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09:27AM | 11/15/00
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On the old Bob Vila board (almost two years ago), there were complaints and compliments for Ralph Lauren's paints, especially the textured kinds. I am considering using a dark, River Rock paint, mostly because of the second-color tints/dots that the paint contains that create more depth of color.

The biggest complaints about this paint were (1) even with the RL roller pad, it was difficult to impossible to eliminate roller lines, and (2) it took 5 coats of this very expensive paint to work.

Does anyone else have recent experiece/problems/compliments/suggestions with this paint? Are there other paints that can accomplish the same depth of color that the tiny accent color dots provide to the River Rock paint?


06:52AM | 04/23/01
I'm getting ready to use the RL Riverrock paint in a room and I'm not looking forward to it after hearing all the comments from here a few other places.

Ok, so I bought the special 9" cover and I've read the directions but I still have questions. One, what excatly is "cut in?" I believe that's using the roller in large crossing "x's" at the same time crossing back over the pattern? Two, what's teh best method of triming along the celing and door jams? I was planning on masking off with tape and using a small foam roller/brush.

Any comments and advise would be appreciated.



10:37AM | 01/05/02
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Yes, roller marks are a problem, My husband and I selected Desert Cactus Suede paint with the intention of creating the Sand texture for the dining room, after the second coat was applied there were still roller marks no matter how careful I put it on, so I broke down and created the suede texture with a 4 inch brush on a third coat. I must say, I am really happy with the final look and therefore I don't have many critical complaints.


01:58AM | 01/07/02
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The reason it takes so many coats is the amopunt of pigment in the paint. Here's a couple of hints:

1. Use top quality tools - roller sleeves and brushes. The do make a difference.

2. Keep a wet edge. Cut in around the ceiling, baseboard, doors, windows then roll the wall. But don't get too far ahead on cutting in. With lighter colors, you can cut in an entire wall and then roll the wall. With heavy pigmented paints don't do this. How much you cut in depnds on how fast you are.

3. Don't over-roll. Many h/o do too much rolling. This will create areas of little pigment and areas of too much pigment.

4. Cutting in means painting the areas next to trim and ceiling, and the corners. A roller can't get close enough to do it well.

5. I use a 2-1/2" brush for cutting in. Paint with the tips. This sounds silly. Most h/o end up painting with the sides of the brush - they apply too much pressure to the brush.

6. If you tape, use painters tape and remove it as soon as you finish cutting in. Re-apply before the second coat.


10:27AM | 01/10/02
I've painted with the RL paints. They go on like glue, don't roll evenly, have trouble with roller lines, etc. I think this paint is way to expensive for the quality. I would suggest talking to a paint store and see if there are any other products that can give you a similar look and texture on your walls. I know Pratt and Lambert paints have recently come out with products for textured wall paints - suede, leather, granite, marble, cordoroy, etc. looks. Maybe their products will work better. As a paint contractor, I try to steer my homeowners away from the RL paints -- I feel you are paying for the name and not always the best quality. I always encourage homeowners explore all their options - don't buy based on name brand alone - always talk to a paint store professional.


04:07AM | 01/18/02
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We used Ralph Lauren Denim/Chambray paint/glaze and we absolutely love it. The only problem we had was getting down the timing technique of using the roller and then the brush. Once we got it down, it was easier. It is definitely a project you must be prepared to do with a whole lot of patience! The end results are beautiful and we get nothing but compliments on the room! You should definitely do it and be careful with your technique. We practiced first on a big piece of cardboard. Some people are too quick to blame the products when the truth of the matter is they just cant paint!


08:11AM | 03/18/02
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We also had great success with the Ralph Lauren denim finish. This is just a simple glaze/remove technique, anybody should be able to do it, and the process is less complicated than the River Rock or Suede.


01:58PM | 02/04/03
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IF you want to apply RL Technique paints properly go to: - watch a video of the correct technique

If you still have questions call:


RL is some of the best paint out there.......

A new manufacturer took over the line starting in 2001 - They have done a great job!

Mr. Paint


03:16AM | 02/18/03
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In plain English, Ralph Lauren paints and paint techniques stink. Three times I had sworn to never use them again, but this weekend I weakened like a fool. I've always found the paint thin with extremely poor coverage. The "aging" tecnique I tried to use this weekend was a disaster. At least I wasn't dumb eough to use RL paint for the base coat, too. It looked easy in the manual. Perhaps it is for an expert, but not for your average do it yourselfer. Stick with Benjamin Moore, the colors are as nice and the paint is great. Besides, who really needs to contribute more to RL's empire??


09:56AM | 02/23/03
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NJGuy.........there is no new manual for the aging technique. Perhaps you have old information.

Did you apply the glaze over two coats of RL Semi-Gloss? Lots of people skip that step and it doesn't work

call 1-800-379-POLO for help - they will walk you through...

Mr. Paint


04:50AM | 02/25/03
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I applied the aging over 2 coats of Benjamin Moore semi-gloss. After my other horrrific experiences with Rappl Lauren paints, I was understandably reluctant to use his semi-gloss as the base. My paint store assured me the Benjmain Moore would work just as well. I belive them...I still do...and don't try to convince me otherwise. I'm now having the room papered professionally. When I was at the paint and wallpaper store, I related my story to the person there who was helping me select the paper. She said she couldn't even count the number of times people had come in complaining about, and totally frustrated and disgusted with, the Ralph Lauren products. She said professionals wouldn't even use them. I stand by my opinion. They're garbage.


03:29PM | 02/25/03
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NJGuy........opinions are like elbows - everyone has at least two.

You are entitled to yours.

I wonder why I have been able to do these techinques successfully time after time over the last two years......and yet you and others cannot?

Practice.....patience.....ability to follow directions? Hard to say for sure?

My opinion is that RL is not garbage - The specialty finishes do work - the broadwall is some of the best paint out there - the colors are great!

Mr. Paint


04:40AM | 02/13/04
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I had lots of problems with this paint. First of all, the instructions are poor, I have 3 gallons that say apply in 28x28 patterns, 2 gallons that say 18x18 patterns. The RL video shows 28x28 with v stroke, Home depot hand out 18x18 with v stroke. Its no wonder we have problems with it. Custemer rep says it should not be applied in the winter when humidity is low however nowhere in their literature does it say this. All in all this product is a waste of time and money.


06:06AM | 10/20/06
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I just purchased a gallon of paint with the texture roller for river rock. It is going on a wall that has been respackled and has 2 coats of primer. Will 1 gallon be enough to cover. Need imput on pros and cons of this paint.

2) is this paint moisture proof (going in bathroom) and if not, what would you apply over it to seal from moisture thanks


05:54PM | 11/16/14
Do not waste your money on Ralph Lauren textured paint. It is simply impossible to work with to get a streak free finish. Gave up after four coats and over $100 for one wall using their overpriced rollers and the overlapping w technique. Impossible. Flawed and overpriced product. Next!

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