10 Ways to Prank-Proof Your Home on Halloween

Halloween has the potential to bring out the world’s best fun or worst mischief. To ensure that your holiday is full of treats instead of tricks, consider these tips to protect your home from Halloween pranksters.

By Jennifer Noonan | Updated Dec 15, 2016 01:33 PM

Be a Good Neighbor

Act Nice on Halloween

Be a friendly neighbor this Halloween—and every day of the year. Vandals are less likely to target the house of someone they know and like.

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Keep Your Porch Lights On

Turn on Lights on Halloween Night

This Halloween, keep your porch and exterior lights on all night. Vandals are less likely to act if neighbors and passersby can easily spot them.

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Install Motion-Sensor Lights

Motion Sensor Lights on Halloween

Consider installing exterior lighting equipped with motion sensors, which turn on the lights as people walk around your property. This will lead the way for honest trick-or-treaters while discouraging would-be pranksters.

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Park Your Car in the Garage

Park Your Car in the Garage on Halloween

On Mischief Night, parked cars are an easy target for pranksters. Prevent your ride from getting egged or spray-painted by putting it in the garage. If you don’t have a garage, consider moving your car to a neighbor’s.

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Tape Up Your Mail Slot

Tape Mail Slot on Halloween

A mail slot is convenient for you—and also for punks wielding smoke bombs. Tape up this weak link in your home’s defense to avoid receiving any unwanted "mail" on Halloween night.

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Sit Outside During Trick-or-Treating

Pass Out Candy on Halloween

Make your presence known on Halloween night. Instead of waiting inside for trick-or-treaters, be proactive and greet them on the porch. Sit ready with a bowl of candy and a smile, so everybody knows their movements are being watched.

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Bring in Toys and Lawn Equipment

Clean Up Your Yard on Halloween

Bring your loose toys and lawn equipment inside before Halloween night. This precaution prevents theft and vandalism, and it also keeps the objects from becoming trip hazards during trick-or-treating. 

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Pretend You’re Not Home

Lights Out on Halloween

Don’t want to participate in Halloween this year? Close your curtains and turn off your interior and exterior lights. If you pretend you’re not at home, trick-or-treaters will pass you by. Keep in mind, however, that a quiet home may attract vandals. 

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Temporarily Remove Your Mailbox

Remove Mailbox for Halloween

If mailboxes in your neighborhood tend to get stuffed with rotten eggs or bashed with baseball bats on All Hallows' Eve, consider taking yours inside for the night. By doing so, you'll avoid having to clean or replace your mailbox on November 1.

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Use Flameless Candles

Put a Flameless Candle in Your Pumpkin

A jack-o'-lantern can easily get kicked over, either accidentally or on purpose. Minimize the risk of fire by using flameless candles instead of the real-deal wax variety.

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