10 Surprising Places to Hide Holiday Gifts at Home

Even the snoopiest of housemates will never discover these ingenious hiding spots.

Keep the Magic Alive

christmas presents unwrapping

For many people, the most difficult part of holiday shopping isn’t choosing the perfect gifts or making sure they’re wrapped on time; it’s keeping them hidden from nosy family members! It can be difficult to outfox snooping children—and spouses—who can’t possibly bear to wait until the big day to unwrap their gifts, but these clever hiding places are sure to be the last place they’ll look.


In a Mislabeled Box

mislabel boxes presents

This solution is simple, but effective. Grab a box or bin and label it with something dull like “Tax Receipts” or “Appliance Warranties.” Then hide it among similar boxes in your basement, closet, or storage room. Unless you have children who will tear the entire house apart to find their gifts, this should be enough to thwart them.

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In Your Underwear Drawer

hide presents underwear drawer

Some places are simply understood to be off limits, and underwear drawers are usually one of them. Tuck small presents beneath a layer of your undies to ensure that any nosy children or teens will be too embarrassed to dig any deeper. This is an effective solution for small parcels but won’t solve the problem for larger boxes.


At a Friend’s House

hide presents friends house

If you live in a small space or feel powerless to foil the efforts of your children, consider swapping gifts with a friend. Not only does this work to keep the real gifts a surprise, it might also function to throw snoops off the scent if they find a package that contains something they definitely did not ask for.

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In a Trash Can

hide presents trash can

Even the most zealous of present seekers won’t be likely to dig through the garbage to search for holiday gifts. We won’t advise you to store presents among actual trash, but we do recommend purchasing a new trash can and filling it with gifts. You can then hide it in your basement or garage and cover the gifts with a layer of faux “garbage” like crumpled newspaper that you can later recycle.


In the Basement or Attic

hide presents attic

If you have small children, hiding holiday gifts is as easy as storing them in the scariest place in your home. Tuck them away in an attic, furnace room, cobweb-filled shed or other spooky spot that your kids wouldn’t dare venture into. Make sure to place the gifts in a storage container to ensure they don’t become damp or dusty. This trick admittedly only works for younger children and probably won’t be effective for teens or adults.

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In Their Rooms

hide presents kids room

While this may seem counterintuitive, how many kids would think to search through their own closets looking for holiday gifts? While your closet would probably be the first place they’d check, you can outwit them by hiding their presents right under their noses. For an added layer of deception, put them in boxes labeled “baby clothes” or “books.”


In Suitcases

hide presents inside suitcases

Almost everyone has a suitcase or duffel bag hanging around their house, and they’re great spots to hide larger gifts that may be otherwise difficult to conceal. Because these items are rarely used, they’re typically tucked away in storage anyway, so the people you live with won’t be likely to suspect this spot.


At Your Office

hide presents desk drawer

Sometimes it can feel like nowhere in your house is safe. In that case, you may need to consider storing gifts in a second location that your family members don’t have access to. If you have a partner or roommate who is on to your usual tricks, this may be the only way to keep them hidden. Small- to medium-sized items can be stored in drawers or under your desk at work.

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In a Storage Unit

hide presents self storage

If things get really desperate, you may have to resort to throwing money at the problem. Maybe you’re lucky enough to already rent a storage unit, but if you’re not, it can be a good solution for larger gifts that can’t be easily hidden in your home. Depending on where you live, storage units can actually be quite affordable, and are typically rented on a monthly basis so you can simply utilize them for the holiday season.


Wrap It Up

presents wrapped under christmas tree

Is there anything more clever than hiding a gift in plain sight? Get a leg up on your family by wrapping the items you purchase as soon as you bring them home. You can either keep them in their hiding spot as an extra layer of protection or put them under the tree where you’ll be able to keep an eye on them and chide anyone who tries to shake the boxes in an attempt to guess what’s inside.

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