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05:22PM | 09/10/03
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I have seen masonite hardboard used for flooring in decorating books/mags. It is suppost to look like polished concrete. I thought it was a great idea and wanted to redo one of our floors. 4'x8' sheets glued down with liquid nails and sealed with 4-6 coats of Flecto varathane. The sales people are saying DON'T do it, the varathane will soften the board & cause it to "mushroom".
Does any one have any first hand knowledge of this technique or has seen the end result?
I'd love to get any and all feedback on this.
Thanks Angel


09:31PM | 09/11/03
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i guess the answer is nobody knows...but i will say i dont think its a good idea...good luck


09:05PM | 09/12/03
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I'm not sure about the mushrooming effect unless it is a very dark damp room. ( just kidding)

The problem I see with this technique is getting the urethane to stick to the masonite. It is such a slick smooth surface.

I would use a flooring adhesive instead of liquid nails in any case. I have not seen this successfully done.



05:02PM | 10/27/03
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Just dropped in to give a quick update in case anyone else is interested in this method of flooring. I couldn't find much info on this or anyone who had done it, so now that I have first hand experience I thought I would say it was fast,easy & for an inexpensive floor it looks absolutely fabulous. It glued down nicely and the varathane didn't caused any problems. The only advice I would give is don't use a roller but apply the varathane with a paint pad. It does look like polished concrete and I have had nothing but compliments on it. I don't know how durable it is going to be, only time will tell but for now I am enjoying it and have no regrets. My next project is going to be concrete counter tops, as soon as I find some info on that.


02:33AM | 09/23/08
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I wish you'd publish an update on your floor after five years. Pictures too maybe?

I'm thinking of using masonite in my kitchen and can't find any info on the Web.

Or contact me directly at or

(IDo they allow email addresses in this forum? If not, check out my profile my contact info is there.)




11:21AM | 04/13/18
Updates? now that it's 15 years since the install.... :)


07:27PM | 11/29/18
how does it look now after 15 years did it.hold up and what does it look like


12:24AM | 10/07/19
I used masonite as a "temporary" floor in a restaurant about 6 years ago. It looked amazing when we put it down and it looked amazing 3 years later when we sold the restaurant. I did not glue it. We screwed it down. Screws about every foot around the perimeter and about 2 feet apart in the center. We left a 1/16 gap between each sheet then filled that space with a siliconized latex caulk. I put about 4 coats of poly floor finish on them to seal. As far as I know the floors are going strong. Since that time I have another space I use for an upholstery shop. There was commercial carpet on the floor that needed to be covered up for my use. I used masonite sheets right over the top of the carpet, butted them right up to each other, and stapled them down over the carpet. I did not seal the sheets and the floor is doing great. I love this product!!

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