10 DIY Sauna Kits You Can Assemble Yourself at Home

Relax, loosen your joints, open your sinuses, recover from a workout, and even improve your health with your own DIY home sauna.

Work Up a Healthy Sweat

diy home sauna ideas

Sitting in a steamy sauna can be very relaxing and enjoyable, but did you know it may also help improve your health? According to the Mayo Clinic, there is growing evidence that links using a sauna with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and neurocognitive diseases along with relief from headaches, arthritis, and other medical conditions.

If you’d like to be able to relax and enjoy these potential health benefits, you don’t need to head to a spa or gym; you can create your own home sauna with one of these DIY sauna kits.


1. Glass Enclosed

diy sauna glass enclosed

This modern indoor sauna features a lightly tinted full-glass front. The interior offers sufficient space for four individuals with its two full-length upper benches and lower retractable bench. An 8.0 kilowatt stainless steel electric heater and sauna stones are included with each model. To enjoy a burst of steam, simply sprinkle some water over the sauna stones. This model typically takes only 30 minutes to reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit and less than one hour to reach 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Available on Wayfair.

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2. 7-Heater Cedar Sauna

diy 7-Heater Cedar Sauna

Two people can sit back and unwind together in this infrared sauna crafted with Canadian red cedar. The sauna offers seven carbon nano heaters to prevent hot zones and ensure heat is evenly distributed for optimal comfort. Some other notable features of this model include the chromotherapy mood lighting, oxygen ionization air filtration system, cup holders, interior reading lamps, FM radio, and CD player. Available on Overstock.


3. Horizontal Sauna “Dome”

diy sauna dome

If you don’t have the space for a freestanding sauna in your home, this sauna dome may be right for you. Lie down and relax with the three heating zones. Each zone is independently controlled, can be set to temperatures between 77 and 194 degrees Fahrenheit, and delivers 360-degree FIR (focused far infrared) rays to the body. Once you’re finished using this horizontal sauna, simply slide the sections together for compact storage or transport. Available on Amazon.


4. Infrared Sauna

diy Infrared Sauna

The five ceramic far infrared heaters in this two-person sauna work to ensure optimal heat circulation. The sauna’s design also includes oxygen ionizers to purify the air, offering health benefits while also creating a more relaxing atmosphere. Made from hemlock wood, this sauna’s design also incorporates two speakers, a cup holder, and three LED lights. You can adjust the sauna’s settings, control the AM/FM radio, connect Bluetooth devices, and access the SD card reader and USB/AUX port using the digital control panel. Available on Etsy.

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5. Wet-Dry Sauna

Wet-Dry Sauna diy

Choose from wet- and dry-heat settings with this beautifully crafted hemlock wood indoor sauna. Up to five adults can unwind and relax in this spacious sauna with a sleek, tempered glass door. The sauna is designed to heat up quickly and can be set to temperatures between 68 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit. A few of the other notable features of this model include the digital touchscreen panel, adjustable timer for 1 to 60 minutes, and two exterior ceiling lights. Available on Overstock.


6. 2-Person Sauna

diy two person sauna

For a more rustic look, consider this outdoor barrel sauna designed to seat two people. It features a 4.5 kilowatt electric heater that allows the interior temperature to reach up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to the interior bench, two smaller exterior benches are also integrated into the design; they are perfect for holding towels or beverages or for providing a comfortable spot to sit and cool off after relaxing in the hot sauna. Available on Wayfair.


7. Sauna for Eight

Sauna for Eight diy

Convert your backyard into a true oasis by adding this roomy wet-dry sauna that seats up to eight. A tempered glass door and four-panel tempered glass windows allow natural light into the sauna during the day, and the LED light ensures visibility for nighttime sessions. To increase the humidity level, simply pour some hot water over the included heated rocks. The sauna is carefully crafted of hemlock wood and includes a digital touch screen panel for simple operation. Available on Overstock.

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8. Electric Sauna

diy electric suana

This outdoor hemlock wood sauna offers a more compact design to fit on a deck or patio in a smaller backyard. The sauna features five ceramic heaters that quickly warm up the interior temperature. A few key features of this model include the spacious bench seat, interior LED lighting, cup holders, FM radio with MP3 and CD players, and the oxygen ionization air purifying system. Available on Home Depot.


9. Ski Chalet-Style Sauna

diy ski chalet sauna

Imagine you’re staying at a mountain-top ski resort with this generously-sized eight-person outdoor barrel sauna. Unlike many other models, this sauna features a wood-burning heater and authentic sauna stones. Sprinkle some water over the hot stones to send steam into the air and increase the humidity level. Within 60 minutes, this sauna can reach temperatures of up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. There are two long interior benches along with two smaller exterior benches for cooling off or holding towels or other supplies. Available on Wayfair.


10. Portable Sauna

diy Portable Sauna

Wrap your body up in warmth with this wearable personal sauna. The interior houses four carbon heating pads, a heated foot pad, air ionizer and a canvas chair to provide optimal comfort. Adjust the settings using the hand-held controller, and choose from five heat options and six automatic timer options. When not in use, you can fold this model up for transport or storage. Available on Home Depot.


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