Ah Ha ! I Googled “intermittent buzzing sound like a dentist drill” to get here ! To add to the description, a bit like Morse code, typically one or two sets of 3 short buzzes, then a random gap of about c. 2 to 5 mins.

Read this thread about a month a ago when the noise started, and lots of “diversionary” similar issues, from electrical, to water dropping to rattling chimneys ! BUT loses of unsolved comments - same as mine !!!

Felt like the noise was right above my head in bed ! I had got used to it so sleeping oK ! Last night it was more active and more frequent so allowed me to identify exactly where the sound was coming from - right in the corner of the room about 10 metres away !!! Put my ear to the wall - and then heard it !!! The hum of bees ! The exact location about a week ago where they were buzzing - outside the house. I thought they had moved on, but something must have disturbed them !!!

That would explain why it happens all over the world in random seasons !!

I know a bee-keeper, so will confirm over the next week or so !

Cheers, Finchie (Hampshire, UK)


08:45AM | 06/04/20
Bats, moles, idk but somethings vibrating & clicking in my cabinet overnight and chewing open thin spagetti. But every time i opdn to investigate it , it disappears


09:39AM | 06/13/20
Definitely Northern Flicker woodpecker drumming on metal roof vent amplifying sound inside house.


09:18AM | 06/14/20
I’m wondering if mine is a wood boring beatle


02:15PM | 06/21/20
My noise sounds like a fly stuck between the window and screen trying to get out, but I can't ever see anything. Noise isn't loud, but totally hearable and irritating. Only comes once in awhile. Can't hear it outside, maybe because it's softer than general outside background noise? Or maybe if it's a big coming and going, it won't come with me standing there? Keeping watch thru windows, buzz comes and goes, haven't spotted anything yet. Suspecting wasps (in AZ and hot) but seems too high pitched for wasps.


01:02AM | 06/22/20
I have a crawl space over my front power no nothing. .just dead space really......all the sudden it sounded like someone had a drimel tool in the wall and it freaked everyone out ....I thought someone was in there ....just happened....still have no clue.....almost wondering if it's a massive hornet's nest...have tons of them around here but never found a nest fog was even electricity there or water....nothing .. I would have thought it was one of those oscillating saws for door jambs......seems some of the others heard something similar.....first time I have ever heard it here


08:41PM | 06/25/20
My mobile home does the same thing mostly at night a pulsating vibration. Hard to get sleep. 5 g towers I don't know .


08:51PM | 06/25/20
Thank you all its been driving me nuts . I think it those 5g towers .


12:05PM | 06/28/20
Homeland security and 5g towers.


05:23AM | 07/02/20
It’s 4:00 Am I live in Texas so it’s typically hot and just now I’ve been hearing the buzzing sound also. At first I thought it was my phone constantly getting notifications but then I realized I’m not that important and checked to see and my phone was off. The buzz only goes on for about half a second and sounds exactly like a phone buzz but it’s not at first I was hearing it above my head through the wall but now it’s on my right side of the wall and it’s pissing me off I can’t sleep can somebody tell me what this is??


08:42AM | 07/03/20
July 2nd 2020, in Southeast MI and hot as hell. Around 11pm I started hearing this humming sound near outside wall of second story bedroom. It literally lasts 1 second but repeats every 8 seconds and this continued throughout the night!!
Can hear it directly under my bed in the kitchen dining room.
July 3rd 8am, STILL going at the same interval?? What in the hell can this be??


10:31PM | 07/06/20
I just spent the last hour trying to figure it out and mine was an oscillating fan upstairs. Couldn’t hear the noise upstairs but I guess it was causing a vibration that could be heard downstairs in the room below.


02:16AM | 07/14/20


07:23AM | 07/17/20
I have read these posts with a relieved smile because I have also experienced and recorded this weird rubbing/drilling noise for a few months now. I also get loud thumping and tapping noises coming into my flat, in all rooms, which have no identifiable source. This is definitely NOT Bees or Woodpeckers or any other animal. I have also removed the fuse to my mains electricity supply to rule that out loose wiring too.
I live in the UK, so it is interesting that it's also happening across the pond in the States. I just hope this 'phenomena' gets more publicity than these posts because maybe then some answers will arrive.
Unfortunately the only solution I have found is bass heavy music or earplugs. But they do work :)


09:01PM | 07/28/20
For months I've experienced a short, 1-2 second intermittent buzzing and vibrating on one side of my house. Because it wasn't constant, it took FOREVER to diagnose. But ultimately I got it: the coax cable running from the pole to my house passes through some branches, and for whatever reason that was causing this sensation. I hope this helps someone on this thread. I had thought it was something in the water pipes, that it might be the phone line coming to the house (I called to have that removed since I only have a cell phone, but that didn't resolve the issue), it might be the AC unit or the radon fan. But it was the coax cable. So glad I got it resolved.


02:26AM | 08/06/20
We just awoke to a vibrating wall and quickly googled and came here. It turned out to be a battery operated gadget (no it wasn't a vibrator, it was a cleaning brush) which the Mrs uses. It was switched on but the Mrs had left it in the "on" position three days ago when it had stopped working. Maybe a surge of juice in the battery caused by rising temperatures? The gadget was leaning against the ensuite wall.


02:38AM | 08/06/20
Looking at the other comments, let me say this. Comments such as 5g are unhelpful. Let's keep it real and try and find the real source of the problem. It seems people have found various reasons so let's also not categorically state "It's definitely x". You don't know as you haven't examined/sources the sound.


06:46AM | 08/11/20
O The intermittent sound is like an extremely LOUD game show buzzer. It just started and doesn't happen every day. Any suggestions? Time of day doesn't matter.


10:04PM | 08/12/20

I just had the same thing happen like 10 minutes ago. It scared my cats half to death because of how loud it was. I have no idea what it was and have gone around house with no luck.


02:37PM | 08/14/20
My buzzing sound was all over the bedrooms, in particular when going to sleep. I walked all over the house and into the attic, then outside seeking any source of sound. No Luck.

After two days of annoyance, I decide to check in the electrical panel. Switching on/off different breakers.

The result - It turned out to be the 'furnace'. When the breaker is on, I can hear the buzzing. When off, the sound/buzzing stops.

Called an AC company to review the capacitor in the unit.

Hope this helps


04:55AM | 09/09/20
This sound just started about 5 days ago for me . I live in Vancouver bc. And have lived in this apartment for about a year. It’s an old building and above a produce market, so I’m sure all kinds of noises are abundant. This one is different though and have just started noticing it as it keeps me awake every night now. It sounds just like my iPhone 11 vibration, it’s sporadic in its rhythms but consistent as it dose not stop all night. It’s driving me crazy. It shakes my whole place. And the timing of the pulses really causes me great anxiety. What the hell is this !?

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