11 Home Staging Tricks That Don’t Cost a Penny

To maximize a home’s potential market value, many real estate agents recommend hiring a professional stager or investing in fairly major fix-ups. But what if your budget simply doesn’t allow for such pricey measures? Here are a dozen zero-dollar staging strategies, from glamorizing the bathroom to making the kitchen smell ultra-fresh, that will help seal the deal with picky prospective buyers.

Use Found Florals

Bring in Flowers from Your Backyard

Greenery and flowers instantly freshen a bland room—but you don’t have to spend a fortune at the garden center to benefit from nature's bounty. Instead, take a walk in the woods and gather some sculptural branches to fill an empty corner and provide a focal point for a living room or guest room. You can even collect stems of berries or blossoms to arrange in a large vase on the dining table. Be sure to check your finds thoroughly for insects before bringing them inside.

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Clear Crowded Crannies

Clean Out Storage Spaces

Here’s a no-cost staging trick that will even help you pocket a few dollars. Sort through your basement, attic, garage, and every closet with the aim of getting rid of 20 to 40 percent of the contents of each space. Sell the discards at a yard sale—you’ll make a bit of cash up front, and your seemingly expansive storage areas will increase the perceived value of your house.

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Uncover Hardwood Floors

Rip Up Carpeting to Reveal Hardwood Floors

Everyone loves a gleaming wood floor, so check beneath that old wall-to-wall. Is there a good-looking planked oak hidden under there, waiting to boost your home’s value? If so, rip out the carpeting and discard it, then give the wood a good cleaning and polishing.

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Touch Up Paint

Touch Up Old Paint

Even if you don’t invest in a major new paint job, pop the lids on those leftover paint cans, and take a small foam brush to any scuffs or stains on the walls. Fill in any dents or holes, sand, and repaint those spots too.

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Sideline the TV

Arrange Furniture Facing Inward and Move the TV

Does a giant screen dominate your living space? That setup may be great for bingeing on Netflix, but it’s not the most appealing visual for potential buyers. Slide your furnishings toward the room’s center, and arrange the pieces to form a conversation group, with sofas and chairs facing each other. Let the TV play second banana for now.

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Edit Out Family Photos

Remove Family Photos

One or two shots on a side table are fine, but don’t let your family pics overrun every wall of the house. Instead, take down most of your framed family photos. Print some pretty landscapes (you can find many online for free) or make copies of favorite works of art, then slide them into the remaining frames.

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Let the Sun Shine In

Clean Windows to Boost Natural Light

No one likes to clean windows, but now’s the time to bite the bullet. Get your wadded newspaper and glass cleaner ready, then wipe those panes until they shine. For even more light, remove any heavy drapes—leave only sheers or use no curtains at all.

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Cover Up Old Furniture

Cover Up Old Furniture

Need to do a quick furniture makeover? Take an inventory of old tablecloths and extra curtains you’ve removed from windows. Toss the smaller ones over any less-than-lovely tables. Tuck larger versions neatly around the cushions of tired armchairs and sofas, then top with a few throws and pillows for a finished look.

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Style Your Bathrooms

Make Your Bathroom Look Brand New

Neatly fold and stack hand towels, then tie them with sheer ribbon and display them on a countertop or shelf. Hang a pretty beaded necklace or two from a hook, and set out a votive candle. Place a pristine bar of soap in the shower, a full roll of toilet paper in the holder, and some nice scented hand wash next to the sink. Hide toothbrushes, cleaning tools, and anything else that isn’t brand-new.

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Swap Out Your Storage Containers

Use Glass Jars for Open Storage

Treat interested buyers to a calming vista when they peek into storage spaces. Collect large glass jars, then paint their lids white to create a matched set to store crackers, nuts, and the like in your pantry or food cabinet. Consider tracking down some wine boxes, covering them over with white or brown kraft paper, then neatly labeling them to bring eye-pleasing order to closet shelves.

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Boil a Lemon

Boil a Lemon for a Home That Smells Fresh

The old staging trope of baking an apple pie during each showing is a bit hackneyed these days, and scented candles are a mixed bag—some folks despise them. Instead, give your home a natural citrusy aroma by boiling a halved lemon in a stovetop pot of water before every showing. This trick will banish any lingering food or pet smells and lend your home a clean and appealing vibe.

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