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09:31AM | 07/15/03
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I am having marble flooring installed through out my "NEW HOME" in Stuart, Florida. The contractor recommends installing "CRACK SUPRESSION MEMBRANE" for settlement cracks to be installed over the entire new slab. Is this necessary? How much a square ft. extra should this cost? Thanks to anyone who can give me advice on these questions, especially the first one. Frank

KD Fisher

01:58PM | 07/15/03
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It sounds like good insurance. Afterall the cost of the floor cannot be inexpensive. I've seen older marble/stone type floors here in Florida that were installed years ago without and the only solution for repair is to replace. Cost? Not up my alley.

Ken Fisher


07:21PM | 07/15/03
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it is good insurance.home depot sells a product called "anti fracture membrane,by redguard" not sure of the cost ,but its nothing copaired to a floor replacement. good luck


10:13PM | 07/16/03
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Just out of curiosuty, whats the total square footage and is there expansion joints in the slab already?


03:03PM | 07/18/03
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Frank, I got your e-mail. 2460/sf is wayyyyyy to big with out any expansion joints. Here's a little slab 101. First it should have a minimum of 28 to cure ( although it never stops curing), even longer depending on the humidity and such. As far as the crack isolation, it offers no guarantee that it will actually work. If you contact the manufacturer's they will tell you the same thing. I'm not saying it won't work by the way. Also , expansion joints should have definetly been put in the slab. The recomemdations are at least every 24' to 36' in each direction, also all joints should continue to go through the tile work. What I can see happening is that you will get some cracking........may happen soon...may take a while..every job being different. Here's a tip Contact and request info on their Ditra matting product. It can be installed over new (green) concrete, and can be intalled over existing expansion joints..which doesn't really matter in your case seeing that you don't have any. Also be sure to tell them that you have no expansion joints....their is a good chance that they may warantee your job anyway..aslong as their requirements are met. Let me know how it works out for you.


10:45PM | 07/18/03
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Woops.....I've been checking out my sources and some crack isolations do offer a vauge warantee...but i don't think they would offer any without the expansion joints......That's an expensive project my friend, I'd be doing a lot of research before hand. Also, for a large job like the the companies reps may even come to the job site, if so, get all warantees they offer in writing.

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