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06:59AM | 06/05/05
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I live in a house that is close to 100 years old and I recently removed wallpaper from two of the rooms. The walls are tounge and groove wood walls. One of the rooms had wallpaper on the ceiling. Is there a chance that there is asbestos under the wallpaper on the walls or ceiling? There was a brown hard layer that I removed and I was informed by someone that I was removing asbestos. I cannot find anything on the internet mentioning asbestos under old wallpaper so that is why I am asking. I am quite concerned. Thank you for any help!


10:40AM | 06/05/05
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The old brown layer is just adhesive and cellulose backing. I have never heard of asbestos being used in this application. If you are wet stripping, the paper should peel fairly clean. If you are still concerned, simple take a sample in a zip lock bag or film canister to a local analytical lab adn ask for PLM analysis (polarized light microscopy). Your cost will be $25 to $45/sample. See: Laboratoy, analytical in the yellow pages.


06:22PM | 06/06/05
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Thank you for the response TomH. You have eased a troubled mind. *smile*


06:34PM | 06/06/05
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The person that told me that there was asbestos under the wallpaper is saying that there was felt put on the boards before the wallpaper and that it is the felt that contains the asbestos. So, I guess I am going to have to ask, is she right? Sorry to ask again, but since I didnt mention the word "felt" the first time, I thought I would rephrase it just incase this makes a difference.

Thanks again for your earlier response.



06:13AM | 06/07/05
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Asbestos fiber was used in a wide variety of products between the 1930s and late 70s as reinforcement in and on sheet products. Its nearly impossible to state with absolute certainty that a product does, or does not contain asbestos. For that reason we often test to eliminate the uncertainty. If you look in your Yellow Pages under Laboratory, Analytical, you will likely see firms that offer PLM testing for asbestos. Price is $25 to $45 per test. Samples are easily collected by a homeowner, put in a sealed container, and analyzed by the lab.

Asbestos felt was more often used as backing to vinyl flooring products or in applications requiring thermal stability. I have not personally run across it in wall coverings.


05:52AM | 06/08/05
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Thank you again for your quick response. I will have to look into getting a piece tested. I truly apppreciate the information.

:) Kendra


04:14PM | 05/29/14
did you get it tester?


06:16AM | 07/21/14

Im just wondering if you could post a picture of the suspected asbestos as i have something that sounds very similar and would like to comapre. Also did you get a result?



12:55PM | 09/25/16
How can u tell if the wallpaper is asbestos, looks kike fibers on the edge. Also ver old linoleum with black lawyer backing and then a reddis-brouwn lawyer, is this asbestos?


10:21PM | 08/02/20
So we have a 1968 house. We would like to remove the wallpaper. We had the wallpaper tested and it has no asbestos. However, the lab said they were unable to find glue on the sample? Does that mean there could be asbestos in the glue??


10:06AM | 04/16/22
Hi Kendra,
I recommend submitting the wallpaper itself as well as the glue/black mastic adhesive that is underneath. Black mastic adhesive was used on occasion for vinyl wallpaper and many of these wallpapers and adhesives had asbestos.

I had a similar issue show up and submitting for testing.

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