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11 Weather Vanes to Point You in the Right Direction

Backyard accessorizing meets functionality in the classic, versatile weather vane.

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Traditional Rooster


The classic rooster weather vane has historic and biblical origins. In the 9th century, the Pope decreed that every church place a rooster on its dome or steeple to remind Christians that the cock would not crow the morning after the Last Supper until Peter denounced Christ three times.



Gods and goddesses may have ruled the weather in the ancient world, but nowadays, they only help to forecast it. The Greek god Zeus is a fitting choice here, considering the earliest recorded weather vane honored his nephew, the god Triton, in Athens, 48 B.C.

Antique Equestrian


The growing popularity of harness racing in the mid-1800s spurred manufacturers to design weather vanes featuring the most famous race horses. This example, made of copper and brass, dates back to 1910-1930.



Made of brass and copper, this minimalist, cosmos-inspired weather vane has a single globe to designate north.



The Cheshire Cat is the infamously enigmatic character from Alice in Wonderland, who disappears and appears on a whim, sometimes only as a giant grin. He pops up wherever he likes—why not your roof?

Bedtime Stories


This Mary Poppins weather vane was privately commissioned and custom-built. Its placement is perfect, making it appear as though Mary will land on the doorstep at any moment. 



This weather vane in Montague, MI, is a whopping 48′ tall and was “World’s Largest Weathervane” until being overtaken by #11 on our list.

Kinetic Wind Sculptures


They aren’t technically weather vanes, as they don’t tell you which direction the breeze is blowing. But they spin, move, and dance in the wind in such a mesmerizing way, you’d soon forget about looking for north anyway.



Weathered, but no worse for wear, is this classic, roof-mounted wind directional. Can’t argue with the simplicity of an arrow!



If the wind is blowing in the right direction… pigs can fly! Some weather vanes look like copper but are actually made of a vinyl resin that will endure the elements for years.

Plane Vane


A Douglas DC-3 serves as the weather vane at the Whitehorse International Airport in Canada and holds the proud title of “World’s Largest Weathervane”. It’s certainly big enough to spot, even from the air!

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