Sweet Dreams: 15 Inventive Beds You Can Make Yourself

You spend nearly one-third of your life sleeping, so ideally your bed should feel comfortable and special. Here are fifteen “dreamy” and easy designs for DIY beds.

  1. Storage


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    We’re a fan of the rustic theme in this reclaimed wood beauty, as well as its built-in storage underneath! Repurposed wood crates create the perfect space for extra pillows, blankets or items that might normally get parked in the nightstand.

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  2. Cinder Block



    A base of concrete cinder blocks is ideal for a minimalist or industrial-themed room. And what's also minimal is the labor required to pull it together (aside from the heavy lifting)! A hidden piece of plywood under the mattress eliminates the need for cinder blocks at the core. Slap a coat of paint on the blocks to match the palette of your room for a seamless look.

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  3. Hanging



    What better way to be lulled to sleep than by the gentle swaying of a hanging bed? A variety of materials can support your mattress (pallets, plywood, secured salvaged beams), but what’s most important is making sure your ceiling can support the weight of your bed and yourself! Check with a professional before proceeding.

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  4. Scrap Wood



    These twin DIY beds are made from slats taken from the children's former bunk beds. They incorporate scrap wood for the foot and headboards to create a kid-friendly relaxed look. Best of all, reusing a bed that might otherwise find its way to the trash heap scores extra environmental points.

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  5. Pallet Bed



    Wood pallets are a go-to resource for most DIYers. While you can arrange them in numerous ways, these classic pallets are made more suitable for the bedroom with a simple coat of white paint.

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  6. Built-In



    If you have an oddly shaped bedroom with a large nook, build your bed frame in what would otherwise be dead space. If going the platform route, you can also incorporate storage, ensuring a more efficient use of your room.

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  7. Cardboard



    Cardboard may not seem heavy-duty enough to support you while sleeping, but when layered in spades it can stand up to the test. The ‘honeycomb’ variety seen here is particularly durable when built in this manner.

  8. Hairpin



    Mid-century modern beds have a sleek minimal look—and unfortunately a hefty price tag. Luckily, the look is somewhat easy to pull off on your own. A little planning, some serious measuring and cutting, and four hairpin legs later—and you’ll be mid-century dreaming for a third of the price!

  9. Wheeled



    A wheeled platform bed is ideal for loft living—and you’ll appreciate the bed’s mobility when it comes time to rearrange the furniture. Invest in wheels with locks or you might find yourself halfway across the room when you wake up—mornings are rough enough as it is.

  10. Floating


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    A floating bed platform is not as magical as it might seem. You can create one by building a simple platform with plywood and attaching a skirt board around it. Then, “hide” the legs by placing them close enough to the center of the platform so that they can’t be seen from above.

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  11. Railroad Ties


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    A rustic platform bed can be made by stacking railroad ties. You can achieve most any height or width you need. Use salvaged pieces or buy them new. Change your design, and they can always be reused in your landscaping!

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  12. Piped Canopy



    Aluminum pipes and fittings deliver an ultra-modern, industrial finish to a canopy bed. The Kee Klamp fittings are tightened with a provided hex key and recessed screws. Hang a tapestry, curtains, or decorative panels on it, or leave it bare. It will command attention either way.

  13. Suspended



    If your ceiling can support the weight of a bed and sleeper, you can use this classic method to hang it. Just drill a hole in each corner of a wooden platform. Run four ropes from the ceiling and pass them through each hole, knotting them underneath. Gently swing yourself to sleep.

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  14. Casters



    Putting rubber-wheeled casters on a simple wooden frame makes your bed a more flexible piece of furniture. Ideal for studio apartments and multifunctional spaces. Locking mechanisms on the wheels keep you and your bed anchored when you drift off to dreamland.

  15. Upholstered Box Spring



    The box spring you already have can be transformed into a finished, contemporary bed with some simple upholstery. Find a fabric that coordinates and then add bun feet to lift it off the floor.

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