10 Unexpected Uses for Spray Paint

From shoes to fans to vinyl upholstery, there are so many surprising items to color—and revive—with a can of spray paint.

  1. The Power of Spray Paint

    Spray Paint

    DIYers already know that a little spray paint can work magic on an old piece of furniture, but we found a variety of other items that could benefit from a quick and easy makeover using this inexpensive, do-it-all coating. The best part? Some of these small jobs can help you get rid of half-used cans of spray paint that have been taking up space on the garage shelf since your last project.


  2. Vinyl Revitalized

    Spray Painting Vinyl

    You've covered many a metal or plastic item with spray paint, but have you considered vinyl? When reupholstering isn't in the budget, get creative with spray paint. Check out the tutorial here.

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  3. Reawakened Wicker

    Spray Paint Wicker

    Wicker furniture can quickly show signs of wear and tear, especially if it's used outdoors. The easiest way to get wicker looking new again is a once- (or twice-) over with a can of spray paint. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can make the newly spruced up furniture an integral part of your decor.

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  4. Fan Blade Brilliance

    Painted Fan Blades

    Transform something as mundane as a fan into an eye-catching decorative element by spray-painting the blades. Use one color—or even three, if that suits your style. Just make sure the blades are dust-free before spraying them down.

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  5. Revved Up Rug

    Spray Paint Rug

    Whether you're trying to replicate the look of a pricier rug or just hoping to give a second life to one that's been well-trod, spray paint can get the job done. Pick a pattern, create some stencils, and go crazy.

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  6. Snazzy Sneakers

    Spray Paint Shoes

    Who knew that a simple can of spray paint would be the clever solution for tired hand-me-down gym shoes or a stained pair of white sneaks? With the proper attire—mask, gloves, and old clothes—even a kid can nail this project.

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  7. Flatware With Flair

    Spray Paint Silverware

    A colorful update to old or mismatched flatware can bring playful style to your tablescape at your next dinner party. Be sure to use food-safe spray paint, or plan on using these painted pieces for decoration only.

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  8. Fireplace Finesse

    Spray Paint Brass

    Does your brass fireplace screen seem a little blah? Slap on some spray paint to give your screen an attitude adjustment. The new look will probably inspire some creative changes for the mantel and hearth too.

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  9. Glammed-Up Glass Bottles

    Spray Paint Glass

    For a low-effort, low-cost decorative touch, pick up a few interestingly shaped glass bottles at the thrift store and then dress them up with spray paint. Choose colors to match your decor or complement seasonal decorating themes.

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  10. Decorative Doorknobs

    Painting Doorknobs

    Painting the front door a fun color is a popular way to add a WOW! to your entry. If you're looking to make an impact that isn't quite as loud, try spray-painting the doorknob and hinges instead. This is also a simple way to coordinate mismatched doorknobs throughout a space.

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  11. Basket Beauties

    Spray Painted Baskets

    Whether leftovers from a gift basket or too-good-to-pass-up thrift-store finds, baskets can be made modern with a healthy dose of spray paint. Bonus: You can easily update them with a new coat whenever you redecorate.


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