10 Unexpected Uses for Spray Paint

Looking to make updates around the house? There are so many surprising items to color and revive all with just a can of spray paint.

  1. The Power of Spray Paint

    Spray Paint Projects

    DIYers already know that a little spray paint can work magic on an old piece of furniture, but we found a variety of other items that could benefit from a quick and easy makeover using this inexpensive, do-it-all coating. The best part? Some of these small jobs can help you get rid of half-used cans of spray paint that have been taking up space on the garage shelf since your last project.


  2. Vinyl Revitalized

    Spray Painting Vinyl

    You've covered many a metal or plastic item with spray paint, but have you considered vinyl? When reupholstering isn't in the budget, get creative with spray paint. Check out the tutorial here.


  3. Reawakened Wicker

    Spray Paint Wicker

    Wicker furniture can quickly show signs of wear and tear, especially if it's used outdoors. The easiest way to get wicker looking new again is a once- (or twice-) over with a can of spray paint. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can make the newly spruced up furniture an integral part of your decor.

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  4. Flea Market Fix Up

    Spray Paint Rust Metal

    Flea markets are great places for finding cool or unique items for the home—even if they're rusted or scratched. Just a coat or two of spray paint can revive an old trinket. Learn how Lovely Indeed transformed this vintage scale that she found at an estate sale into a colorful home accent. 


  5. Revved Up Rug

    Spray Paint Rug

    Whether you're trying to replicate the look of a pricier rug or just hoping to give a second life to one that's been well-trod, spray paint can get the job done. Pick a pattern, create some stencils, and go crazy. A Beautiful Mess shares their tutorial for creating this polka dot rug. 


  6. Revive a Register

    Spray Paint Register

    Painting your registers might not be high on your priority list, but you'll be amazed at the impact it makes in a room. Thrifty Decor Chick shares the details for this super simple spruce up. 


  7. Fixture With Flair

    Spray Paint Light

    You can make changes to your home's decor without having to drop the big bucks. Use a can of spray paint to revamp your current light fixture or take Bridget's, from DIY Playbook, frugal approach: opt for a cheap light and paint it to match the room's style.


  8. Fireplace Finesse

    Spray Paint Brass

    Does your brass fireplace screen seem a little blah? Slap on some spray paint to give your screen an attitude adjustment. The new look will probably inspire some creative changes for the mantel and hearth too.

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  9. Glammed-Up Bathroom

    Spray Paint Sink Legs

    Here's how you can renovate your bathroom on a budget: spray paint the dated accents. Lovely Indeed shares how she transformed her tiny bathroom without having to make any pricey upgrades. 


  10. Decorative Doorknobs

    Painting Doorknobs

    Buying new knobs for every door in the house quickly adds up. Save your money for other projects and upgrade your outdated doorknobs with spray paint. Sherry and John from Young House Love, who spray painted 18 interior doorknobs and hinges, share their tips for completing this project. 


  11. Basket Beauties

    Spray Painted Baskets

    Whether leftovers from a gift basket or too-good-to-pass-up thrift-store finds, baskets can be made modern with a healthy dose of spray paint. Bonus: You can easily update them with a new coat whenever you redecorate.


  12. Perk It Up with Paint

    10 easy spray paint projects

    Grab a can of spray paint for these easy DIY projects.


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