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01:57PM | 08/10/03
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I looked at sheet vinyl flooring at Home Depot that is installed without adhesive. The brochure and instructions that go with it say you just cut and lay it out and use some tape in a few places and it stays in place. Has anyone used this? I like the idea of glueless. Does it work as they claim?


04:10PM | 08/10/03
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all sheet vinyl mgf will warranty there product as a glueless install.the idea is it requires less floor prep.if you dont need to seam the floor the product is good value for the money.......good luck


04:35AM | 08/13/03
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You are talking about a perimeter tape vinyl. The idea is that you cut it to size and perimeter tape the edges much like tack strip for carpet. The vinyl then shrinks after installation to fit tight much like a drum head. That's the theory anyways. I haven't had any personal experience with it but if it's installed by Home Depot installers it comes with a pretty good warranty.



07:08AM | 03/13/10
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I recently had a "Glueless Floor" installed on my first floor. The contractor insisted that no glue was needed except where there would be seams. Six months later I have bubbles in the first floor foyer. I checked Armstrongs web site and read the instruction guide and learned that in narrow and small areas such as bathrooms, closets, pantry's, etc. full adhesive is to be used. In wide areas like the kitchen a 10 to 12 inch wide adhesive strip should be spread around the perimeter of the room and around openings, i.e., air condition vents. Now I have to spread the adhesive myself because the contractor is refusing to return my calls. The floor looks great but do your home work first so as not to be taken advantage by a half-ass contractor.


06:44AM | 04/05/10
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The problem is the ''glueless'' vinyl like at HDepot and other stores does usually state NOT to glue the material.It is a copycat of the old ''interflex' goods wich only required 4 to 6inch perimeter spread with Their 2 part epoxy,the goods was laid in and would eventually shrink taught.The material was fantastic to install and could be folded,very forgiving stuff.Now the ''copy cat'' vinyl is different,with dif. requiremnets and not even close to the same quality as ''interflex.Im just saying the stuff they are selling at Building suppy stores that is glueless is Not the same ,just like comparing peel -n-stick to commercial tile,or apples to oranges.You get what you pay for.


05:53AM | 07/04/14
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03:37AM | 06/10/19
Vinyl flooring is expensive and if your do it wrong, you loose all your money. Do not Go with the illusion of glueless or something. It would only make the situation worse. This work can only be done by a professional contractor like Home Quality Remodeling
and if you are having any confusion or problem with the selection of flooring, they will give the best professional advice.


08:21PM | 08/10/19
We bought Armstrong Softstep which is a thicker rubberized sheet product, not the usual thin vinyl. We double taped it in front of the kitchen sink, doorways and other heavily trafficed areas and installed ourselves in the kitchen, both baths, foyer and on our concrete screened in porch. After 13 years it still looks like new and we have never had any problems with warping, shifting or anything else. We are not professional installers. We are husband and wife DIYers and we bought a quality product. It was expensive and we did it right.

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