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04:07PM | 04/25/04
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I have been trying to research this product for over a week now. I have seen good things, and then hints of bad things, but nothing SPECIFIC about why it might not be a wise choice. Does anyone have any experience with it?



07:25AM | 04/26/04
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Other than the fact that it looks ugly, and falls apart within ten years, there's nothing wrong with it. I've seen several in my area, and they all seem to be replaced after about five years. This product came up in discussion on a roofers' board, and not one person had anything positive to say about it. But you can always prove us wrong.


03:08PM | 05/10/04
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Hi K2, haven't been posting much because there is too much to do (roofing-wise), and while posting is good for the ego, it's useless for paying the bills! Also, many of the jobs we seem to be getting involved in these days seem to be complicated and require complete roof rebuilds. These are complex to estimate, and complex to carry out. So, I post when I can...


03:58PM | 12/21/11
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I don't have any experience with it, but your at the right place, I'm sure someone here will give you some good advice. My sister just got Ondura and she said she liked it. I think she had some San Jose roofing contractors install it for her. She said her roof was leaking badly and she couldn't take it anymore.

Peter H.

02:11PM | 05/07/12
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I wouldn't use Ondura on your house. I haven't heard many good things about it. I would talk to an Indianapolis Roofing Contractor first before doing anything else. Anytime you can talk to an expert in the field is always a good thing in my opinion.


12:00AM | 10/22/12
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I just got my order in of Ondura Spanish Tile, Monday.Now it took two months to get here and I paid when I ordered .I only called once to my local store to ask when it was to be here .So Monday I was ready get it and put it on my roof.But I was short 5 feet of roofing cap not to say it wasn't Spanish Tile .You would think not a big thing right ? Wrong !The argument began ,or for them as to it was not ordered right.All I wanted was to exchange the wrong roofing cap for the right one and if I had to pay more fine I mean after all they had my money for 2 months already .I was talking to a manager ,I've never seen such a thing like this .I sent the order back I could not finish it with out all the cap.Oh the manager ask me if I could cut what I had to look like spanish tile I said yeah but still do not have enough .Hope this helps.


06:19PM | 07/01/13
Its crap easy to install but its junk and forget the warranty if you do the installing. And the dealers are no help at all have had nothing but trouble with this stuff. We had a hail storm and it punched holes and dents all through it our neighbors had no problems with there roofs and they have slate, asphalt shingles and tin roofing.


05:26PM | 07/05/13
I agree with the reviews that say it lasts about 10 years (though I'm pretty sure Ondura claims it lasts longer). We put it on our home in 2001 and the edges are curled and it desperately needs paint. The house is two story and the roof has a 10 in 12 pitch, so painting it will be no easy task. We live in California, so we had trouble getting it as well. Guess we should have done our homework first. I certainly do NOT recommend it.

The people who like it haven't had it long enough to know the truth.

practicing architect

02:21PM | 07/12/13
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I am a practicing architect. I installed Ondura in my home about 10 years ago and still looks as NEW. My roof is a low slope, 2' at 12' but was properly installed, special nails, overlaps, etc.
It is red and visually looks like clay tile'


02:03PM | 07/13/13
I've had Ondura on my 1800 sq.ft. house for about 6 years now and would buy it again, but would use screws instead of nails and have the guys put more attention to small details on install. Install fairly easy except the valleys. Cross cutting layers of corrugation to make a tight fit can be tricky. I cut mine into smaller sections to look like barrel tile, looks GREAT. Only issues is a handful of nails work their way up every couple years. Top nails with Grommet re-hammer a couple here and there every year, but first row of nails under the tile have lately been pushing up thru the Ondura causing a valley leak in tile. Just looked and see a lot of leaks slowly developing from this. Thinking to spray a couple layers of elastomeric paint and top coat with couple layers of 100% acrylic paint to match original color. I think it would then be a very, very long lasting roof.. that looks great.
I also posted this here ->


02:11PM | 07/13/13
I would also note that Ondura maybe not be best choice for under trees as it can become twice yearly job to keep clean; it holds tree junk fair well. Piles of tree junk can cause water to back up a little under some tiles in heavy rain...


05:35PM | 08/18/13
I have Ondura on three homes now and have had no issues at all after 8 years still looks like it did when I put it on. I think you might find that most of the horror stories are from when the product was first marketed, it suffered from several issues. The manufacturing process have changed and the product has matured and those issues are now gone. I got nothing but good things to say about it... In fact I an heading to Home Depot to buy 44 more sheets to re-roof my garage tomorrow..


08:55PM | 10/08/13
I just installed it last weekend on my garage. It went up easy, looks great and i believe the warrants said lifetime? i could be wrong. its handled our first canadian hailstorm this week so i hope it keeps going strong
Northern Ontario Canada


10:03AM | 10/09/13
I am dealing with Ondura my husband put on a greenhouse shed he remodeled for me and I'm not sure I like it anymore. It appears to need paint badly and our chimney sweep didn't know to use plywood to walk on it, so he punched a hole in it. I am considering patching a scrap piece for that area, will that work?


03:26PM | 06/10/14
We put ours on 9 years ago and it still looks good. We just had our first big (golf-ball-size) hail storm and it did punch about 10 holes in the ondura. It's an easy fix with some silicone, but still something you don't deal with when using asphalt shingles. You can't walk on it on very hot days or it will crush, but it's very strong and stiff below 70 degrees. The nails can get loose after about 5 years. I put some clear silicone on them and gently hammered them back down. We've had some terrible storms and the roof has held together very well, so I'm going to use it on our next house, too. We have a steep roof, probably 10/12 pitch. Maybe that helps keep water and debris from sitting there and damaging the roof?


01:18PM | 09/01/14
I used Ondura on the roof of my deer hunting blind and my beagle pens. Great for that but would not put it on my house. Not durable enough. Can easily get holes in it from small limbs falling.


09:29PM | 09/07/14
I put it on two rentals ten years ago in Missouri and its been thru two awful ice storms. One sent a tree trunk thru it. It was reap aired n still looks great.


11:31AM | 02/24/15
I have it on my home and cottage and so far it is great. the places i have ondura i have no leaking or ice daming all my tile roof have ice and leaking. I have only had it 2 winters but so far it is the best roof ever.



09:39AM | 07/01/15
I have had it on my roof for 30 yrs (old name was Onduline).
8/12 pitch in VT away from trees.
the paint failed after 9 yrs, they sent new paint for free,No comp for labor and a note saying no further warranty coverage would be provided.
That lasted another 10, I am in the process of resealing now as it started to leak a few yrs ago.
That warranty is only good if you keep the paint well maintained.
without paint it erodes rapidly and will NOT be covered.
In my opinion a painted galv.steel roof would be easier to maintain and last at least as long.


11:20PM | 07/15/15
I bought a house in Cincinnati in 2006 that had Ondura on the roof. I sold the home in 2014. According to my neighbor who knew the previous owner who installed the roof himself, the roof was already about 4 years old when I bought the home. In 2014 prior to selling my house I had two panels replaced and all the screws inspected. A lot of the screws looked like they needed to be re-caulked. My boyfriend replaced the 2-3 panels that looked a little worn. These were panels around a skylight that had leaked on and off so there had been a lot of foot traffic on those panels over the years. My boyfriend weights about 260 so those few panels took a beating. All in all I was very pleased with this roof. Considering the low cost to completely re-roof and the fact you can easily do it yourself I think this roof is a great value! Mine was red so from a distance it sorta looked like tile. Didn't look bad. Also, my boyfriend completely re-roofed the detached garage. He just put the panels right over the shingles according to the directions from Onduras website. Of course you're going to see nothing but negative comments about this roofing on a "roofing forum". I doubt roofers like the idea of homeowners being able to re-place their own roof at a fraction of the price in one weekend. Just my opinion. I would definitely consider having this roof again.


11:12PM | 07/27/15
Just finished replacing Ondura roofs on two 14 year old barns - ridges had rotted out, panels were getting weak
and small branches (about 1 - 1 1/2 inches) had fallen like spears thru the roofing in several places. The new roofs are metal - wish that I had put metal on in the first place - I will not use Ondura in the future & will want to deduct the cost of a new roof from any property with an Ondura roof that I consider buying in the future.


06:05PM | 12/17/15
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At Lowes you will find "do it yourself" installation directions for Ondura roofing. If you follow the directions, a warranty should be valid. Your warranty is the company sending you another sheet of Ondura. If you walk on the roof after installation to sweep off leaves, the Ondura breaks away from the special nail fastner. Every place you walk now starts leaking. You have to caulk all the fasteners where you walk. Squirrels eat holes in the Ondura. Even small limbs punch holes in the Ondura. My husband and I are retired living on a fixed income. We bought Ondura because it advertised a lifetime warranty. We thought that because of our fixed income that a lifetime warranty was the best route. This was the worst mistake we could have ever made. Now we are saving as best we can to buy roofing to replace the Ondura. Every time it rains we have to check our ceilings to see where the latest leak is. It is a horrible product that should be taken off the market. In a few years all the people who have posted positive comments about this product will regret their choice of Ondura for their roof.


03:18PM | 03/25/16
replaced this on our cottage in northern NY about 10 years ago.. the color (red) still is as nice as it was when installed. easy to put up and i would install again.


10:53PM | 04/30/16
Odd how many call it crap. We have it on our house, and out buildings. 15 years and going. No leaks, the only way would be poorly installed. We are now roofing our pole barn with it. It looks like the day we installed it.Easy to install.I would like to know if it was installed in a harsh environment? I'm in Mid Michigan. I see no way it will leak if installed properly. It lasted for me.


08:31PM | 07/11/16
I have had an Ondura roof on my log home for 16 years. The roofing I'd disinigrating in the valleys to the point that it is starting to leak in different spots. It looked great for years but is now looking shabby. I contacted Ondura, sent about 50 photos, advised them that my builder installed the roof according to specs and that the tech rep in this area inspected the roof as it was being installed and gave my builder his approval. The Ondura customer service notified me that it was installed improperly and would not help me with the detestation problem pretty much washing their hands of the complaint. I was happy with the roofing until it started to degrade and loose its color.


10:46AM | 09/20/17
I like the look and put it on a garage in Iowa. It still looks great after 7 years and have not experienced any problems. Now in Utah it is very hard to find someone to install it on my log home. It appears to be a lot less expensive then traditional shingles. But labor cost maybe high.


05:51PM | 05/31/18
Good stuff. Have used it in two applications.


03:33PM | 07/18/18
I put Ondura on my house roof, over two layers of shingles, 20+ years ago. I've had three hurricanes and countless numbers of bad storms, with my yard being flooded with 6-20 inches of water from rain only and never lost a sheet of material. I will have to paint it this year for the first time. I've had 3 leaks over those years which were the result of my poor installation, not the product. I personally think it's a great product and recommend it completely.


04:36PM | 09/22/18
I Love this product. I installed the roof on my barn in 1996 with it. 4 tropical storms, 1 hurricane (Isabel) and 3 blizzard's, heavy snowfall (3' two times). I did have to go back and seal over the nails after the heavy snow fall. You can work on the roof, just use plywood to spread out your weight. I am replacing the roof this weekend with Ondura Again!!!! Follow Ondura's directions for installation!


11:18PM | 02/26/19
We have had are ondura roof down for 12 years. We haven't had any problems. It's not leaked and is easy to put down.


01:17PM | 03/24/19
I been told that painting over ondura panels makes it last longer


08:58PM | 04/06/19
I used ondura on my shed 10 yrs ago with no maintenance. It was easy to install and for the price worked well. Hindsight, I would have maybe done shingles, but I think the product is fine.

The old pioneer

10:19PM | 07/13/19
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I have Ondura on my two houses. One is a 3300 sf "alternative" house that my wife and hand-built. It is in the woods, surrounded by trees w/ low wind and snow loads. We'd had the original shingle roof installed professionally by an area roofing company. It leaked repeatedly over 10 years, and the company finally told me that they could not stop the leaks to aspects of the home's design. After two other roofing companies declined either a re-roof or repair, I decided to try alternative roofing, and finally chose Ondura. It's now been on the house 12 years. During the first two years, I had vent leaks and finally got it through my thick head that this type of roof should be vented the ridge and soffit lines. Once I pulled the vents and put the right ridge venting in, the roof has held up in both appearance and water-tightness since. I'm not good about sweeping the roof and this probably will cost me, but I'm trying to do better about sweeping now that I'm retired.I actually enjoy working on this place, so I'm not bothered by being on the roof a couple times a year.

The roof on my other house (1500 sf ranch, which I use as an office) has been somewhat of a different story after four years. I had, frankly, taken a couple shortcuts when roofing around my vent pipes and developed severe leaks. I've recently redone those sites as instructed (using the Ondura parts) and this stopped the leaks. However, I've noted that where the roof is in full sun all day (the southwest quarter of the building), the panels are dry and cracking. Where the roof is fully or partially shaded, the roof panels look like new. So, I can say that this product probably is not "sun friendly." I think I will patch the cracks for this summer, then replace the panels in the fall and look into a coating that will protect them from the sun. I'd recommend this product for partially shaded roofs owned by people who have the willingness to have their roofs cleaned annually and painted every 10 years. Every type of roof needs some maintenance every few years.

One more note: some folks write that Ondura is cheaper than metal. If installed properly, it really isn't. The parts required to properly vent the roof and work around plumbing vents raises the cost to about that of a metal roof.


11:32PM | 04/18/20
Would thisbe a good product to use on a patio gazebo roof?


09:37PM | 10/15/20
I would not do it again put on durable on our roof in 2005. Not expressed with how it looks as it aged. Hurricane Laura pulled 1/3 off.


11:39PM | 01/28/21
Live in So Indiana. Pug it on my house and it was a waste if money. I’m a 60 year old female and I’ve had to get up on my roof three times and re-sync the nails because they want to pull up it’s already starting to fade the cap on the ridge vent wants to crawl up in the heat you can’t get on the roof when it’s hot because it’ll match the panels down it’s a lot of money to spend it wants to leak around all the pipes coming out through your roof and the furnace caps etc. so when I just reroofed my 28 x 40 garage and barn I called DC metal


10:40AM | 07/07/21
I have used Ondura on my house 14 years ago on a low slope roof section. Shingles on the rest of the house are starting to look tired. The Ondura still looks as good as when it was installed.
Installed the blue Ondura at my cottage 5 years ago and I do plan on painting it this year as there has been some fading. I also want to change the colour to a dark grey so I would have painted it anyway.


07:29PM | 09/11/21
Here is my question to add to this. They the regular ondura asphalt panels and the ondurapremium panels. First is around $10 per panel and the premium ones are about $20 +/- per panel. I’ve been trying to find out the differences between them. First has a 10 yr warranty and the second had a limited lifetime warranty. But this is all I can find. Does anyone know anything else about the premium vs the regular ones? I need to do something but the $$ are tight right now. Thanks


01:25AM | 05/16/22
have had ondura on garage and roof of house. No problems. over 15 years and high winds,hail

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