11 Easy Ways to Be the Best Holiday Host

From fuss-free party invitations to insanely easy-to-assemble guest goodies, these holiday hosting ideas are sure to earn you the title of "host with the most." The best part? No one will ever guess how easy it all was!

  1. Instant Invites

    Free Christmas Party Invitations

    Your holiday soiree could end up being a party of one if the invitations never reach your intended guests. Spread the word about your holiday bash with free (and almost-free) customizable card templates from services like Paperless Post or Canva. Send invitations by email with the click of a button, or have them printed and sent out.  

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  2. Cocoa for Christmas

    Hot Chocolate Station

    Turn a countertop or media console table into a hot cocoa bar by simply topping it with a carafe of cocoa (or a Keurig and hot chocolate pods, as pictured here), a DIY mug tree, and plenty of marshmallows. The irresistible display is guaranteed to draw anyone with a sweet tooth and a hankering for a warm little pick-me-up.

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  3. On the Case

    Christmas Guest Bedroom Ideas

    Bring holiday cheer to your guest room by dressing plain-looking pillows in colorful green, red, or candy-cane-striped pillowcases. Drape shelves and windows with evergreen boughs to make the room look merry and bright.

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  4. Print Out the Fun

    Printable Christmas Games

    When the conversation dies at your holiday party, amuse your guests by whipping out a game of seasonal-inspired trivia that cost you nothing. Simply print out copies of a fun activity, like this one from Landeelu (or one from Lil' Luna), or get creative and write your own holiday-themed quiz.

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  5. Roll-Away Photo Booth

    DIY Photo Booth Background

    When friends and family gather for the holidays, it's only a matter of time before someone starts snapping the seasonal selfies. Why not give your guests a festive backdrop for their creativity by setting up a picture-perfect photo booth, as this blogger did? Suspend a roll of holiday-themed wrapping paper on a curtain rod held up by two Command hooks, then roll down the paper for a dazzling DIY photo spot. 

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  6. Home on Wheels

    Houseguest Hospitality Cart

    Spoil your visitors by furnishing the guest room with a rolling utility cart filled with all the essentials they need—from toiletries to the Wi-Fi password. When your guests leave, simply roll the mobile hospitality cart into the guest room closet until they swing by again. 

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  7. Fresh and Festive

    Natural Air Freshener

    Skip the store-bought air fresheners this holiday and deodorize your home with tea lights, bowls full of coffee beans, or  other aromatics. Or, whip up your own stovetop potpourri to flood the interior with the sweet scents of the season.

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  8. Come Bearing Gifts

    Houseguest Gift Basket

    You don't have to wait until Christmas morning to gift your friends and family with their favorite goodies. Take a cue from Rachel Awtrey and dole out wicker baskets or tins filled with snacks, bath essentials, and a handwritten welcome message.

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  9. Bath Buddy

    Houseguest Toiletries

    There's no reason for your guests to head to the drugstore to pick up any toiletries they forgot to pack. Stock the guest bathroom with a sleek metallic tray of mini toiletries so they'll have everything they need for a spa-like soak.

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  10. Doorway to Comfort

    Slippers for Houseguests

    If yours is a shoes-off household (and even if it's not!), give guests the option of covering up and warming up with a pair of slippers or fluffy socks kept in a basket near the front door. This humble offering makes for both cozier toes and cleaner floors.

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  11. Raise the Bar

    Guest Room Minibar

    While the kitchen may close when you go to bed, here's one that stays open as long as your guests are awake. Give your guests the freedom to munch whenever they want with this DIY mini bar made from a repurposed metal toolbox filled with cold drinks, snacks, and good reads.

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  12. Host with the Most

    Host with the Most

    Give a few of these ideas a try and you’ll be sure to impress your company!


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