10 Ways to Make Office Supplies Work Overtime

If binder clips or Post-its have taken over your home office desk drawer, you're not alone. All too often, the very supplies designed to keep us organized can end up taking up a lot of space. Luckily, these supplies form the basis of some very clever DIY projects. Take a look!

  1. Organize Your Extras

    Office Supply Ideas

    Office supplies have an uncanny allure. Whether it's because of their fun colors or their ability to stylishly organize our work spaces, we always seem to buy them in excess, often winding up with way too many pens, folders, or Post-its. Luckily, there are plenty of projects that put your hardworking extras to good use. Think outside your in-box with one of these clever ways to use office supplies. 

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  2. Tack-y Design

    Nailhead furniture

    Nailhead trim is a beautiful detail that transforms any desk or chair into a standout piece—but it usually comes at a steep price. Steal the look for dollars by decking out a hand-me-down table with a few packages of basic gold thumbtacks. 

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  3. Pencil It In

    DIY Dish Rack

    Repurpose your stash of extra pencils into this DIY dish-drying rack. Combine these extra writing utensils with a wood cutting board to craft rows that your dishes and cutlery can lean against after washing. Cut pencils at the lead tip to ensure the erasers stay put; they act as a buffer for your breakables. 

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  4. Grab Bag

    Organizing Your Home

    Get your excess of paper bags out from a disheveled pile under the sink and into a streamlined system with a standard file organizer. Sort by size or shape, and place them with handles sticking up so you can easily grab one at a moment's notice. 

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  5. You've Got Mail

    DIY Mail Organizer

    Backed by a few adhesive magnets, a basic file folder becomes a handy wall-mount mail organizer. If you're feeling crafty, use painter's tape and card stock to create a custom pattern for the exterior. 

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  6. Meal Manager

    Recipe Binder

    A three-ring binder and pocket folders can serve as an inexpensive organizer for your recipe wish list. Use the folder's tabs to help separate foods by category, and use the pockets to hold weekly meal plans or stray recipe clippings. 

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  7. File Style

    DIY Cabinet

    Gone are the days where filing cabinets were only at home in the office. With new models sporting flashy colors and gleaming hardware, you can reap the benefits of additional storage in any room, without the risk of looking too utilitarian. 

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  8. Nooks for the Cook

    Pots and Pans Organizer

    There's nothing worse than reaching your hand into the cabinet only to be greeted with a cluttered pan pileup. Stack your cookware on a paper sorter to keep it organized and easy to grab. Because it can be propped upright or on its side, this impromptu storage rack can work in even the smallest of spaces. 

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  9. Rolling Roundup

    Organize Refrigerator

    Solve one of the fridge's most frustrating problems with this clever hack: Attach binder clips to the shelves to keep your bottles from rolling around or taking up too much space. It doesn't get much easier than that! 

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  10. Posted Planters

    Starting Vegetable Seeds

    Post-it Notes in the garden? Absolutely! Since peppers, tomatoes, and radishes can look the same when covered by soil, these iconic stickies are the perfect way to keep track of what's what. Label your containers when you start the growing process to ensure you plant the right seedling in the correct place.

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  11. Bright Ballpoints

    DIY Chandelier

    This retro-cool light fixture crafted by a Spanish designer can act as a unique style statement in any room. Craft your own spinoff of this chandelier with a lamp kit, metal cylinders, paper clips, and as many Bic pens as you can get your hands on. 

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  12. Don't Miss!


    Even if you've got your heart set on hardwood flooring, it's worth considering the alternatives. Sometimes, materials that only look like wood can be just as good as—or even better than—the real thing. Explore your options now!