10 Beautiful Wall Art Ideas for Every Style

Take the hassle out of the hunt for wall art with these ideas based on your interior design style.

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Complete Your Space with Wall Art

best wall art ideas

Hanging wall art in your home is one of the simplest ways to add color, dimension, and personality into your space. It can make an open-floor plan feel grounded or a cramped room feel airy. It can unify décor or be a statement maker. While hanging the art doesn’t take much effort, finding it is a separate challenge. Knowing where to look, sifting through options, and then needing to make sure it’s the right size and getting it framed all while sticking to a budget can make it an overwhelming task.

Fortunately, Fine Art America is a one-stop marketplace for discovering wall art from independent artists and photographers, as well as prints from the world’s most renowned creators. They have a vast selection of wall art for every style and medium, and you can select from different formats, such as postersframed prints, canvas prints, metal prints, wood prints, and wall tapestries. Fine Art America also helpfully curates art into different collections based off of house styles, rooms, interests, and artists. Keep reading to see a sampling of some of Fine Art America’s best wall art ideas based on your style, and then visit their website to explore more beautiful options.


If You Like Transitional Style...

best transitional wall art

Perhaps your décor style is best described as a blend between traditional décor and modern influences. Your house isn’t stuffy, but you don’t go all-in on a trend too quickly. This is called transitional design. This inky flower print by Linda Woods is an excellent fit for a living room or entryway. The flower and black and white coloring is timeless, but the thick, imperfect lines give it some edge. You can choose from the different frame options and matte colors or purchase it as a standalone print.


If You Like Mid-Century Modern Style...

best midcentury modern wall art

Do you love the simple, retro look of mid-century modern decor? Hang this art print, “Poolside Glamour” by famed American photographer Slim Aarons, to your infuse your home with this old-school design. The image captures the exterior of a Palm Springs backyard—a city synonymous with mid-century modern architecture. The print is available in five sizes and you can select the type of paper it is printed on.


If You Like Modern Farmhouse Style...

best modern farmhouse wall art

It’s hard to resist modern farmhouse style. It’s charming and cozy, and its rustic nature leaves room for imperfections. Whether or not you have shiplap in your house, you can add the texture through this piece printed on wood. The wildflower landscape and soft colors are the perfect details for farmhouse decor. 


If You Like Boho Style...

best boho wall art

Boho style is all about individuality and mixing-and-matching. Hanging a tapestry on the wall, like this one, is an easy way to add color, prints, and mixed mediums into your room. You can place it over your bed or incorporate it into a gallery wall. Fine Art America has a wide collection of tapestries available in different patterns, colors, and typography. The style isn’t just for college students or hippies anymore!


If You Like Industrial Style...

best industrial style wall art

You might be drawn to the no-frills look of industrial style, but you don’t have the luxury of living in a loft with wood beams and exposed air ducts. That’s okay! You can achieve the look by adding elements of those hard materials through Fine Art America’s metal prints collection, like this print of the Brooklyn Bridge by Nina Papiorek. The moody image fits the urban vibe, whether you live in a city or not.


If You Like Traditional Style...

best traditional style wall art

Traditional décor will outlast any house trend you catch on design shows or social media. Like sturdy furniture, warm colors, and soft textures, a canvas print will always be timeless. Hang this one above the fireplace or over the buffet in the dining room. You can choose to add a floating frame, as well. All Fine Art America canvas prints come "ready to hang" with pre-attached hanging wire, mounting hooks, and nails.


If You Like Coastal Style...

best coastal wall art idea

It might not be feasible to live at the beach 24/7, but you can incorporate that laid-back, easy feeling into your home décor. This print by Carolyn Cochrane radiates the breezy energy of being near the beach. Hang a large canvas version of it in your home to maintain a sunny state-of-mind, or get it printed on wood to invoke the driftwood by the shore.


If You Like Scandinavian Style...

best scandinavian wall art idea

Scandinavian style effortlessly balances neutrals and minimalist décor with being warm and cozy. This impressive one-line drawing by Quibe Sarl evokes the same aesthetic. The large poster print in a frame also keeps in line with the simplicity of the interior style. Of course, Fine Art America offers the artwork in different formats if you prefer something else.


If You Like Mediterranean Style

best mediterranean style wall art

You might still be working on your dream to live off the coast of the Mediterranean, but while you wait you can decorate your home in that style. This canvas print will help you keep you inspired. The rich hues and gentle brushstrokes of a cobblestone Italian street depict the same elements associated with Mediterranean décor.


If You Like Eclectic Style...

best eclectic wall art idea

Maybe you don’t like to be pinned down to one style. You want your art to be fun and sometimes a little odd and thought provoking. This astronaut poster by Scott Listfield fits the bill. The artist is known for his astronaut and dinosaur paintings. Order it in a poster format or metal print to keep with the eclectic energy.


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