10 DIYs for a Frightfully Fun Halloween

These ghoulishly inventive DIY Halloween decorations prove that you don't have to break the bank to scare the pants off of treat-seeking visitors.

  1. No Tricks, Just Treats

    diy halloween candy bowl

    Won't be around during trick-or-treating hours? Make this cute pumpkin bowl and hang it on your front door so visitors can grab a treat—or two. 

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  2. Smoky Cauldron

    Make a Smoky Cauldron

    Set a sinister tone with a smoking cauldron. Place a bowl with dry ice and hot water in the bottom of a large pot or cauldron to simulate some evil witches' brew. (Be sure not to touch the ice with your bare hands—it will burn.) For added effects, use string lights and tissue paper to create "flames" like Polka Dot Chair

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  3. Bring on the Bats

    Easy Paper Bats

    Let a flurry of bats be your welcoming committee. Cut these creepy creatures out of black card stock and tape them to the wall or house. You might want to laminate them or sandwich them in contact paper if they’ll be living outdoors. They’re sure to cause a flap with your friends and neighbors.

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  4. Terrifying Tombstones

    Easy DIY Tombstone

    Creep out the critters visiting your yard with custom-made tombstones. You need little more than a jigsaw, spray paint, and your imagination to transform plywood into a full-on family graveyard. RIP, trick-or-treaters!

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  5. Spiderific Tablecloth

    DIY Halloween Tablecloth

    Feel something brush against your leg? Don't worry that creep crawler isn't real! This simple no-sew table runner will spook any diner who notices the hanging plastic spiders from the edges. It’s enough to put anyone off their food.

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  6. Creepy Candy Bowl

    Halloween Candy Bowl

    Whether for decor or for serving treats, this mummy bowl is spectacularly easy to make. Grab a bowl and wrap it tulle and then stick on some eyes. Spooky was never simpler.

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  7. Lighted Lanterns

    DIY Halloween Lanterns

    Light up the night with DIY lanterns that are easy enough for everyone in the family to make. Just Mod Podge some tissue paper to a glass jar, glue on some funky face shapes, and add a tea-light candle, and you have instant Halloween atmosphere.

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  8. Spooky Silhouettes

    diy halloween window silhouettes

    Create spooky staring eyes in your window by cutting eyeball shapes out of black poster board, placing tissue paper over the holes, and fixing it to the window with tape. Then draw a translucent curtain or blind over it and turn on the lights in the room. You’ll frighten the pants off any peeping Tom!

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  9. Ghostly Garland

    halloween ghosts crafts

    Greet your guests, indoors or out, with a ghostly garland. Styrofoam balls, some white cheese cloth, and string are all you need. Your ghosts will be spooky (or maybe just adorable) both day and night.

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  10. Super-Size Spiderweb

    DIY Spiderweb

    Weave a web on your porch or stairway. If you can tie a knot, you can make this. Light it from behind to cast a terrifying shadow. What's more ominous than the life-size home of your eight-legged nightmare!?

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