10 Playful Examples of Swinging and Swaying Furniture

While most people are good at utilizing all four walls of their rooms for furniture and decor, it is easy to forget about the ceiling. Suspending furniture like chairs, beds, and tables from the ceiling is a great way to make use of the fifth wall, while drawing your eye upwards to take in the full height of the room. Hanging furniture needs to be attached to ceiling joists to hold their own weight, plus the additional weight of people or other objects. Make sure to consult a professional to make sure you are using the correct tools and materials to suspend these pieces safely and correctly. Click through the gallery for ideas that will get your brain in full swing.

Hanging Out

Hanging Planter

Outdoor spaces are just where you want to hang out on beautiful summer days. You'll enjoy sitting under the shade of a leafy tree even more when you're next to a hanging planter that doubles as a small side table, perfect for setting down your lemonade. How refreshing!

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Bed and Board

Suspended Nightstand

This suspended nightstand looks like a playground swing and provides just enough room for an alarm clock and bedside lamp. Plus, it leaves more room underneath to kick off your shoes and relax.

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Subtle Centerpiece

Suspended Table

The rope supports for this sleek suspended table wrap around the tabletop and are covered in a ruched fabric for added texture. This design allows diners more legroom and adds a dramatic focal point to the room.


Scrappy Chic

Hanging Bench

For a playful, industrial look, this simple wood bench is suspended from a heavy-duty rope pulley system. Colorful accents like fun pillows and a bright yellow lamp make this swinging bench look comfy in the raw space.


Rainbow in the Sky

Hanging Egg Chair

Even earthbound, this stunning, colorful egg chair would be an eye-catching accent for any room. Suspended off the ground, the chair takes on a more whimsical air, its vivid stripes like a rainbow arcing through the sky but never quite touching the ground.


Air Mattress

Hanging Bed

With the right amount of structural support, anything can be suspended from the ceiling. Although this large bed is anchored to the wall, it appears to hover above the floor thanks to two rope cables at the foot of the bed. Not only is this bed a surprising feature, it makes the room feel much more open.


Lounging Around

Swinging Daybed

This dreamy daybed is lifted off the ground so its occupants can enjoy its gentle sway. The basket-weave texture of the bed canopy provides a comfy cocoon that is warm and inviting, yet airy and cool.


Pull Up a Seat

Swinging Chair

A suspended wing chair offers a playful take on a very traditional furniture design. This solution is also a great way to convert chairs that have missing or uneven legs.

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Light Dinner

Suspended Dining Set

This architectural approach to a dinner table suspends not only the table, but also an entire set of eight chairs and an oversized lamp. Rendering the entire ensemble in a light color keeps the structure from looking bulky.


Table Game

Retractable Lap Desk

Whether you want breakfast in bed or just a place to do some work while lounging around, a lap desk mounted to a retractable pulley system may be the perfect solution. When you are finished, you can raise the table out of the way and hit the hay


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