10 Ingenious Alternatives to a Traditional Home Office

For a home office, you don't always need extra square footage, only creative thinking and a little ingenuity!

  1. In a Closet

    Closet Office

    By adding shelves and closed storage to a little-used closet, you can create a functional home office in which everything is close at hand when you need it, then tucked away out of sight once you're done for the day.


  2. Under the Stairs

    Office Under the Stairs

    The underused space beneath stairs is the perfect place to host a home office nook. Open treads, along with a painted white desk, keep this one feeling light and airy.


  3. In the Attic

    Attic Office

    If you have no room on your main floors, it's possible to carve out a peaceful home office in the attic. Here, large windows invite in natural light to offset the lower, slanted ceiling.


  4. In a Garage

    Garage Office

    Only a step from the house but seemingly miles from distraction, a single garage bay has just the right dimensions for a no-frills home office.


  5. In a Dormer

    Dormer Office

    Who knew that you can sneak a home office into a dormer window? This cozy, quiet space feels tucked into the trees just outside the window seat.


  6. In a Trunk

    Portable Office

    This sleek, secretary trunk-styled office fits into a polished aluminum case that, once packed, can be neatly rolled elsewhere.


  7. In a Loft

    Loft Office

    This loft office is removed from the main living area but looks out over the space below, giving the office occupant the best of both worlds. 


  8. In the Garden

    Garden Office

    Converting storage sheds into offices is a huge trend in the U.K. An office snugged into the backyard is separated from the distractions of home, though it's not so far away from the coffee maker in the kitchen.


  9. Trailer

    Office Trailer

    Landscape architect Andreas Stavropoulos takes his office wherever he goes. Retrofitted into a six-by-ten-foot cargo trailer, the workspace is equipped with solar power, and it even has wifi!


  10. Cube

    Office Cube

    This is not your father's office cube. It’s an office, sleeping nook, and meditation loft in one. Designed and built by Spaceflavor Architecture for Feng Shui expert Liu Ming, the CUBE suggests the ultimate in work-life balance.


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