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10 Color Picks to Set Any Mood in Your Bedroom

Painting may be one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a room. Color affects our mood like almost no other design element. To that end, your bedroom paint colors may be among the most important design choices in your home. In general, warm colors are more stimulating. So, a yellow bedroom or a purple bedroom will set an invigorating tone. A red bedroom inspires passion. Cooler colors, like blues, greens, and grays, are more calming. A blue bedroom evokes tranquility. A green bedroom is grounding. A gray bedroom signals stability and strength. Lighter shades, like pastels and whites, can help a small room feel larger. Beyond the clean and peaceful sense a white bedroom brings, it also gives you design flexibility. Add color to a white bedroom with bedding and accents, and you can easily swap them for something new as trends and your tastes change. If you love a bold color, but are concerned it could be overpowering, paint one wall with it as an accent. After all, it’s just paint, and it’s easy to change. Of all spaces in the home, the bedroom is the most personal. So, the best bedroom colors for you will reflect your temperament and make you feel happy and relaxed. Whether you want to inspire serenity, vitality, or romance, these bedroom color ideas will help you set the tone of your bedroom and create the space of your dreams.

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For Stability

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A saturated gray is very grounding. In a bedroom, it brings an air of sophistication and luxury. Paint just an accent wall or the entire room, and it will evoke a steadiness that can reassure you after a hectic day.

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For Tranquility

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Like a cloudless day, the color blue brings with it calm and tranquility—qualities that have traditionally made it a popular choice for bedrooms. Associated with water and sky, a cool dusty blue helps you chill out before going to sleep.

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For Luck and Love

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In Chinese culture, red means luck and happiness. In India, it’s the color of marriage. And in Western culture, red symbolizes love and romance. Bringing red paint to the bedroom will promote a sense of passion and warmth in your most personal of spaces.

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For Positivity

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Wake up with the sun! Yellow in a bedroom is warm and cheery, and will help you start your day on a bright note. A yellow-painted room, whether in a buttery tone or bold goldenrod, can’t help but make you feel uplifted.

For Vitality

We’re surrounded by a rainbow of greens when we’re in nature. Paint a bedroom one of those verdant tones, and you immediately conjure earthy feelings of growth and vitality. From chartreuse to teal, it’s actually quite easy being green.

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For Energy

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Coral pulls from the best qualities of red, pink, orange, and melon. Used in a bedroom, it provides the warmth and vibrancy of red without being overpowering—in short, it’s a real energizer.

For Creativity

Purple is an intense color that will permeate a bedroom with a sense of luxury. Consider all of its tones, from lavender to plum, to set a mood that’s regal, creative, and passionate.

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For Warmth

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The warm, rich hues of caramel brown evoke a sensual feeling when painted on bedroom walls. A room wrapped in these reddish-browns will feel relaxed and elegantly earthy.

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For Serenity

It’s hard to wrap your head around the dizzying array of different “whites” that exist, but each one has a distinct character, varying greatly from warm to cool. What is consistent: the crisp freshness that white brings to a bedroom. A creamy white like linen will evoke a sense of uncomplicated warmth and serenity.

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For Romance

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No longer just for little girls, rose tones bring a gentle, romantic warmth to a bedroom and create a soft, reassuring atmosphere.

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