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09:09PM | 05/15/04
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I am planning to install new ceramic tile in a bedroom converted to a bathroom (12 ft by 10ft). The 20-year old house is a pier and beam with 1/2" plywood subfloor, 1/2" particle board underlayment and then 1/2" plywood underlayment on top of the particle board. To keep the floor height level with the hall, I was going to pull up the top 1/2" plywood, then put down 1/2" plywood and then Hardibacker...and finally tile.

Reading a previous post, it sounds like I should also pull up the particle board and then put down 3/4" plywood...then the Hardibacker and tile. While I know I can pull up the top 1/2" plywood...I'm not sure whether the particle board may be glued to the plywood....thus adding alot of extra work to remove it.

Before I dive in and tear out both layers...can I put a moisture barrier between the 1/4" plywood and particle board to reduce risk of water damage? Saw RedGuard mentioned in a previous post...not sure if it would be applicable here?

Thanks in advance!


05:35AM | 05/16/04
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if you can effectively secure the plywood and hardibacher, any topical moisture should not effect the particle board, besides flooding. It's just that PB is such an unstable underlay, that it would cause me to remove it. If the PB is glued, it's a bear to remove. I've tackled a couple of those projects. One small kitchen took 5 hrs to remove.

Good Luck,



08:13PM | 05/20/04
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Thanks for the feedback! Particle board was not glued...and has been now been removed. One less "down the road" worry.


11:25AM | 07/04/17
You can put saran wrap over the particle board, then use thin set to level the floor. The plastic wrap will stop the particle board from absorbing the water from the thinset.


01:53PM | 07/08/18
How is easiest way if particleboard over plywood its terrible


11:26AM | 11/27/18
BV014206. Using Saran Wrap has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever read! Thanks for the laugh and stay away from my house!


04:09PM | 05/27/21
Saran wrap? Lol! Yikes! Like the above comment said, stay away from my house.


04:09PM | 05/27/21
Saran wrap? Lol! Yikes! Like the above comment said, stay away from my house.


07:05PM | 01/16/22
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