10 Great Looks in Tin Ceiling Tiles

Adding tin tiles to your ceilings can wake up a whole room with a fresh but classic look.

  1. Mad for Medallions

    Mad for Medallions

    This large scale, 24-inch square medallion is the perfect complement to a ceiling light fixture or fan. The medallion is offered in a full range of metallic and painted finishes from The American Tin Ceiling Company; from $12 per piece.


  2. All About Elegance

    All About Elegance

    Add an air of classic elegance to your ceiling with this stylized acanthus leaf and wreath design from Metal Ceiling Express. The 24-inch square panel features a 12-inch repeat and is offered in unfinished steel or in a selection of metallic, painted, and multi-colored faux finishes; from $7 per piece.


  3. Art Deco

    Art Deco

    The Art Deco styling of this 24-by-48-inch pattern brings modern moxie to a contemporary ceiling. The pattern features a 12-inch repeat and is offered in unfinished steel, lacquered steel, brass, chrome, copper or pre-painted white finishes from Architectural Depot; from $22 per piece.


  4. Americana


    Add grace and movement to a ceiling with the 6-inch Americana design from The Tin Man. This size is perfect for smaller areas like bathrooms and hallways, or even backsplashes; $9 for a 2'x2' panel.


  5. Classic Victorian

    Classic Victorian

    Victorian motifs are a popular option in tin ceiling tiles, such as this intricate design from Wish I Had That. The unfinished, tin-plated steel tiles are offered in either 24-inch square or 24-by-48-inch sizes and feature a 6-inch repeat; from $9.95 per piece.


  6. Times Square

    Times Square

    The crisp styling and 6-inch repeat of this classic concentric box design make it suitable for many applications—irregular ceilings, backsplashes, small areas and more. Pattern is embossed from original tin casts and offered in 24-inch square or 24-by-48 inch panels in myriad finishes from Classic Ceilings; from $9.50 per piece.


  7. Extra Embellishment

    Extra Embellishment

    Elaborate embellishment highlights this unique Butterfly Needlepoint pattern from Standard Tinsmith Supply. Panels are available in a choice of 45 finishes, in either 24-inch square or 24-by-48-inch sizes; from $9.75 per piece.


  8. Sudden Subtlety

    Sudden Subtlety

    Subtlety is the watchword of this pattern from Tin Ceiling Express, a stylized fleur de lis in a diamond grid. The versatile 3-inch repeat is suitable for small areas, as a filler, border, or backsplash. Panels are in 24-inch square or 24-by-48-inch sizes and come in unfinished steel, powder-coated, or hand-painted finishes; from $7 per piece.


  9. Island Vacation

    Island Vacation

    Complex and intriguing, this Tropical Fantasy design from Decorative Ceiling Tiles is covered with palm fronds and intricately engraved medallions. The 24-inch square panel is divided into quarters by double lines and raised dots. It is available unfinished or in a wide spectrum of painted and metallic finishes; from $9.75 per piece.


  10. Echoes of Art Deco

    Echoes of Art Deco

    Capture the sophistication of 1920s styling with this urbane Art Deco ceiling panel from The Tin Man. Available in 24-inch square or 24-by-48-inch sizes, the panel is offered unfinished, or in an array of metallic, painted, or hand-painted faux antique finishes; from $9 per piece.


  11. For More...

    For More...

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