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09:40AM | 09/08/03
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I'm painting one of my bathrooms with a dark blue from Behr (semi-gloss/deep base), After painting one wall with two coats, the paint color is uneven (you can see the strokes from the roller). Is a primer necessary (over original white semi-gloss)? Or are more coats required?


05:31PM | 09/08/03
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You should have used primer - to promote adhesion - your new paint probably slipped some on that shiny surface - causing irregular application. You also could have dry adhesion problems too - but one thing at a time.

You should be using a 3/8" nap Purdy White Dove roller - you need to wet it and make sure it is damp before you use it - this helps the fabric load and release the product evenly.

Apply the product at about 300 square ft/gallon - this is about an 8x10 room - one coat. More than that and you are spreading it too thin - which hurts hiding.

Finally - dark colors don't hide as well as white - sometimes you need a deeptone primer. Behr doesn't make one (and Zinnser Deeptone is a waste of money - it doesn't tint dark enough) Look for a RL color next time -- RL has a deep tint primer - which works very well.

Mr. Paint


06:05PM | 09/10/03
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Is the uneven from your roller strokes or paint bleeding thru?
If you are not seeing the other color then you are rolling uneven and or too much in a certain area.
Alot of times I see home owners rolling out then using the roller in a little spot that was to thin only making that area darker.


07:07PM | 10/09/03
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FOLLOW Behr's directions, and use their Enamel Undercoater, tinted toward the color of your paint color, up to 5 ounces. Mr. Paint works for ICI/Glidden, and trys to promote their products on this website. Although he does give some good advice, the LAST thing you want to do is use a primer not recommended by the manufacturer of the paint. One coat of tinted primer and 2 coats of paint should work with most colors. The bright blues, reds, etc. don't have a lot of hiding pigment in them(black, raw umber), so they don't hide as well. But those pigments mute or gray the color. Use the Purdy brand or Lambskin(type). They hold more paint and apply it better and more evenly. Also, don't press down too much on the roller. That's where your streaks are coming from, not the paint.
Good luck.


05:37PM | 10/11/03
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Deford. First of all I don't work for ICI. I am a painter. Second of all - IF you had read my post - you would have seen that I recommended using an RL system next time. I don't like to mix primers and topcoats either - stick with a system.

As for Behr's recommendation of tinting a primer close to a color - try this:

Pick one of their red colors - the deepest one you can find.
Tint their primer with 5 oz of red colorant.
The primer will be the color of Pepto-Bismol.

Try and get the red topcoat to hide over that pink in two coats - it won't happen.

Now try a RL red - maybe Hunting Coat - use the RL Deeptone Primer.

Your RL topcoat will cover in two coats - guaranteed by ICI.

I do this all the time - this is how it works.......try it if you don't believe me.

Mr. Paint


11:05AM | 10/04/08
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I am having the same problem except that I am painting with a red based paint. I did use a general primer but it was not tinted. I have put three coats of paint on this one wall and I can see some "blotchy" areas. How can I fix it at this point. Should I start over and use a tinter primer or continue to put on more coats....will those blotchy areas just get darker each time?? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



05:02PM | 10/05/08
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You may want to start over with a primer to get an even base to paint over, and most paint companies are going with a shade of gray primer to help with coverage. I know that Sherwin Williams has four different shades of gray that they use under these dark colors. The reason these colors don't cover is that most of the time they are made out of paint that is almost clear to start with.

Hope this helps out.

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