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10:03AM | 10/13/01
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Our bedroom carpet was ruined last week by a busted water heater. Now the heater has been replaced, restoration has removed the padding and insurance has been out. We have been discussing whether we should put carpet back down or go with wood or tile now. This is the masterbedroom with a master bath that will be replaced. I was told that we could do the tile and wood floor ourselves and we are considering that since it will save us some money. We also were told that we could install our own wood which is the "floating snap together" wood planks.

I would like everyone's opinion on this as well as were do I go to get the instructions to all of it, tile and wood. Any particular brand we should stay with? Also, in our nearest city there is a place that we can buy left overs in tile which is a lot less and since this bedroom is separate from the rest of the house the floor would not have to flow into another room.

I am sure I will have more questions, but if anyone can help me decide it would be great.

Oh yeah, hubby wants to stick with carpet. LOL! No way I said. LOL!


01:41PM | 10/13/01
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Just my 2 cents worth but I would never put down that laminate type floor in a potential wet area such as the bathroom. Is fine for bedroom but most are made of a particle board type substrate that water will damage. I love tile for bathroom floor but hate grout lines. They get dirty over time so see if you can have a dark grout.


02:37PM | 10/13/01
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Thanks for the information. Our bathroom is rather large for a bathroom. we have it set up with two entries. One door leads into my side of the bathroom and then there is another door on the opposite end of the wall that you can enter into my hubby's bathroom. The shower, toilet and tub are in the center of the bathroom. With that said, I plan to put tile in the entire bathroom. So, there is only wood in the bedroom. I think it would look good, but need opinions.

Also, I have three boys, cats and a husband that does not know how to wipe their feet. I have not problem cleaning behind them, but what about scratches, nicks, etc.

I am thinking tile might be the best way to go with the bathroom. Any comments?


09:53AM | 10/14/01
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Put tile or vinyl flooring in the bathroom. There are infloor electric heat cables that can go into a tile floor so that it dosent feel cold. Think resale value of your home when doing any improvement....Hardwood has a higher resale value than laminate flooring.

Put hardwood floors in the bedroom, they need minimum care if they are coated with swedish finish. Yes hardwood will scratch, dent, etc. and dosen't like water. But will last a lifetime if cared for, laminate flooring is good for 15 yrs maybe. Personally I would only put laminate flooring in a dog house.

Jay J

03:47AM | 10/15/01
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Hi KimTx,

(My turn ...)

I, too, would never put a wood-based product in a bathroom. The same for laminated products. You're just asking for trouble.

When you say tile, I'm assuming you mean ceramic tile; not vinyl. Now, I do like ceramic tile. My most favorite location is in the Foyer. As for bathrooms and kitchens, in my particular home, there are a lot of bare feet. Ceramic tile is very, VERY cold under-foot in bathrooms and kitchens. The ONLY way I'd install this material in these rooms is if I had a Warm Floor System installed under them. What folks end up doing is covering up a REALLY nice tiled floor with lots of rugs and carpets and runners because they're cold under-foot. Warm floor systems are really nice. THere are electric ones and water-based ones.

That's just my $.02. My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -Moderator

PS: Kitchens and bathrooms get a decent amount of use vs. the Foyer when it comes to 'standing around'. That's why I like the warm floor system under-foot ...

PPS: God Bless America!


04:47AM | 10/15/01
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Thanks everyone for your 2 cents. I think I did not make myself clear on the bathroom. I do not plan to put wood floors in the bathroom, just ceramic tile.

As for the warming system; I have never heard of this, could someone elborate on what the product does, do you control the heat source, best brand vs. price, etc., where do I get this and can we install it on our own?

Living in East Texas it does not get all that cold here, but sometimes the winters can get pretty chilly.

Thanks everyone.



05:26AM | 10/16/01
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Below are some links to underfloor electric heating systems. There are also underfloor heating systems that use hot water running through pipes, which is more energy efficient than electric systems but more difficult to install in an existing floor.

Good luck!


06:05PM | 07/22/14
If you do decide on tile then I would definitely consider getting an underfloor heating system. The first house I bought had tile in the bathroom and it was awful in the winter. My feet were always freezing because the floor felt like ice. It does look nice but I would only do it if I had underfloor heating.
Shelly Slader |

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